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Choosing the best location for your next condo investment in Metro Manila

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For property investors looking to buy a condominium unit, location is probably the most important factor to consider.

A prime location, unlike the interior design of a condo, cannot be altered and it is a long-term investment that many property buyers are more than willing to pay.

Thus, it is very important to assess first if the location can give you, as an investor, the satisfaction you want after buying the property.

Prime location is not entirely subjective; rather, it is determined by a fairly static set of criteria.

To give you an idea, here are three factors you would want to consider before buying your next property investment in Metro Manila.

Reasons Why Having a Best Location is Important

A premium location provides the upscale lifestyle you deserve  

A city never sleeps. And because of this, many city dwellers sacrifice hours of sleep to enjoy what the city has to offer to satisfy an upscale lifestyle.

When you are living in a condo, it also entails being close to the best shopping, dine, drink, and chill locations. When a condominium is constructed, a local café, restaurant, and bar are normally built nearby.

Have you ever found yourself needing to take a cool swim in a pool on a random sunny summer day? Have you been trying to get back in shape but have been too reluctant to sign up for a gym membership?

Condo living makes facilities like a pool, a clubhouse, or a gym more affordable and accessible to the busy city dweller.

If you consider yourself a full-fledged urbanite who wants to live in the hustle and bustle of a city, you may want to consider purchasing a condominium unit that is positioned in strategic locations.

The Meridian


The Meridian could be your best choice for your next condo investment.

Many investors will be drawn to get a piece of a luxury condo property in Metro Cavite, especially now that city-living has been made more affordable, available, and enjoyable.

Road projects such as the Manila-Cavite Expressway and the Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway link the city to prime business districts and commercial hubs,

Nestled along Palico Diversion Road, The Meridian is a few meters walk from the busy Aguinaldo Highway. The first phase of its resort-inspired architecture is currently an ongoing construction.

The Meridian’s vibrant atmosphere and strategic locations of nearby business districts will ultimately cultivate a holistic lifestyle blend; that is essential for young professionals, start-up families, and potential investors seeking to prosper in an urban setting.

Yes to a Location with a Vibrant Community 

A condominium development with calm, respectful to each other’s personal space, and has a green environment is the ideal location you would want to live in.

Although residents of the condos are mainly on the go, you can still feel the pleasant and welcoming atmosphere of the neighbors.

On top of that, some condo management ensures the meetings are held for all to get to know one another.

Aside from the welcoming neighborhood, one thing you would also want to avail yourself of in your next location is its view.

Who doesn’t love to wake up in the morning with an immaculate view of nature while sipping a cup of coffee?

Also, a green surrounding would ease your eyes and relieve your stress, giving you good energy to start your day.

Thus, a community that loves and imbibes nature is a good indication of a good property location.

Pine Suites

Premium Condo in Tagaytay - Pine Suites - A Vacation Home Condo - Swimming Pool Amenity
Premium Condo in Tagaytay – Pine Suites – A Vacation Home Condo – Swimming Pool Amenity

Tagaytay living entices the busy city dwellers of Metro Manila with its ideal mix of an urban and rural atmosphere. Indeed, having a place to call home away from the hustling and bustling Metro Manila is a blessing.

Letting yourself enjoy Tagaytay’s exclusivity provides much-needed warmth and enjoyment to families and young professionals.

Pine Suites Tagaytay, an exclusive condominium offering of CoHo, welcomes you with a vivid pine forest entrance.

Discover the charm of your log-cabin-built lobby and the uniqueness of your suite annexed to a spacious deck that catches the cool Tagaytay breeze.

Be in an area with limitless opportunities 

Location continues to be essential in terms of quality of life and return on investment, not just for buyers but also for developers.

The land is a nonrenewable resource, and as it becomes scarcer, developers must be cautious when choosing a new development site.

It is not only the current conveniences that are essential but also future conveniences.

Plans for new schools, hospitals, public transit, and other local amenities could significantly boost the area’s values. Likewise, commercial construction may also increase the worth of a home.

Hence, go for a property that has a strategic location suitable for your wants and needs. If you are a young professional, choose a location where there are opportunities for high-paying jobs.

Remember, what makes a location premium is the perks of being conveniently in the center of everything.

The Hermosa COHO

Premium Condo in Las Piñas - The Hermosa - Aerial Swimming Pool Amenity of a Condo
Premium Condo in Las Piñas – The Hermosa – Aerial Swimming Pool Amenity of a Condo

Limitless opportunities are knocking on the door of your next home- The Hermosa COHO!

Situated in the heart of Las Piñas, The Hermosa COHO is a stunning and opulent vertical village luxurious condo in Pulang Lupa Uno, complete with resort-inspired facilities that provide a contemporary and unique condo living environment.

Why choose Las Piñas?

This city is home to beautifully landscaped developments that reshape township living and enhanced suburban experience.

Being the center of development of some key infrastructures, the highly urbanized city is seen as a major influence and a significant location to the investment opportunities in the Philippine property market.

Las Pinas is one of the top areas of the Build Build Build program. Hence, it is expected that the economy will transform the business and industrial landscapes of Las Piñas and make it one of the key players in Metro Manila.

With all these developments, no doubt choosing The Hermosa COHO as your next property investment would give you a hundred percent satisfaction.

Properties Outside Metro Manila 

If living inside City Capital is overwhelming for you, Camella Manors is the perfect alternative condo-home outside the metro.

Camella Manors offers mid-rise condo-living with a touch of a resort theme to realize your perfect staycation fantasies.

Strategically located in key cities in the Philippines, Camella Manors is your perfect home that also offers an exclusive lifestyle like no other.

Affordable ready-for-occupancy condo units are now available in some locations nationwide.

The importance of location in real estate investment cannot be underestimated.

Always keep in mind that the best investment options are in areas where the property is in high demand and the job market is unaffected by any recession.

Making the most of the opportunity to learn how to select the best place to invest in will decide whether your investment succeeds or fails, so take advantage of it.