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Best Things to Do in Las Piñas: Your Exclusive Travel Guide to the South

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From the gruelling work from home pressure to the overwhelming pandemic news, life seems so challenging these days. Consequently, it affects our mental health that influences how we think, feel, or act. Thus, you need to take a breather from the hustle-and-bustle of the new normal once in a while. It may either be through binge-watching movies in your premium condo home or traveling to the best places in the south. Discover the wonders of the south as you experience the best things to do in Las Piñas.

If you are looking for the best place in the south, Las Piñas is worth investing a condo and having your travels because of its competitive growth index. In 2008, Las Piñas ranked 6th as the “Best Place to Live” in the Philippines. Until now, the city continues to thrive with its ongoing infra and business developments.

Previously, we have delved into the gastronomic culture of Las Piñas. This time, let us unravel the city’s beauty with our best things to do in Las Piñas checklist.

6 Best Things to Do in Las Piñas

No pandemic should stop you from experiencing the best things to do in Las Piñas. In fact, it will be an advantage to have your respite in a city that offers more than just a travel experience. Subsequently, you may find yourself revitalized with the activities listed below.

1. Discovering the Bamboo Organ as the National Cultural Treasure is a Best Thing to Do in Las Piñas

St. Joseph Church

Have you been into a phenomenal church?

Premium Condo in Las Piñas - The Hermosa - COHO By Vista Land - St. Joseph Church - Home of the Bamboo Organ - Best Things to do in Las Las Piñas
St. Joseph Church – Home of the Bamboo Organ – Best Things to do in Las Las Piñas

Here we recommend a must-see church in Las Piñas. The first thing that may come to mind once you hear about Las Piñas might be the Saint Joseph Church or the Bamboo Organ. Probably, it is because of its unique and historical characteristics.

With the combination of a small museum and a treasure gem, this church is indeed a pride and novelty to all Filipino people. In addition, Father Diego Cera introduced this church in the south in 1822.

Home of the Bamboo Organ

What’s iconic with St. Joseph Chruch is its authentic and ingenious bamboo organ. It is the country and the world’s priceless treasure. Moreover, it boasts for its moniker as the “only bamboo organ in the world.”

Premium Condo in Las Piñas - The Hermosa - COHO By Vista Land - Bamboo Organ in St. Joseph Parish Church
Source: Bamboo Organ in St. Joseph Parish Church from Carol Kiecker’s Blog

The church organ has 1,031 organ pipes that are responsible in creating a melodious harmony. Moreover, 902 of the pipes are made of bamboo. Then, metal trumpets were added to further magnify the solemnity of the Holy Mass with the music it produces.

International Bamboo Organ Festival

Condo in Las Piñas - The Hermosa - COHO By Vista Land - St. Joseph Church - International Bamboo Organ Festival - Best Things to do in Las Las Piñas
Photo courtesy of Lorenzo Atienza from CBCP News

Historically, the city has started celebrating the feast for the bamboo organ every February the moment it was repaired. It was recorded destroyed due to the disasters that wreaked havoc in the city during that time. To date, this is the longest-running international festival in the Philippines.

The International Bamboo Organ Festival is an annual week-long music festival that gathers every talented artist from the different parts of the world. Primarily, the festival highlights the spectacular Bamboo Organ.

In addition, the cultural objectives of the bamboo festival are music appreciation, musicality enhancement of the participants and audience, eco-tourism promotion, and cultural and musical presentations from the gathered local and foreign artists.

Bamboo Organ Museum

The entrance rates of 100 pesos admission tour for adult and 50 pesos for kids are nothing compared to the historical knowledge that perhaps the bamboo organ could bring you. In fact, the learnings and legacy that it provides further led the parents to mention good feedback from their museum tour experience. Moreover, you will be amused by playing the bamboo organ for free!

On the other hand, you will definitely love this church to make it as your subject, especially when you are into photography,

In an ordinary day, the museum is open daily from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. However, this schedule might change due to the current quarantine measures in Metro Manila.

What are you waiting for?

Discover this priceless fortune of the South today as you goal to achieving the best things to do in Las Piñas.

2. Best Thing to Do in Las Piñas: Be Mesmerized with the Majestic Mary Immaculate Parish

Premium Condo in Las Piñas - The Hermosa - COHO By Vista Land - Mary Immaculate Parish - Best Things to do in Las Las Piñas
Mary Immaculate Parish from the Official Website Page of Bride Worthy

Historically, Father Pierino Rogliardi is one of the leading builders of this church together with the support of the National Artist Architect Francisco Mañosa. The Mary Immaculate Parish, which bears its old name of Sto. Niño Chapel, is a one-of-a-kind church structures you could ever see.

This church is lavished with a refreshing greenery landscape that will give your soul a promising respite. Hence, this church is not just a place of worship, but also a relaxing, calming and soothing sanctuary. Subsequently, this church has been the “Nature Church” of the south.

Therefore, Mary Immaculate Parish is a paradise or heaven-like oasis not only in faith, but also in spirit.

The Landscape of the Nature Church

As soon as you enter the church, you will appreciate the landscape that you will see inside.

The church will welcome you with its funnel-shaped roof that is assembled from anahaw leaves, plenty of tree stumps seats, hanged Capiz lanterns on its ceiling, and the tropical palms and plants as its altar’s backdrop. Walking further and wandering around, you will eventually see the tombs of the saints amidst a fascinating garden. Even if the church is instagrammable, the church members still keeping the church away from any approaching disasters because of the old raw materials in its architecture.

On the other hand, your momentous events is open to be held in Nature Church. Take advantage of the verdant landscape of the church in your wedding, pictorial, ordination, recollection, and the like. Nonetheless, you might need to contact the church administration for an appointment. Likewise, you will be informed of the protocols and other details about using the church as  a venue.

Holy Mass Schedule

With the ongoing health measures and community quarantine, the celebration of the Holy Eucharist has changed. Hence, you may visit the official facebook page of the Mary Immaculate Parish for the live streaming of the holy mass.

Nevertheless, they have announced that they resumed a face-to-face celebration last April 18th. However, only 100 individuals can enter the church.

Check out their following Sunday Schedules: 8:00 A.M., 10:00 A.M., 4:00 P.M., 6:00 P.M.

Indeed, including this church in your best things to do in Las Piñas list is not waste of time because it offers you so much more!

3. Another Best Thing to Do in Las Piñas is to Savour the Taste of the All-time Favorite Ajisen Ramen

Condo in Las Piñas - The Hermosa - COHO By Vista Land - Ramen
Photo by Susann Schuster on Unsplash

The tasty beef and well-cooked noodles, the good serving size of staff, the conducive environment as well as the affordable prices in the menu makes it all perfect. Hence, this is the excellent place for family dinners, business meetings, or romantic dates.

Be familiar with the resto’s best-selling food such as the Toho Beef (Tenderloin), Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet, Broccoli Flower with Beef, Crunchy Roll, Katsudon and Gyoza. Moreover, you should partner it with different drinks from iced tea to milk tea.

Level-up your taste buds because most of the reviews about this place are legit. For example, one customer shared her great experience at Ajisen Ramen Fast-food Restaurant. The customer reiterated that he and his wife loved the beef gyudon and spicy tuna sashimi above all else. Likewise, he commended for the great customer experience he had at the restaurant.

This remarkable ramen restaurant has actually expanded to a total of 700 branches globally. Some of its branches can be seen in Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Italy, China, Finland, Hong Kong, The United States, Malaysia, the Marianas, Mongolia, Australia, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Panama, and Canada

Absolutely, their ramen and other Japanese dishes are worth trying for! Therefore, never miss this out in your best things to do in Las Piñas list.

4. Satisfy your Cravings with the One-of-a-Kind Bibingka in Town

It’s exciting to know that Las Piñas has something for your gastronomic desires.

Premium Condo in Las Piñas - The Hermosa - COHO By Vista Land - Bibingkinitan
Bbibingka – a local Filipino rice cake delicacy.

Have you ever heard of the store Bibingkinitan? It offers a medium-sized bibingka, a local Filipino rice cake delicacy, that bursts into full flavor. It has different flavors from ube, pastillas, macapuno to peanut butter.

Additionally, It is not mandatory at all to wait until Christmas for you to purchase one because they open the store daily. Furthermore, matching it with a very healthful calamondin juice would make your meal incredible!

Instead of buying processed foods, bibingka is a best choice as it is good for our health, easy-to-carry, and undeniably delicious.

Reserve yours in any Bibingkintanstore from 10 o’clock in the morning to 9 o’clock in the evening.

5. Get A Closer Look to The Las Piñas–Parañaque Critical Habitat and Ecotourism Area (LPPCHEA)

Are you in for the best educational nature tour destination in Las Piñas?

You may find the 175-hectare Wetland Park, which is also known as LPPCHEA, exhilarating with its various nature activities. The activities you may find interesting to do here are sightseeing, bird watching, and nature viewing. In addition, there are educational activities you could participate in such listening to nature seminars, visiting the Bambusetem, painting, drawing, and coastal cleanup.

Experience Exclusive Bird Watching

Condo in Las Piñas - The Hermosa - COHO By Vista Land - Bird Watching
Photo by Maria Stewart on Unsplash

Since this is a wetland park, you may likewise feed your mind with the various types of birds. You may find it fascinating to know about The Philippine Duck (Anas Luzonica), Chinese Egret (Egretta Eulophotes), Black-winged Stilts (Himantopus Himantopus) and Siberian Rubythroat (Luscinia Calliope), and more!

According to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources – National Capital Region (DENR-NCR) and Wild Bird Club of the Philippines, the bird species have reached to over a 50.

About the Wetland Centre/Park

On the other hand, the goal in establishing a wetland centre in the Philippines is to spread awareness about its significance in the community. Furthermore, they are aiming that the younger generations will appreciate nature conservation.

This place is perfect for nature lovers and environmental enthusiasts. This park is well-crafted by The Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority, Villar SIPAG, and the Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands (SCPW).

If you would like to visit, then you just need to secure an entrance permit. Finally, you should know that visiting this park is priceless for you will gain a premium scientific insight. It is definitely a best thing to do in Las Piñas!

6. Bounce your day by playing at Bounce Philippines

Are you looking for a different way to enjoy your day?

Premium Condo in Las Piñas - The Hermosa - COHO By Vista Land - Bounce Philippines
The Different Trampolines at Bounce Philippines

In Bounce Philippines, get ready to unleash your inner child! It is a playpark that has 22 activities which are perfect for all ages.

In addition, you can freely jump on its 81 trampolines or you can play basketball with a twist with it. If you are looking for a crazy activity, then try playing dodgeball with your loved ones here. Besides, you can compete by climbing the playpark’s beams and walls.

Indeed, playing here is truly a best thing to do in Las Piñas. It’s one of the greatest playgrounds in the country! Come and join bouncing!

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The Hermosa Model Unit

In fact, it is the best time to invest in a condo knowing that the Philippines is now being competitive in the real-estate market. What makes this exclusive abode even more beautiful is its modern and resort-inspired condo landscape. It offers refreshing amenities such as swimming pool, fitness gym, clubhouse, reading nook, and the like. Above all, The Hermosa assures you an unparalleled lifestyle within the blooming landscape Las Piñas.

amenity area of condo in Las Pinas with greenery, swimming pool, and clubouse in daylight
The Hermosa – Swimming Pool Amenity

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Indeed, doing something new makes your day a little bit unique. When was the last time you had fun? We spent most of our years studying and working without realizing that the time is running. We sometimes forget to explore the world and to collect memories with our loved ones. Live your life to the fullest. Invite your family and friends and fill your life with adventures. Moreover, go out and see the beauty of life. Start achieving your best things to do in Las Piñas, today. Finally, make the most out of it as if it were your last!

In the famous adage of Saint Augustine, “the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”