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Best Things to do Online: Making the Most of your Virtual Life

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Who would have thought that we will come to a year when our gadget screens have become the lifeline of the world? It helped us stay connected as well as it gave a superficial sense of presence. As we continue the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, we will continue to live a virtual life. Hence, let us make the most of the new normal by achieving your personal list of the best things to do online.

The health protocols and quarantine restrictions have lessened any physical contact and gathering at most. Well, health will always be a priority no matter what the cost. It might be hard for some of us to process the new reality that we are living in; however, there is nothing that we can do, but only make things work despite the limitations.

Living the New Normal Life

Before, the only thing that hinders us to catch up and join in any social gatherings was the office workload that we have to finish. Today, there are already two things that keep us from re-connecting physically to our loved ones and friends. These things are the bombardment of work from home tasks and housework, and the executive restrictions from the national government.

Moreover, the government has mandated to keep everyone at home unless the purpose will be for essential travels. Especially now that there are new strains coming into our country, leisure and other non-essential activities are still prohibited.

Therefore, there is nothing that we all can do, but to adjust and adapt to the new normal. Our mobility will always be in limitation unless our country has achieved a successful herd immunity through mass vaccination. Until then, we will still keep our daily routine rolling within the corners of our premium condo home.

10 Best Things to Do Online this 2021

In order for our quarantine life will not put into waste, there are best things to do online that you can try by yourself, or even with your family and friends remotely. We may have lost the actual sense of physical touch or human warmth, but our hope must continue to thrive in order to survive the pandemic era.

1. Craft some skills and feed your mind

Do you believe that the season of waiting is also a season of learning?

Thankfully, the ivy leagues from the different parts of the world as well as other learning platforms are offering free courses for you to try. Well, studying must not stop from being at school. Hence, take this chance to learn new skills and hone your current skills while you are waiting for the society to normalize.

During this time, you might discover new hobbies that will not only make your more talented, but also make you busy. In this way, it will keep you from dwelling further into your negative thoughts, anxieties, and worries with what’s happening around.

This is your chance to actually do what you have not yet done before. Make the pandemic into good use, especially in making yourself better.

What are you waiting for?

Grab that computer, tablet, or laptop and start browsing for free courses as a best thing to do online! Remember, opportunity only knocks once, so never miss this chance wherein you are given an advantage for free.

2. Immerse yourself to interactive movies

Are traditional movies getting bland for your sense of entertainment?

Why not level up and try binge-watching with a mix of thrill through interactive movies?

In interactive movies, you will be able to partake with the story’s plot by making choices. Hence, you will be like an omniscient being who will control the fate of the characters in a story.

Indeed, being immersed in a multiverse activity is a best thing to do online!

If you want the best list of interactive movies, you can have it here.

3. See the best of the world

Have you missed the road, the sea, and the clouds?

Traveling by leisure is one of the activities that were halted due to the ongoing global health crisis. For this reason, our usual travel plans will not be achieved this year. However, when you are in a resort-inspired condo, everyday is like a vacation because of the refreshing ambiance it upholds since it is lavished with verdant and manicured landscapes.

Subsequently, you can always go down from your condo unit and have some breather from the hustle-and-bustle of the demands of working from home.

On the other hand, there are virtual travel and museum tours being offered on the net. You can grab this chance of seeing the wonders of the world even if you are just in front of your smart devices’ screens.

Well, it is better to have this added to your best things to do online list than having nothing at all.

4. Reconnect with Loved Ones

The pandemic may have distracted or even redefined the way we reach to people, but it should not stop us from reconnecting, especially to our loved ones.

You should realize that you cannot surpass the pandemic era without having to checking in with the people that give you warmth. As with the famous adage goes, “no one is an island.”

Being with your loved ones, even if it is just remotely, can lessen the burden of living the new normal. In this way, you know that you are not alone in the journey.

5. Video Conferencing Apps

In fact, there are several ways for you to reconnect with your loved ones. One of these is installing some video conferencing apps such as Viber, Zoom, Google Meet, and the like.

Having a reliable internet connection, a smart device, and video conferencing apps are enough to feel someone’s presence from afar.

Among the aforementioned applications, the most common is the Facebook Messenger since most of the population have Facebook accounts. You can video call your loved ones and friends anytime with this app. Moreover, you can also have fun in messenger because there are realistic filters that you can play with. There are also games that you can have with your friends. Above all, the app features a Watch Together button wherein you and your friends can binge-watch together virtually.

Hence, let us make use of technology as we achieve our best things to do online list.

6. Manage a Small Business

Well, the pandemic made us realize that bank savings are not enough to survive a crisis such as this. It is because money will replete since we daily replenish our basic needs. Furthermore, the pandemic has closed a lot of businesses in the metropolitan area which resulted to a huge number of unemployment.

On Small Business

Thus, one needs another source in order to continue securing the financial assets for future’s use. Two of these are opening up a small business and investing in a premium condo property in COHO. The former will give you the chance to explore the other aspects of life. Moreover, you can transform your hobbies into business. For example, you can start an online pastry business if you love baking.

Compared before, your baked goods can now be delivered with apps such as Grab, Lalamove, Toktok, and the like. This can save you from the hassle of commute in order to get 1 order to the client. Apart from that, it secures you from the possible danger of being exposed in public for so long.

On Real-Estate Investment

On the other hand, being able to invest in a real-estate property is still be the better option. You should recognize that real-estate properties will always be a need in the market. It is because homes or houses are a basic need of humans. In this sense, you need to take advantage of that need.

When you invest in real-estate properties, your money is certain to increase over time because of the capital appreciation value that every land hold. One of the moving factors for the incremental growth of real-estates is the continuous infrastructure and business developments where it is in. Primarily, those condo properties that are in the Central Business Districts (CBD) are likely to grow more. Despite the closing of some businesses, they were still able to bounce back because of the digitization efforts they are taking to continue their operations. Likewise, this pandemic will not last long. Therefore, take this opportunity wherein real-estate properties are sold into a fair price before it spikes once again after the pandemic era.

In COHO by Vista Land, you do not need to go out of your home in order to invest. It is because we offer leasing services that will help you create a passive source of income. If you want to know more about it, click here.

Invest in Las Piñas

condo for sale in Las Piñas City swimming pool perspective at night with car parking spaces and greenery
The Hermosa COHO in Las Piñas City – swimming pool perspective

If you are a city dweller, then you may find The Hermosa a sound investment. Since it is near NAIA and MOA, and it is within the vicinity of the master-planned Vista Global City, everything is within comfort and convenience.

Invest in Bacoor

Condo in Bacoor Cavite - The Meridian - COHO by Vista Land - Amenity Aerial Perspective
Condo in Bacoor Cavite – The Meridian – COHO by Vista Land – Amenity Aerial Perspective

On the other hand, The Meridian in Bacoor promises you to thrive in urban transition as the development is nestled at the heart of the Central Business District in Cavite.

Invest in Tagaytay

Premium Condo in Tagaytay - Pine Suites - Building 1
Premium Condo in Tagaytay – Pine Suites – Building 1

Finally, Pine Suites will give you a one-of-a-kind condo living experience in the country’s second summer capital. At Pine Suites, you will wake up at the sight of a panoramic view of nature every single day. Apart from that, you will inhale the fresh scent of pine trees that is good for you lungs.

7. Channel your inner faith

It would not hurt your soul if you will depend on a higher being. By being able to channel your inner faith, your life’s compass will be clear. Besides, it gives you a hope and comfort amidst the storm.

In fact, rekindling your faith will remind you that life won’t stop until your purpose was met. As long as you are breathing, you need to keep fighting.

In a world that is confronted by an invisible being, it is evident that it is not only our physical self is hurt, but also our spiritual. Thus, we need to regain our spiritual strength to keep moving forward. This will also give us an opportunity to forgive those who have hurt us and love those who are unlovable.

8. Enter the world of vlogging

It cannot be denied that most tv celebrities that we have known ever since has turned into the world of vlogging. Hence, vlogging gave rise to social media influencers.

In this regard, why not try vlogging as part of your best things to do online? In fact, the vloggers are earning twice or thrice compared to your average salary for a day. This is also a chance for the world to know you.

What are you waiting for?

Create a meaningful content and start vlogging. You might never know where it will lead you!

9. Be a philanthropist

In spite of the difficulties that we encounter in this pandemic, we should always take in mind to lend a helping hand. This is actually a good time to become a philanthropist, especially now that many are indeed struggling to survive the day.

Why not create your own virtual charity event as part of your best things to do online?

Nothing will be lost if you lend a helping hand. In fact, you will feel fuller than ever. As with the famous saying goes, “those who give actually receives more.”

10. Revamp your Condo in Metro Manila

Finally, why not spark that inner creativity?

COHO by Vista Land – Model Unit

As part of your best things to do list, do some revamping in your condo unit. There are lots of inspirations that you can see from Pinterest, especially with home improvement ideas.

This is the best chance for you to make your space cozier.

Indeed, the pandemic has led many of us to adapt in ways that are beyond our imagination. Furthermore, it blurs the line between reality and virtual life. It is because virtual life is now a reality. From business meetings to personal gatherings, we all depend on the connection that we have online. Nonetheless, let us always remember that there is always a fruit in every season. Let us hope that at the end of this pandemic, we will all become better versions of ourselves, especially on how we relate to other people. It is because you might never know when will be the last time you will be able to hug each other.