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5 best indoor plants for your condo unit

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Girl in room with mug coffee and indoor plants in room
Getting to style your home is a privilege you can experience when investing in a condo for sale unit at COHO.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, many companies decided to offer a work-from-home (WFH) arrangement as an alternative and counter-productive solution for working professionals. Lucky for those who have invested in condo for sale units, they are able to opt for the WFH setup. This has given them an opportunity to spend more time with family and loved ones in the comfort of their own condo unit spaces. As the pandemic continues, people have joined the creative trend– the birth of home styling with the use of indoor plants.

This trend has promoted aesthetics while upholding several behavioral, emotional, and physical benefits to its owners. According to a recent study on indoor plants, these decors cater to physical needs by reducing interior pollutants, correcting relative humidity, and improving acoustics with respect to its placement. Moreover, behavioral and emotional benefits include stress reduction, positive feeling, and increased productivity.

With these perks, utilizing plants as an indoor decorative material is certainly a must for home dwellers. If you are living in your own space and an aspiring plantito or plantita, that’s not a problem! We jotted the 5 best indoor plants that will help you attain a green condo-living experience.

hands carrying string of hearts indoor plant leaves
The Ceropegia woodii plant, or more commonly known as String of Hearts is a must for those who are going for a classy condo unit look.

5. String of hearts

This marbled-heart-shaped, trailing succulent (hence its name) is a match for condo living. It is versatile, manageable, and fashionable. You can either hang these on narrow spaces as a trailing plant or flaunt it as a compact one. They grow rapidly but can tolerate the same pot over a year. To add to that, they can propagate easily despite its high range in pricing. You don’t have to worry about pests and diseases when having these babies!

Care tips: 
Of course, part of the routine is to check on its soil and determine whether it is dry or not. If yes, an ample amount of water is needed by the plant. You should also position them in a place where no direct sunlight is staged but heat and light can still be absorbed. You can arrange this on a west or south facing your window where heat is present.

green plant on white pot in room on white background
Peace lilies are great for those who are always on the go. These indoor plants style your home without further effort!

4. Peace lilies

If you are too busy to attend to a plant but still want one that will beautify your place, Peace lilies are perfect for you! This flower-bearing plant carries several benefits aside from its elegant look; it purifies the air, absorbs alcohol and acetone vapors, eliminates mold spores in the air, and stimulates serene sleep. Yes, sleep, please!

Care tips: Peace lilies do not need much water, in fact, you can maintain these on a weekly watering schedule. Don’t forget to check the soil to identify if watering is necessary. They can also survive in a low-light location but can grow healthier with high light intensity. With this, you can place them in your bedroom to promote restful sleep (or anywhere, actually). Just be mindful to wipe or shower the leaves to whisk off the dust on its big leaves yearly.

Green long plant on white pot on top of grey table in white background
Spider plants are one of the common indoor plants that add lots of green to your condo spaces as it resembles the shape of that of a spider.

3. Spider plant

Spider plant mimics a picture of spiders on a web. Its propagated baby spider plant (called pups) that springs from the mother plant, resembles a spider, thus its name. This plant can easily be taken care of and is considered as one of the best purifying plants by NASA. In fact, these are utilized in hospital rooms of recovering patients from surgery. This is because the stated plant can decrease blood pressure, pain, stress, fatigue, and anxiety as observed with the patients.

Care tips: Spider plants are also considered low maintenance with its water and light. Weekly watering can suffice, but you might want to check the soil occasionally just to make sure. It can tolerate locations where there are low light conditions, but high light is preferable. You can place them in the north, west, or east-facing window.

Tall leaf green plant in black pot on white background wall
If you’re looking for small to mid-sized indoor plants, Snake plants is the right choice. It has a minimal look and makes the your condo unit look bigger.

2. Snake plant

Also known as Mother-in-law’s tongue or Elephants toothpick, Snake plant can withstand different conditions and are easily cultivated. Its sword-like leaves are aesthetically durable, fit to become a statement plant. Minimal care is also required for this office or home indoor plant.

Care tip: It could not be reiterated enough, it is important to check the condition of your soil to determine if it needs to be watered or not. Yet, snake plants can defy minimum amounts of water at least weekly. It is also versatile with regard to light tolerance. This can thrive in low light areas, but can also enjoy the high light intensity. Hence, location is not a problem with this.

Small green leaf sprouts inside brown box
Aloe Vera is beneficial not only to the aesthetics of a room but also to the health of the homeowner.

1. Aloe Vera

The star of creating beautiful lifestyles— Aloe vera. Coined as the most famous houseplant, Aloe Vera is a miracle plant and a natural healer as well. The said plant contains several medicinal advantages: its sap from the leaves soothes burns and irritations and kills bacteria and viruses.

Care tip: Aloe vera is a fan of high light, thus should be placed on bright light windows. Watering the plant should be executed religiously depending on the conditions of the soil. Always remember to cultivate them on pots with drainage and let the water reach the base of the vase.

Condo unit room with plants in living room and dining table
Maximize your condo unit by styling your home with the best indoor plants that fit your taste.

There are several ways to upgrade your home, but utilizing houseplants is the new ‘go-to’ especially with its advantages to your health. If you are deciding to shift to a space-saver home, there are condos for sale that advocate resort-like designs that may be congruent to your green living goals. Align your plantita and plantito likings to a premium investment with COHO. Adapting to green living creates beautiful lifestyles in premium spaces like what is offered by a COHO’s posh development in Las Piñas with The Hermosa COHO. This prime condominium promises a modern and exclusive residential experience for investors who are eager to style their own working space. So if you’re looking to get started, learn more about The Hermosa.