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COHO and CrossFit

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Motivated spirit, increased mobility, relaxed state of mind and body – working out asks for lots of time and energy, but in return yields all these benefits and a lot more.

In a pool of intense and tiring workouts, CrossFit stands out as the perfect activity for people who want to achieve a well-conditioned body over a minimal period of time. Dubbed as “sports of fitness”, CrossFit focuses on gaining muscles, improving cardio, and strengthening the overall condition of the body to reach the optimal definition of being physically fit. It includes high intensity exercises ranging from lifting weights to calisthenics, all set to challenge one’s personal standards and achieve more desirable results without spending too much time.

Unlike other sports, CrossFit maintains its own use of terms and abbreviations. One should be familiar with these terms as they are considered part of the common language inside their gym. Some of these include As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP), Workout of the Day (WOD), Metabolic Conditioning (MetCon), and Ass to Ground (ATG). CrossFit also sets itself apart from other workout in terms of its intensity and variations. All CrossFit workouts are intense routines that vary greatly in terms of number of times repeated, loads used, and duration – all set to improve day-to-day execution of activities. 

CrossFit can be attuned depending on the age, experience, or physical capacity of a person. Usually done in a CrossFit gym or “box”, the workouts can vary on a daily basis. CrossFitters can also opt to share the routine they’ve done to track their improvements and inspire others in achieving their workout goals. And while there are several competitions that will test their level of physicality in comparison to other fitness enthusiasts, CrossFit is leaning more towards encouraging people to beat their own record. Their closest opponent should be their own selves and doing well against others should just be a mere bonus. 

To promote healthy lifestyle and to showcase the results of CrossFitters’ dedication, COHO went hand-in-hand with Manila Throwdown and Affiliate Alliance for FitFest Pilipinas 2019. More than a hundred participants rose up to the task as they tested their stamina and power in Crystal Beach Resort, Zambales on September 14. 


As the newest venture of Vista Land, COHO – short for Condo Homes – proves to be the perfect investment for young professionals and starting families. Its developments’ beauty style, and high quality allow its residents to create their ideal lifestyles all while combining the suburban vibe of exclusive villages and the convenience of living in a condominium in a highly-urbanized location. These lifestyles include engaging in physical activities like CrossFit, a workout expected to provide its enthusiasts with a multitude of benefits.

FitFest Pilipinas 2019, the much-awaited battle of brawns in the country, was composed of four individual and team workouts. The first of its kind to be held by a beach, participants were tested by both sands and waves as they completed runs and swims. Rows of pine trees, fine sand, and the native camping tents of Crystal Beach witnessed how they competed in shot put, tug-of-war, worm thrusters, and various routines. Gorilla Grips of Death, the CrossFit competition’s final workout, saw tears and sweat fall from the participants as they battle through sore muscles and fatigue to emerge as the strongest among the pool of conditioned athletes in the last stretch of the throwdown.

These workouts might look extraordinary, but for starters, no small step is actually that small. Embracing physical activities and committing to healthy living can start where you feel comfortable, where you feel relaxed, where you feel at home. With these comes the importance of finding the right community that understands the importance of having an active lifestyle – a community that allows you to reach the goals you’ve set for yourself and supports your overall growth even further. Amidst a busy routine, it will allow you to spend your time on things that matter and use your energy in curating your own idea of a beautiful lifestyle.

This is the COHO lifestyle that has been showcased to the FitFest 2019 guests and participants: the unique lifestyle that combines your necessities with your dreams, giving you the avenue to get both what you want and what you need before you even ask for it. COHO is one with the CrossFit community in promoting this dynamic lifestyle with the distinct challenge of beating your own record. It provides you with freedom and convenience to achieve your best self as it provides you with the lifestyle you deserve. 

A lifted spirit, a calm mind, and a nurtured body – experience all these with an active lifestyle. Create this beautiful lifestyle in COHO. 

COHO by Vista Land is now sprawling in beautiful locations in Metro Manila. Undeniably a discerning investment, COHO has continuously promoted beautiful lifestyles on its way to creating integrated and master-planned developments for young professionals and starting families. 


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