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A Life Made Beautiful

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newspaper advertorial with title A Life Made Beautiful on the property section featuring condo perspectives
COHO in the news on the Property Section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

With all the modern conveniences and technological advancements today, it is expected that one can readily live a life that is easy, convenient and beautiful.

The reality, however, is far from such an expectation. The breakneck pace of life in many urbanized cities can also be highly stressful and exacting, keeping one restless and on the edge.

Curated lifestyle

Fortunately, there are some property developers who are starting to understand the need to think out of the box and to come up with bold concepts and progressive designs that will aptly suit the demands of a multi-faceted lifestyle. Some developers are making a conscious effort to provide that much sought curated lifestyle, through which lives are enhanced and made beautiful.

Such is a promise that COHO is bringing to the market today: a redefined lifestyle concept that will allow urban dwellers to enjoy “a life made beautiful.”

pool and clubhouse in a condo building ground floor with parked cars
Resort-inspired amenities foster wellness among residents.

“COHO is short for Condo Homes. It is Vista Land’s newest brand for beautiful, stylish, and high quality mid-rise (five to 15-storey) residential condominium developments in highly urbanized locations nationwide,” explained Vista Land chair Manuel B. Villar Jr.

“If you want to dream out of the box, you shouldn’t live inside one. We created this concept because Filipinos all over the country deserve the chance to live in a place that makes it possible for them to create the lifestyles they want. And that is a beautiful thing to see,” he further said.

The concept of COHO combines the suburban vibe of exclusive villages and the convenience and advantage of a condominium that is close to key locations and establishments. Its developments are exquisitely sprawling, verdantly landscaped, and endowed with resort-inspired amenities and open spaces that add a rejuvenating vibe to fast-paced city living.

Vista Land guarantee

Villar explained that COHO is a product of the synergies created by Vista Land’s residential, commercial, retail, and leisure projects within masterplanned, integrated property developments called Communicities. Given Vista Land’s expertise, prowess, and solid, reputable background as a developer, one is assured of quality, value, and beauty in every COHO project.

mid rise condo for sale building with greenery and people strolling
COHO is Vista Land’s newest brand for modern contemporary developments in Metro Manila.

COHO projects are part of Vista Land’s Communicities, which are integrated urban developments that combine lifestyle retail, prime office space, university town, healthcare, themed residential projects and leisure components.

“Vista Land’s housing brands is proud of its four decades of industry leadership being built on trust and quality. We believe that long after the houses are built, the brands will continue to speak for Vista Land—and that’s what we want to continue for COHO,” he said.

“And more than homebuilding, Vista Land is now an integrated property developer that is focused on the development of Communicities—integrated urban developments combining lifestyle retail, prime office space, university town, healthcare, themed residential developments and leisure components, where COHO is part of. All (these are geared) towards the realization of the company’s ultimate goal of building a future worth living,” Villar added.

COHO promise

So what can residents expect in a COHO home? What exactly is the COHO promise?

Jennifer C. Dela Cruz, operations head of COHO by Vista Land, explained that a COHO development is well poised to meet the ever evolving needs of the modern day urban dweller, across many fronts, with the end goal of redefining city living.

condo in tagaytay building facade with open green spaces with people doing leisure activities
COHO developments are exquisitely sprawling and verdantly landscaped.

COHO developments are exquisitely sprawling and verdantly landscaped.

“COHO redefines what it means to come home to the city by providing a distinct and new-generation curated lifestyle experience through our affiliate retail brands that are home-grown and pioneering,” Dela Cruz said. “While functional amenities such as clubhouse, swimming pool, function hall, fitness gym, landscaped gardens, and open spaces are basic and inherent in every condo development, COHO goes beyond by providing a revolutionary set of lifestyle amenities.”

She explained that given the synergy between Vista Land and their homegrown affiliate retail brands, COHO is seeking to provide a unique city-living experience that empowers its target market to create beautiful lifestyles in the beautiful COHO vertical villages.

“COHO aims to seamlessly combine the style and energy of condo living with all the convenient amenities of a homethrough Vista Land’s Communicities. Future COHO residents will enjoy the curated lifestyle of having malls, coffee shops, cinemas, supermarkets, furniture and hardware stores and more as an extension of their Condo Homes. Vista Land chairman Manny Villar believes that what makes any lifestyle beautiful is the ability to make it one’s own, to curate it with memories and experiences that are uniquely yours,” she said.

atrium amenity area of a condo development in tagaytay with chairs and tables and green indoor plants
Open spaces add a rejuvenating vibe to fast-paced city living.

Simply put: a COHO lifestyle means having an exquisite coffee shop as an extension of your living and working space; a breakfast table in a charming boulangerie; easy access to a “super pantry” in a fun, fresh, and innovative supermarket; a world-class cinema as your very own entertainment room; and a one-stop home improvement store as your complete toolbox.

This makes COHO highly attractive and perfectly suitable for young urban professionals and starting families who are looking for beautiful homes that offer safety and convenience, as well as discerning investors seeking for a smart, practical option for their savings.

Without a doubt, COHOs are shaping up to become the epitome of a vertical village, offering the tranquility and relaxing vibe of a suburban community, but still providing your modern necessities, and a strategic location within highly urbanized cities.

Originally posted by Philippine Daily Inquirer on August 10, 2019: https://business.inquirer.net/276495/a-life-made-beautiful#ixzz5wATak15i