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10 Advantages of Ready For Occupancy Units

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Driven by the rise in business and employment opportunities in highly-urbanized areas, ready for occupancy units in condos for sale developments have grown as one of the hottest real estate investments today. RFO units become even more enticing given the multiple advantages they present. Here are ten advantages of RFO units that will spark up your interest to finally make that investment power move.

condo in tagaytay building facade with clear blue sky and front green grass
Ready for occupancy units in condo for sale developments offer the best long term investments with the rewarding rental and business opportunities it presents.

1. Spend less time waiting.
Experience the perks of living in your condominium as soon as you finalize your transactions. Don’t worry about waiting too long!

2. Witness the growth of your location.
One of the most important aspects of choosing a condo is its location, and living in it will allow you to witness the development that will unfold around your new condo home.

3. Picture your lifestyle.
Since the unit you’re about to purchase is already available, you can easily inspect the development and visualize how it will be like to live inside it! You get to build and maximize your own living space whether you choose RFO studio units, 1 bedroom units, or 2 bedroom units.

4. Avail flexible payment options.
Having an RFO unit does not equate to shelling a huge amount of cash in an instant. Flexible payment schemes and huge discounts are available depending on the considerations that will suit you the most.

5. Worry less.
No need to worry about the risk of delays in turnover and completion since your unit is already ready for occupancy and is literally waiting for you to move in!

clubhouse building with green trees and greenery landscapes surrounding condo for sale in Bacoor
Designed with distinctive contemporary features and outstanding architectural attributes where the atmosphere is similar to a mini-village, residents at The Meridian COHO can even stay at home and still enjoy the urban comforts one usually enjoys in the city.

6. Enjoy your unit.
COHO investors do not need to worry about the cost of the fixtures and furniture. Some units already offer furnished spaces.

7. Process your connections.
Instantly, you can already process the upgrade of your telephone, Wi-Fi connection, and other subscriptions.

8. Benefit from facilities and amenities.
Have the freedom to immediately use the amenities that come with the lifestyle upgrade of condo living.

9. Earn from convenience.
Additionally, you can cut a lot on transportation expenses since you’ll be living in a space that’s conveniently located near major establishments and pretty much everything that you need!

10. Maximize your investment.
You can even choose to use your condo unit for rentals and listings to have an additional and secured source of passive income!

condo for sale buidling facade at The Meridian COHO
Ready -for-occupancy units in Cavite pose as a major attraction for investors who are eager to experience city-living.

COHO by Vista Land

Experience all these with the Ready for Occupancy offerings of COHO – Vista Land’s newest brand of beautiful, stylish, and high-quality condominium developments. With a strategic location in the core of progressive cities, The Meridian in Bacoor City, and Pine Suites in Tagaytay, both offer easy move-in options. These COHO developments are sprawling, spacious, and breathable vertical villages that are fitting for harmonious urban living. To add, the units are equipped with Fiber-To-The-Home Service. This allows you to use smartphones in controlling the lighting, air-conditioning system, and other electronic devices. On top of this, COHO’s spacious units, generous open spaces, and vast amenity areas will confirm the value of urban vertical living.

With real estate a good choice, our residents are rewarded with getting to experience it immediately. In a nutshell, COHO’s proposition to offer nothing short of a beautiful investment, beautiful development, and beautiful lifestyles.