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A smart and practical investment with COHO

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It’s becoming harder to ignore the benefits of the smart and practical investment of living in an integrated community, where one can curate a distinct lifestyle.

For the discerning homebuyer, it’s no longer just about the house or the building per se. Also considered are the location, community, and notably, the lifestyle experience it can offer. Features that were once associated with highly upscale residences are now deemed as the norm or the new standard for what makes a quality home: quality, accessibility, comfort, innovation, and convenience.

There are developers who fortunately made significant strides in providing the Philippine market with livable, sustainable communities that put a premium on achieving a more holistic, well-balanced lifestyle.

girl sitting on a pillow on the floor while using her laptop in her condo living room
Living up to your standards is the best motivation to secure your own premium space with a smart and practical investment at COHO.

COHO by Vista Land, for instance, allows one to curate his or her own lifestyle—whether you’re an individual with varied pursuits, a busy executive at the height of his or her career, a budding entrepreneur, or a couple with a growing family. Given all the components surrounding every COHO development, future and existing residents are well assured of quality life.

And that’s because a home at COHO does not limit you within the confines of your unit or even your building. Since COHO developments are part of Vista Land’s Communicities, one has that unique and exclusive opportunity to enjoy its extended amenities: a coffee shop for an office, a supermarket for a pantry, a boulangerie for a breakfast table, and a cinema for your entertainment room.

The proposition thus becomes all the more interesting, compelling, and highly suited to the varying needs of the modern-day dwellers. All the tangible and intangible benefits truly make investing in a COHO project a smart, practical move that is well worth your every peso. Here are some of those benefits that future COHO residents and investors can readily enjoy.

girl holding 2 apples with a shopping cart in the fruits section of a super market at AllDay
The beauty of investing is the satisfaction of getting to experience what an upgraded lifestyle entails.


Nothing beats the kind of comfort that you can get from having the necessary modern conveniences easily within reach, especially if these are just a walking distance or a short drive from your home. As creatures of comfort, people are mostly attracted to the idea of having commercial establishments and key institutions nearby as this means one will no longer need to contend with staying on the road for hours, locked in horrendous traffic.

Given the establishments that are near a COHO development, residents are afforded a different kind of comfort and convenience that would spare them from the headaches of having to travel far from home to run errands or to just relax and unwind after a long day. One can easily do a quick run to the grocery, enjoy a movie at the cinema, or finish reading a book at a cozy coffee shop.


If you think about it, having such conveniences nearby will save you considerable time and effort that you can use for other more important things in your life—may be a hobby you’ve been wanting to start, a book you’re looking to finish, some “me” time to chill and binge-watch, or simply, more quality time to spend with family and friends.

On top of that, you get to reduce certain expenses in the long run, too, whether you are a commuter or a motorist, as you can save on transport costs (fare, gas, parking, vehicle maintenance, among others).

swimming pool and clubhouse amenities in a condo for sale with green trees and parking
Discover a whole new concept of vertical living where COHO communities house both the conveniences of a condo and a home.

Quality of life

In a nutshell, a COHO development allows one to nurture and live a quality life that is holistic and well-balanced—not too hurried, but well attuned and conducive to one’s needs amid the hustle of the modern times.

COHO residents will get to enjoy both the suburban vibe of exclusive villages and the convenience and advantage of a condominium that is close to key locations and establishments. They get to revel in a community that is exquisitely sprawling, verdantly landscaped, and endowed with resort-inspired amenities and open spaces that can add a rejuvenating vibe to the fast-paced city living.

Indeed, every COHO project offers something priceless for its residents—for that extra quality time, reduced effort, and added convenience that goes well beyond any kind of remuneration.

Value appreciation

Even investors can reap significant benefits from a smart and practical investment by choosing a COHO project. That’s primarily because COHO projects are part of Vista Land’s Communicities, which are integrated urban developments that combine lifestyle retail, prime office space, university town, healthcare, themed residential projects, and leisure components.

Originally published by Property Inquirer on August 17, 2019. Click here to read the article on Inquirer.