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14 Reasons to Love COHO

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While love can be felt anytime in almost all places, the month of February makes it feel like it’s almost tangible in the air. Whether it is for a pet, a family member, a significant other, or for yourself, there is no better way to show how you cherish the love you can give and the affection you receive by securing a future for the things and people you treasure. And that’s what Vista Land brings to the table through COHO, its newest brand for beautiful, stylish, and high-quality condominium developments.  COHO – short for condo homes – is a beautiful investment, development, and lifestyle that anyone will inevitably come to love. Here are 14 Reasons to Love COHO.

city lights of cars and condo buildings in the city
A worthy investment is one that gives you 14 reasons to love COHO.

Beautiful Investments

1. Trusted developer

Vista Land is the Philippines’ largest homebuilder and among its leading integrated property developers that have proven its name as a market leader across over 49 provinces and 147 cities and municipalities nationwide through providing a wide range of real estate products to customers of varying income segments.

2. Smart investors lounge

Investors are guaranteed to experience excellent service as they enjoy the ease of doing business in the investors’ lounge with a convenient process made possible by COHO’s digital transactions.

3. Highly urbanized locations

With strategic locations, COHO is set to further catalyze the progressive landscape of its host cities. Their further development will bring COHO closer to key establishments and vital infrastructures.

4. Guaranteed value appreciation and return on investment

All COHO projects are poised to continuously appreciate in value over time given the future plans of advancement for the projects and their respective locations.

5. A vision for the future

This 2020, COHO has the Perfect Vision to establish the brand as the leading and preferred condominium developer. This campaign will show how COHO will continue to disrupt and dominate the industry by constantly bringing groundbreaking developments and innovations.

condo for sale building facade with lights at night and greenery
COHO is set to be a game-changer in the industry with a clear vision ahead.

Beautiful Developments

6. Elegant and luxurious developments

When we say beautiful developments, we mean COHO. Every project’s modern contemporary design exudes balance and radiates warmth as they welcome the homeowners to their dream condo home.

7. Premium on space

While other condominium developments have a narrow layout, COHO’s unit configurations are more spacious and more efficient. The square-shaped 30 sqm for 1 bedroom and 40 sqm for 2 bedroom units give owners the freedom to design their space in accordance with how they’ve been visualizing their dream condo home ever since.

8. Automation-ready units

Every COHO unit is equipped with Fiber-To-The-Home Service that will, through their preferred service provider, allow owners to conveniently use their mobile phones in controlling the lighting, air-conditioning system, and other electronic devices.

9. Safety and security

In addition to the beauty of the units is an added layer of safety with a 24/7 security for the gated communities. Installed in each room are a closed-circuit television (CCTV) and an automatic alarm system to ensure investors that their units are secured even without closely monitoring them.

mom and child lying on the grass smiling at the camera in one sunny afternoon
Let your beautiful lifestyles be the reason why you want the best only for your family.

Beautiful Lifestyles

10. Local Tourism

COHO projects are strategically located near well-known and sought-after local tourist spots. These attractions provide a rare edge to investors since they are just minutes away from places that take other people days to visit.

11. Resort-inspired amenities

Investing in COHO means investing in your personal swimming pool, clubhouse, playing court, fitness gym, and function hall. All these amenities are presented through a holistic approach that will help you achieve a posh, healthy, active, and unique lifestyle.

12. Affiliate and home-grown retail brands

COHO redefines convenience by being just a few steps away from Vista Malls, AllDay Supermarket, AllHome, Vista Cinemas, Bake My Day, and Coffee Project that will serve as premier and personal extension of your condominium unit.

13. Homeowner lifestyle perks

Investors can also experience exclusive discounts and offers from COHO’s affiliate brands. These combine the convenience of living near your necessities and the premium in being part of a master-planned Vista Township.

14. An avenue for your beautiful lifestyle

COHO lets you achieve the best version of yourself whenever and wherever you are. Having a secured and beautiful investment that manifests in the synergy of beautiful developments all add up to having the privilege to create your beautiful lifestyles.

February may be the month when people show different kinds of love, but there will never be a limit to when and how you can express it for others. And having a secured and rewarding investment is one of the best ways to do just that.

This list of how to love and express love through COHO is a beautiful investment, development, and lifestyle that may be limited to just 14 reasons to love COHO, but having your own space will let you explore and delve into so much more. Discover its holistic beauty by yourself. Discover COHO.