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9 condo date ideas for Valentine’s Day

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The most romantic day of the year is just around the corner. Navigating through love in the New Normal could prove to be challenging, especially for those whose love language is spending quality time with their significant other. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with these condo date ideas for those who want to spend Valentine’s Day in the company of their loved ones at home.

A woman wearing a blue sweater and a man wearing beige shirt watching Netflix on their television in the condo living room of the condo unit,
Among all the Valentine’s date ideas, watching movies together in your condo unit. remains a classic

1. The crowd favorite: classic movie date

Movie date nights are on the top of this list for a reason— you will never go wrong with watching your favorite films! Couples can easily transform their condo unit into a mini home playhouse with a surround-sound theater experience. As long as you have a laptop, monitor, television, and speaker, your movie date is good to go! Whether you are the old-school type who still prefers using the DVD player or the modern millennial Netflix-and-chill type, you are guaranteed to save up on movie tickets this Valentine’s Day.

Need ideas on what films to watch for Valentine’s? Check this out for romantic movies available on Netflix Philippines.

A woman wearing white shirt and blue sweater and man wearing beige shirt sitting on the floor, playing Jenga, and drinking red wine in their condo unit.
Playing games with your partner in your condo unit is guaranteed to spice up your Valentine’s date.

2. The fun and exciting game night

Playing games with your partner is one of the best condo date ideas to spice up your Valentine’s date. Not only will you get competitive, but you might also see a whole different side to your partner you didn’t expect. Playing games would surely be an energizing activity for couples. Playing games, in general, is beneficial for couples who are looking for a more personal way to bond and connect with each other. Having a condo unit allows you to enjoy these game date ideas, which would surely lighten up the mood for a perfect game night competition.

If you’re looking to get more competitive, Gaming Library has a variety of board and card games to offer that are perfect to play when you’re enjoying it in your own condo unit. If you and your significant other have already exhausted the classic UNO, Monopoly Deal, and poker games, we recommend playing the popular and thrilling Sushi Go, Exploding Kittens, and Cluedo this time around. You can also play these games for other events as they can accommodate 2-10 players. With lots of competition and entertainment, having your own personal space is an advantage for most couples.

Video and console games are usually played solo, but the fun intensifies when played with your partner. For Nintendo Switch owners, we recommend playing these invigorating and whimsical multiplayer games: Overcooked 2, Mario Party, Super Smash Bros, and Mario Kart. For PS4 console users, we suggest playing couple-friendly games such as The Jackbox Party Packs, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, and A Way Out.

Woman and man having a meal together in their condo unit dining table in a condo for sale in Bacoor.
Romantic dinner date idea at the comfort of your own condo.

3. Intimate dinner date

Another top-of-mind date idea for Valentine’s would be having an intimate dinner. If you and your partner are used to dining out for Valentine’s day, you can definitely try something different in the New Normal. Whether it’s cooking an easy meal together, trying out a new dish, making homemade dessert, or ordering takeout or delivery, you and your partner would surely have an enjoyable meal.

If you want to try cooking for or with your partner, it’s best to prepare your recipe and ingredients ahead of time. All Day Supermarket, your condo’s super pantry, offers a variety of local and international products and fresh produce. They also have an online shopping solution for condo dwellers who are looking for more convenient ways to check out their groceries from their condo unit.

On the other hand, if cooking is really out of the question, you can opt to have your meal delivered by your preferred restaurant.

2 Glasses of Red Wine with a Plate of Cheese, and a Burning white candle on the table in their condo for sale property in Bacoor.
Cap off your intimate dinner and unwind with a good bottle of wine.

4. Wine and dine lavishly at home

To cap off your intimate dinner, unwinding with a good bottle of wine would be perfect. Choosing the right wine that suits your meal would definitely impress your date. For light and flavorful dishes such as seafood and poultry, Sauvignon Blanc would be a great pair. For spicy dishes, fruity desserts, cheese, and sausages, the sweet taste of Moscato would be perfect. Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon complement well with creamy dishes and red meat. Whether you prefer red or white wine, drinking wine with cheese or dessert is always a good date idea.

A woman in pink and black workout attire is rolling her blue yoga mat in her condo unit space in her condo for sale property in Bacoor.
There is a saying that the couple that works out together, stays together!

5. Break a sweat through couple workouts

There is a saying that the couple that works out together, stays together! If you and your partner would want to explore a different date activity, getting active and fit would be good for your health and relationship! There are a lot of condo-friendly workouts you can do— from doing a short yoga to an explosive HIIT exercise. Regardless of which workout you do, it will surely boost your energy. To make your date more memorable, try out these fitness exercises you can do in your condo together.

6. Hold a creative paint session

Couples who want to explore their creative sides and unleash their inner Picasso can do so now with Sip and Gogh’s Virtual Painting Classes! Every painting session in the Sip & Gogh will give you a relaxing, fun, and memorable experience. Their classes are beginner-friendly as they have instructors to guide students step-by step-of the way. At the end of the class, you and your partner would have your masterpiece artwork that you can also display in your own condo home. For the month of February, couples can join live session paintings for only P1,400 per pair, inclusive of 2 sets of painting kits.

Two people toasting their blue crystal glasses, a laptop showing a picture of a guy with shades in their condo for sale unit in Bacoor.
Hosting virtual parties with friends is safer but still as enjoyable.

7. Invite your friends for a virtual party

Sometimes, celebrating occasions like Valentine’s is more enjoyable when spent with friends. To safely comply with the health protocols in the New Normal, most people have resorted to organizing gatherings to the next level by hosting virtual parties via Zoom. For others who want to stream movies or series on Netflix together, it is now made possible by Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party). To make virtual parties more interactive, online games have become more popular and accessible as well. So if you and your partner want to spend this Valentine’s without having to leave your condo, invite your friends for a virtual party!

Smiling brunette lady with brown hat and nude button-on blouse inside her condo unit room in a condo for sale property in Bacoor.
Dressing up for the occasion would also make your date feel as if it’s not held virtually.

8. Online catch-up date for  long-distance couples

For long-distance couples, doing all the date ideas listed above are still possible! It will be done slightly differently as compared to when you’re physically together, but definitely not impossible since everything can be done online now. Regardless if you and your significant other are in the same time zone or not, these activities can be worked on your schedule easily. Prepare ahead by making sure your internet connection is stable, your room and background are clean, and your mic is clear. Dressing up for the occasion would also make your date feel as if it’s not held virtually.

Red and pink flowers on a white table in a condo unit space in a condo for sale property in Bacoor.
Adding a hint of fresh flowers to your space would give a romantic atmosphere.

9. Decorate your unit to your favorite theme

Decorating your condo would definitely set the mood for your Valentine’s date. Having warm lights, jazz music, and a scented candle in your condo unit space would complement the overall ambiance set by the interior decorations. Adding a hint of fresh flowers to your space would also give a romantic atmosphere.

At the end of the day, it is up to you and your significant other how you will celebrate in your condo. The beauty of spending Valentine’s day in your own personal space is that you can enjoy the exclusivity of all these date ideas you choose to do.

condo for sale building facade right angle at The Meridian COHO
The modern contemporary mid-rise buildings of The Meridian inspires residents to love a modern and exclusive condo-living experience in Bacoor.

Fall in love in your own ready for occupancy condo

Enjoying the luxury of one another in the comforts of their condo, couples can imagine what it’s like to celebrate Valentine’s without worrying about how to spend too much effort and money. Exclusive condo developments such as The Meridian COHO offers couples the perfect first home investment in Bacoor City. Featuring ready for occupancy 1-BR and 2-BR units, the hotel-living concept at The Meridian is perfect for intimate occasions that you will choose to celebrate with your loved ones. Hosting virtual parties and intimate gatherings in your own space will never be the same again.

The Meridian COHO is a 5-hectare condo development in Bacoor equipped with lifestyle amenities and lush outdoor spaces. It is also strategically located in the heart of Metro Cavite, making city-living possible. Lifestyle centers such as Vista Mall North Molino, SOMO Market, and Evia Lifestyle Center and business districts are also made more accessible to the property because of its prime location in Bacoor.

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