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Being a Mother during Pandemic: Real-Life Stories of Unconditional Love

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Before, life is different once you step out from your home. When you are outside of your home during pre-pandemic times, you are usually facing the daily grind of the day’s work; that’s why, coming home is a respite. However, it cannot be denied that the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly redefined homes from being just a mere breathing space.  Today, homes have become the extension of school, work, church, and entertainment. Thus, it blurs the lines between professional and personal endeavors, so everyone is forced to intertwine both. For this reason, being a mother has become even more challenging with working double shifts 24/7 and grappling to the pressure of keeping the family safe and healthy while making a living to sustain their needs.

On Being a Mother


Being a mother is a lifetime commitment.  No profession can surpass the call of motherhood. The mothers are the family’s physician, counselor, teacher, coach, cook, and the like. Above all, they are the heroes who do not wear capes or even have superpowers. Their main artillery rather is unconditional love.

The 34-year-old 2nd-time expectant mother Jule who works as an online freelancer for 3 years defined a mother’s love as “the strongest. It is instinctual. It is unconditional. It’s unwavering.”

On the other hand, the 31-year-old mother and 5-year health advocate Marbie defined mother’s love in one word which is “caring.”

Lastly, a 25-year-old first-time mom Kaye, who works as a flight attendant for 3 years, expressed her thoughts about the love of a mother. She said, “A mother’s love to a child is unbeatable that no one in this world can do.”

Prior to the health crisis, a mother’s hand is always full because of the demands of childcare and housework. Likewise, they are the kind of human beings that are dauntless and relentless to whatever comes their way. Moreover, they are willing to sacrifice everything even at the cost of their own lives just to save their children from suffering.

In addition, no pandemic can stop the unconditional love of a mother.  In fact, it burns more like ever.  With a year of isolation and lesser physical connection, mothers know that their love is the only warmth their family has now. For this reason, being a mother in the pandemic needs to be in extra mile. Nonetheless, the mothers are experiencing anxiety, too.  Among all the members of the household, the mothers are the ones who cushion the blow of the COVID-19 impact to the family. Consequently, the mothers’ hands are not the only ones that are full, but also their fears and worries, too.

Contracting the virus and losing a job are the most prevalent reasons that bring the most fear to the mothers today.

A 53-year old mother whose name is G has been an accountant for 35 years. Currently, she is taking care of three kids and her biggest worry is her family’s survival. When we asked if she has fears today, she said: “Yes. I have this fear that my family would also get infected by the virus as well as losing my job in such time. The uncertainty of survival due to these possibilities would make life harder for me and my family.”

Another mother shared her sentiment about the current challenge of today and what fears it brought to her.  A 49-year old mother, Evelyn Nucom Santos, who’s working as a Client Service Associate for 27 years, said: “This pandemic, I admit, causes fears for myself, but most for my family. Being a single mom and a sole provider to my three sons, I had a fear of getting sick and losing a job. I also fear that my kids will be sick of the virus. I can’t afford to having this virus in my body. I have three kids waiting for me to be at home, and I need to make sure that I can provide their needs ,so I can secure their future.”

Lastly, a 23-year old first-time mother Kas, who works as a Customer Service Associate for 2 years, said that “A major fear would of course be contracting the virus, especially since we have a newborn at home now.”

Despite the uncertainty of the current times, the 38-year-old Car Hilario, a mother of 2 kids and who works as an online seller for a year and a housewife for 7 years, reiterates that the pandemic causes her fears, “…but we need to trust God more,” she said.  Likewise, the 43-year-old Glenda Viñas Ocampo, a mother of 2 kids and who works as a seamstress for 24 years, reminds us that “…only God knows what will happen to our life.”

In a country where it has been over a year when people are confined in their homes because of the community quarantine measures, the social life has been gravely affected at all cost. With social distancing and limited personal gatherings, a mom’s dream to giving her child a normal life may seem bleak as of the moment.

Giving her 3 children a good life is the goal for the 46-year-old Sheila who works as a university professor for 20 years. She said, “I fear that they may get sick physically, mentally, and emotionally. I would like to make life as normal as possible for them.”

Similarly, the 36-year-old mother Anne, who is a bank employee for 14 years, stated that “I mean it (COVID-19 cases) rises every single day. The world is changing and I have to change our plans.  It is because what is happening around is not the world that I am dreaming of for my daughter and my whole family.”

Apart from Anne, the 28-year-old mother Nikki, who is a Fishing Regulations Officer for 7 years, has the same perspective. She said, “Of course, I’m afraid for any of my family members to get the virus. I’m afraid for my child to grow up and not even experiencing the kind of childhood that I had. Also, I am worried for my husband who is away from us, I hope he is always in good condition.”

On the other hand, the 33-year-old Mich, who works as an Administrative Staff for 5 years, said that she is dealing with worry more than fear. Her sentiment states that “…I am worried about how will my kids learn academically if there is no school. They can’t even play with their friends.” Likewise, Corie, a 35-year-old housewife, shares “We do homeschooling now. My kids missed going out and having fun outside.”

Therefore, it can be concluded that the pandemic has not only severed lives and livelihood, but also severed intimacy. COVID-19 made sure that human connections are put into a minimum. What grief and frustration it might be to a mother who cannot physically celebrate her child’s milestones with her relatives and friends. Sadly, the screens have become the new normal for reaching out and being present to the life of another.

Being a Mother in the time of Pandemic

Condo in Metro Manila - COHO by Vista Land - Being a Mother this Pandemic
Photo by Rui Xu on Unsplash

Indeed, no one is prepared for a year-long dilemma such as this even if you are a mother for almost a decade.

Being a mother in the time of pandemic has become more arduous to seize the day.  Mommy Mich shared her motherhood experience to us: “It’s different during the pandemic because you work while you take care of the kids and the house. Unlike before when you are not at home while working., somehow you can switch from working to keeping the house clean. Now, it is all happening at the same time.”

Jean experiences in the same way as Mich. As a 26-year-old mother of 1 and working as a Marketing Automation Specialist for 4 years, she said that “Since I’m working from home, having the chance to do  the household chores and mom duties in between work duties has become a challenge since lots of things are happening all at once.”

On the other hand, there are instances that being a mother in the pandemic entails sacrificing careers to cater for the needs of the family.  A 23-year-old first-time mother, Marielle Michaela D. Orozco, who had worked as a Surveillance Operator and Public Servant for 3 years, expressed her sentiment that “Being a mother in the pandemic is very challenging. I can’t go back to work because I can’t secure my safety when going home to my daughter, as well as her safety at home with other company. Everything is limited.” In addition, Nikki shared similar sentiments to that of Marielle’s.  According to her story, “I got pregnant when the lockdown started. Subsequently, I gave birth during the pandemic. Being a mother in the pandemic is very hard, especially my husband is working abroad. I need to stop working in order to take care of our son.”

The Best Thing about Being a Mother this Pandemic

Despite the overwhelming changes and adjustments, the mothers still have something to be grateful for.

8 of the 16 mothers have shared the same sentiment that the best thing that ever happened to them during the pandemic is they are able to be with their family at all times.

Here are the best things they have experienced on being a mother this pandemic:

According to Mommy Kas: “having to be with my family always” as well as “being able to spend more time with my child because of work-from-home set up,” said Mommy Jean.

Mommy Mich: “I was able to spend more time with my family even when I’m working.” Likewise, Mommy Car Hilario: “To bond more with the family”

In addition, Mommy Evelyn Santos said that “During this pandemic, I am able to spend more quality time with my sons.”

Condo Metro Manila - COHO by Vista Land - Glenda Ocampo
Glenda Ocampo with her husband and 2 kids.

Both Mommy Glenda Ocampo and Mommy Corie expressed that the best thing that has happened to them are: “Being able to be with my family.” and “I got to have more time with my family, especially my kids.”

On the other hand, some moms have shared that the best thing is being a mother itself.

Premium Condo Metro Manila - COHO by Vista Land - Nikki Rose Tosoc
Nikki Rose Tosoc with her son.

For Mommy Nikki, “the best thing is that I got pregnant and now I have my son with me. This is what we’ve been praying for so long. To have a child.”

Premium Condo Metro Manila - COHO by Vista Land - Marielle Orozco
Marielle Michaella D. Orozco twinning with her daughter.

Likewise, Mommy Marbie reiterates the best thing is to “become a mother. (Baby was born a little before the pandemic was announced).” On the other hand, Mommy Marielle Michaella D. Orozco shares the same sentiment that “Everything is the best thing happened to me when I became a mom. The best thing is I am present to my baby’s milestone. I am able to see the moment she roll over, crawl, stand , eat and say the word Mama

Similarly, Mommy Kaye shared the same sentiment: “Best thing that happened to me this pandemic is giving birth to my daughter and more TIME to spend with my family because before this pandemic happen I am very busy at work and I cant be with them especially during holiday season.”

Finally, some moms shared their new discoveries with their family this pandemic.

“I get to have more time talking to my son. It’s amazing how this can change when your child is a pre-teen. Also, we do chores together and so he has learned a few “adult” skills like cleaning the bathroom, cooking his own food, making his own sandwich spread, etc.,” said Mommy Jule.

Mommy Sheila, on the other hand, proudly said, “I was able to discover more about the family’s strength and support for each other. Our children can be humble, caring yet empowering.”

Finally, Mommy Anne expressed that “I cannot believe that the simple things are those that really matters. I am able to spend more time with my family. For long, I have been working like a cow and I am too tired to bond with them. I am not glad with the situation that we are in but I am happy that I am given a chance to be a mother, a wife, a sister, a friend and a daughter to people I loved most.”

Being a Mother on Mother’s Day

This Mother’s month, moms deserve to receive the best things in the world for their unwavering dedication in building a better home for the family.  When asked about their Mother’s Day plans and the gifts that they wanted to receive, their answers were priceless.

For Mommy Kas she will celebrate the Mom’s Day with “rest and spend the day with family safely at home” and the gifts she wanted to receive are “money, a vacation, appreciation” while Mommy Jule is just planning to “pamper myself by getting lots of rest and watching my fave series/movies.” Mommy Jules listed down three gifts she wanted to receive such as:

Lots of sleep – I don’t get them a lot!

A clean house – living with boys, our house has never been squeaky clean.

Foot/leg massager – I often get leg cramps these days 🙁

On the other hand, Mommy Sheila shared her plans for Mother’s Day and the gifts she wanted to receive. “I have consultancy work during the day but would make sure to be home by dinner time.” “Beautiful carrot cake, a dozen of roses and a short album of mom-kid pictures.”

Mommy Jean wanted to make the celebration memorable by “ordering something delicious, watching a nice movie, and playing board games with family.” For Mother’s Day, all she wants are “Good health, happiness, and inner peace”

“Just spend time with the family at home, eat good dinner and watch movies that my kids love” is what Mommy Mich wanted. For the gifts, she wanted to receive a “full body massage, an intimate date with husband to unwind, and a nice dish dryer rack :)”

For Mommy Nikki, Mother’s Day is just “the usual day, taking care of my son and hopefully get some rest.” The gifts she desires to receive are: “Rest/sleep, me time/pamper myself, and good food to eat.”

Condo Metro Manila - COHO by Vista Land -Carmela Hilario
Car Hilario’s 2 Sons.

Mommy Car Hilario just wanted to “Chill and bond with my family” this Mother’s Day. When asked about the gifts, she said “Not material things. Health for me and my family, more time and love so i can share it to my children.”

Premium Condo Metro Manila - COHO by Vista Land - Earl Santos
Evelyn Santos with her 3 sons.

Additionally, Mommy Evelyn Santos shared her sentiment about Mother’s Day being celebrated during the quarantine. “Because of the pandemic we are facing right now, we are just staying at home this Mother’s Day. The kids are planning to put up a mini pool and to cook and eat food that we love.” Her Mother’s Day Wishlist is “All I want is a gift of happiness, contentment and good health for me and for my love ones. During these trying times, I realized that material things do not matter. Happiness comes first if you learned to be happy on what you have. You will be contented and enjoy it right now. And Good health is what we all aim for. This virus is really scary. And I believed health is wealth.”

For Mommy Marbie, Mommy Corie, and Mommy Anne, they just wanted to “chill” and “celebrate at home,” and “bond with my family.” For Mommy Anne, she desires to receive “Good health, protection and togetherness.”

Likewise, Mommy Kaye said that “Since we have a pandemic on going, I don’t really have a plan. I just want to spend the Mother’s Day at home with my mom and baby.” For her, “I want two intangible gifts. ONE DAY AT A SPA because i want to treat my body that will help me relax and rejuvenate and a GETAWAY TRIP to have quality time with my loved ones. Third is a book because I want to read something inspirational.”

Both Mommy Marielle Orozco and Mommy G wanted to have a “simple celebration with my family” and to “stay home and spending time with family.” Finally, they wanted to receive for Mother’s Day are “Honestly, I only want to receive milk for my baby and baby items to secure the stocks of my daughter’s needs, but a new dress will be fine” for Marielle while for G is “to be appreciated for my hard work and efforts. Dog – because dogs give a different kind of color to ones life and spreads love like no other. Good Health – so that I am able to support my family and be with them for longer.”

Being a Mother is Making Homes Better

With the ongoing health protocols and quarantine restrictions, families need a home where they can still thrive and be whole. For this reason, our mothers see homes as important and they are considering some factors before moving in. Some of the common factors are having a safe and secured home, being in a home that is accessible to all life’s essentials, and living in a healthy environment.


Condo in Bacoor Cavite - The Meridian - COHO by Vista Land - Amenity Aerial Perspective
Condo in Bacoor Cavite – The Meridian – COHO by Vista Land – Amenity Aerial Perspective

Therefore, the mothers are not just looking for a home that will provide shelter, but also a premium quality living.

At COHO by Vista Land, life will be beautiful because we provide a modern and exclusive condo living with the finest resort-inspired amenities in order for COHOmeowners to live holistically.

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