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Best Things to Do in Cavite: It’s More Fun in the Province of Cavite!

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There are sure lots of best things to do in Cavite, which is the country’s historical city. From having the best gastronomic adventure to exploring the rich heritage culture and investing in a condo in Cavite, the province offers the best of both worlds!

In addition, Cavite is a one-of-a-kind destination where you can rejuvenate your souls from the life’s hustles. The province offers you a respite that will relinquish your desire to stay more.

With a population of over 3 million, this touristy province in the CALABARZON region offers exhilarating activities that will leave your best things to do in Cavite bucket list full.

11 Best Things to Do in Cavite: Your Bucket List Escapade

Exploring the province where the Philippine Independence was declared gives you an all-in access to the rich heritage of bravery and nationalism. Hence, Cavite offers you more than just a fun escapade because of the history it has. Likewise, being in this province promises a kind of learning that you cannot get with any other travel escapades.

Besides, this is a province filled with traces of heroism; thus, earning the moniker “Land of the Brave.”

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Discover a dozen of best things to do in Cavitein this ultimate travel bucket list:

1. Reminisce the story behind the Corregidor Island

Are you looking for a nostalgic tourist destination?

Premium Condo in the Philippines - COHO by Vista Land - Visit the Corregidor Island - Photo from the Pinoy Adventurista Blog
Visit the Corregidor Island – Photo from the Official Pinoy Adventurista Blog

Once you visit the Corregidor Island, you may notice the ancient military artillery and infrastructure remnants. It is indeed a historical and aesthetical envisage of the World War II battles. Specifically, they are from the battles of the Filipino and American Joint Forces as well as from the Japanese colonization.

Explore the Corregidor Island at the mouth of Manila Bay and discover the priceless bravery of the world war heroes towards protecting the country from the consecutive bombings of the Japanese colonizers.

Start adding Corregidor Island into your best things to do in Cavite bucket list and expand your knowledge as you spend time honoring the patriotism of our fallen heroes.

2. Enrich your adventure with history at the General Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine (National Shrine)

If you are the type of a person who loves history a lot, then General Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine is the ideal spot for you!

Premium Condo in Cavite - The Meridian - COHO by Vista Land - Emilio Aguinaldo - Kawit Cavite
Premium Condo in Cavite – The Meridian – COHO by Vista Land – Emilio Aguinaldo – Kawit Cavite

Staring at the historical National Shrine brings you to memory lane. This momentous structure has witness myriad of historical events. First, it has been the house of the first-elected president who is Emilio Aguinaldo. Second, this is where Pres. Emilio Aguinaldo waved the Philippine Flag upon the Independence Day declaration on June 12.

The National Shrine, which was located at Kawit, Cavite, underwent reconstruction in 1849. From being the first president’s humble abode, it is now a museum for anyone to visit.

3. Conquer the Parrot’s Beak!

Are you looking for a mountain climbing adventure? Pico De Loro is waiting for you!

Premium Condo in the Philippines - COHO by Vista Land - Best Things to do in Cavte - Hiking Pico de Loro - Photo from Biyaheng Juan Sided
Best Things to do in Cavte – Hiking Pico de Loro – Photo from Biyaheng Juan Sided

The famous Mount Palay-Palay/Mataas na Gulod or Pico De Loro is a mountain in Maragondon, Cavite with an elevation of 664-688 meters. It got its name from the parrot’s beak because of its shape.

This mountain is a perfect place for all the mountaineers, rapellers, and hikers whose adventure runs in the blood and desires to challenge themselves amidst nature.

Discover the satisfaction it gives when you have reached the peak. Subsequently, be mesmerized at the beauty of the West Philippine Sea.

Furthermore, you can take your time inhaling the refreshing scent of nature, which is an excellent respite from the hustle-and-bustle of city living.

You may also take the chance to meditate and pray as you reach the top. On the other hand, if you are a landscape artist, the peak of Pico de Loro will surely leave you breathless and your canvas speechless.

Pack your things now and include Pico de Loro in one of your best things to do in Cavite. Subsequently, find the DENR station from Ternate and follow the trail until you have reached the hardcore summit. Your 25-perso entrance fee and 1000-peso tourist guide is truly worth it!

4. Dive from the 10-meter Cliff of Malicbic-licbic Falls

After coming closer to Pico De Loro, do not miss the chance to explore the obscured waterfalls in Bailen, Cavite.

Condo in the Philippines - COHO by Vista Land - Malicbic-licbic Falls
Malicbic-licbic Falls from its Official Facebook Page

This summer season, experience a one-of-a-kind refresher from one of the best falls in Cavite. Its deep and crystal waters will definitely leave you in awe.

Before you fly into sprint from the 10-meter cliff, do not forget to wear comfy clothes and shoes as you trail the way along the vast-mossed boulders. In addition, you may find yourself encountering exotic species.

Come and plunge into the famous “Amazon of Cavite!”

5. Enter the Thrilling Cabag Cave in Cavite!

Can you imagine experiencing an exquisite adventure with you and your loved ones?

Premium Condo in Metro Manila - Coho by Vista Land - Spelunking in Cabag Cavite
Photo by Wander Creative on Unsplash

Never think twice and witness the amazing spelunking adventure at Cabag Cave.

After having a 20-30-minute trek, you will be captivated by the charm of the falls amidst it.

Let us add spelunking as a best thing to do in Cavite!

6. Paddle your boat at Patungan Cove is a best thing to do in Cavite

Nothing beats with the wonders of a small island. In Patungan Cove, you have a plethora of fun activities to do such as swimming in the fresh water beach, witnessing the sunrise and sunset, rejuvenating with the captivating view of the mountains, and making a castle with the sand in the seashore. Due to its fine sand, you can actually collect seashells or you may find some beach insects under it. Moreover, you can have a boat ride for just PHP 50.00

Condo in the Philippines - COHO by Vista Land - Patungan Beach Cove
Patungan Beach Cove from the Official Government Website of Cavite

When you rent a place to stay, make sure to have a karaoke machine where you can make merry with your friends and relatives.

Just a heads up, the resort is utilizing a limited electricity, so make sure to bring your own power banks which you can use from 6 PM to 10 PM.

Never miss the fun from this island in Maragondon, Cavite!

Make sure to add this to your best thing to do in Cavite travel bucket list.

7. Explore the Look-Alike Boracay Beach at Katungkulan Resort

The marine-based Katungkulan Resort is believed to be the best beach resort in Cavite. It bears its name “Boracay de Cavite.” It’s unparalleled white sand, blue sea, and wide-open space beach will leave you breathless.

Premium Condo in Metro Manila - Coho by Vista Land - Katungkulan Beach Resort
Katungkulan Beach Resort from the Official Pinoy Adventurista Blog

What’s more?

Your furry friends and babies are welcome in this resort. In addition, you can spice up you fun with sports! For example, you can play beach volleyball with your friends and family. There are myriad of restaurants to dine, too!

Due to ongoing community quarantine measur, you need to secure your reservation first. Nonetheless, there is still a possibility for rejections because of its ongoing rehabilitation. Besides, some of the military exercises are conducted here.

8. Have your Best Ride from Sky Ranch

You Cavite adventure won’t be complete without going to the Sky Ranch Amusement Park in Tagaytay City. After embracing the resorts, take this carnival as your next best thing to do in Cavite.

Premium Condo in Tagaytay - Pine Suites - -Sky Ranch Tagaytay
Sky Ranch Tagaytay from its Official Website

It cannot be denied that we Filipinos are always longing for a thrilling and satisfying carnival ride experience. Therefore, you need to put your bravery on the frontlines as you ride the tallest Ferris wheel in the Philippines.

Below are the entrance fees for your referenee:

Sky Eye: P150, Safari Splash: P120, Super Viking: P100 Drop Tower: P100, Log Coaster: P100.

Click this link: Sky Ranch Travel Guide to answer more questions about the carnival.

9. Climb the Crater of Taal Volcano

As the famous adage goes, Taal Volcano is “small but terrible.” Last January 2020, it became active and produced a widespread ash all over Luzon. For the record, it is the second most active Philippine volcano with an expanse of 1,020 feet with 47 craters surrounding Taal Volcano. Despite its active nature, its beauty cannot be denied when it is calm. In fact, it garnered a lot of tourists as it has been a favorite place to pause and take a breather.


On the other hand, there are activities that you can do besides staring at the panoramic landscape of the Taal Volcano. For instance, you can do boating, horseback riding, trekking, and golf playing.

If you are dauntless enough, then you can try and reach the summit of the Tall Volcano and have a quick swim in its boiling waters.

If you are looking for a unque best thing to do in Cavite, then crater climbing to Taal Volcano would be splendid!

10. Best thing to do in Cavite: Jump from the top of Balite Falls

Balite Falls is one of the hidden treasures in the Philippines for its crystal-clear waters.

Being here is very affordable and worthy. For only a 100 peso, you can already enter and dive into the tiny falls. If you wish to rent a cottage, it is just for 300 to 400 pesos.

In this place, could do whatever you want like sightseeing, listen to jazz music on the radio, watching movies by bringing your own tablet/laptop, chitchatting with your relatives and friends, playing games while swimming, reading books or a newspaper, writing stories, and more.

11. Solve the Largest Jigsaw Puzzle

Do you love critical thinking and logic games? The Puzzle Mansion in Tagaytay is the best destination for you.

Condo in the Philippines - COHO by Vista Land - Puzzle Mansion Tagaytay
Puzzle Mansion Tagaytay from its Official Facebook Page

Explore the puzzle museum and discover a plethora of amazing puzzles to solve.

Enjoy its religious pieces, 4D diorama, paintings, and photographs. Every puzzle has its particular origin and estimated solving time in accordance to the number of the puzzle pieces.

Some of the sample masterpieces that you can see in the puzzle museum are van Gogh’s Starry Night painting, nativity scene, and sunflowers.

Visit the Puzzle Mansion and make your best things to do in Cavite bucket list more fun!

Transform into a Premium Life by Choosing a Modern and Exclusive Condominium

While tripping around the Cavite, investing for a condo to stay in is a good idea.


Likewise, people are talking about the premium condo investment at The Meridian, COHO from the city of Bacoor, Cavite. Bacoor just began to develop, but it is now becoming one the next wave cities.

This is a contemporary and exclusive condo village that provides resort-inspired amenities. With guard house, play park fitness gym, clubhouse, play court, function hall, swimming pool hogging path, reading nooks, picnic grove, and property management office and being surrounded by a commercial and retail spaces, life at The Meridian will definitely be beautiful. Furthermore, you have nothing to worry for The Meridian is a well-guarded and secured place.  Above all, you will also be amazed by the well-polished, refreshing, solitary lay out pieces of your unit.

What are you waiting for?

Be practical and reserve your condo unit now for only PHP 20, 000 pesos. In addition, you will unlock a premium living experience because convenience is within reach. It is near Southwest Manila, Medical Center Imus, and St. Dominic Medical Center Hospital, and with other businesses such as the POGO island, Bacoor City Hall and FRC mall, infrastructures, and lifestyle/entertainment hubs.

For availing a unit, check out their website: https://www.coho.com.ph/property/the-meridian/

Indeed, your address will be the finest of all because COHO is giving you the best that you deserve.

Another COHO Projects Worth Investing

The Hermosa COHO

True to its name, the Hermosa COHO offers a beautiful lifestyle to every young professional, starting families, and wise investors. Indeed, it is a premium condominium at the heart of Pulang Lupa Uno, Las Pinas City. Moreover, living at the Hermosa promises an exclusive convenience as it is in proximity to the NAIA and Bay Area.

Premium Condo in Tagaytay - Pine Suites - A Vacation Home Condo - Swimming Pool Amenity
Premium Condo in Tagaytay – Pine Suites – A Vacation Home Condo – Swimming Pool Amenity

On the other hand, Pine Suites Tagaytay is a perfect abode where you can always rejuvenate amidst the pine trees in the community. It makes everyday a vacation day!

With all the best things to do in Cavite, all you have to do is to travel and discover more instead of lying down in your bed and doing nothing. There is so much unseen beauty in the Philippines.

If today is the last day of your life, how will you live it? Fill it with lots of adventure.