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Celebrating Cebu’s Sinulog

Originally held as a ceremony for the Cebuano wooden gods and idols, Sinulog has since grown to be the grandest festival in the country. It is now a nine-day cultural and religious celebration that features food, street parties, parades, and religious gatherings in commemoration of the Santo Niño, the image of a Baby Jesus given by Ferdinand Magellan to Cebu’s Queen Juana. 

Sinulog usually starts with the grand launch of the activities which vary from cultural shows, motorcades, and Tribu sa Kabataan, to searches for Sinulog Idol and Sinulog Festival Queen. The festival is also adorned with religious activities thatallow devotees to express their faith in the most creative and colorful ways possible. They can join the fluvial march on the day before the end of Sinulog, which involves the procession of the miraculous image of Santo Niño and ends with the re-enactment of the historical baptism of Queen Juana and Rajah Humabon at the Basilica Del Santo Niño in Cebu City.

The Sinulog Festival is culminated by the Grand Parade, a concluding procession that depicts the history of the celebration through colorful floats complemented by the flocks of graceful dancers in striking and animated costumes. With the evening comes a grand fireworks display that commemorates yet another successful and remarkable celebration of Sinulog. 

It has been dubbed as the Grandest Festival in the country for a reason. Thousands of celebrities, artists, and tourists from all over the country gather in Cebu to witness this one-of-a-kind celebration. Sinulog’s enchanting dances and endearing visuals, however, are just a sneak peek of what The Queen City of the South has to offer. It boasts of pristine beaches, waterfalls, and diving spots which are all heightened by sumptuous meals that can be found almost everywhere in the city. This undeniable beauty in its features and its rich culture are more than enough to make anyone want a piece of the city.

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