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COHO’s 2020 Perfect Vision

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As Vista Land’s newest brand for beautiful, stylish, and high-quality condominiums, COHO – short for Condo Homes – aims to be no less than the Philippines’ leading and preferred condo brand. While being relatively new in the real estate industry, COHO’s highly-urbanized locations show that it has joined the industry not just to play, but to win all that there can be won. The way it has redefined the meaning of beauty, may this be in terms of investments, developments, or lifestyles, has firmly established that the arrival of COHO is the entry of a game-changer ready to disrupt and dominate the industry through its Perfect Vision this 2020.

Beautiful Investments 

sunset view with high rise condo buildings in the city

Finding the perfect investment that can make your money work for you may sound intimidating and complicated at first, but once you make the wise decision, all you’ll have to do is wait as its fruits unfold before your own eyes. In real estate, especially in the condominium market, the future of the investment relies heavily on the properties’ location. This is exactly why COHO ensures that its ongoing developments and the ones that are yet to be launched in the Metro will be situated close to vital infrastructures, modes of transportation, commercial hubs, and leading academic institutions. These properties will also be close to sought-after tourist attractions that will easily gain attention from local tourists and foreign investors as well.

In addition to their prime locations, COHO properties will also benefit from future developments around the area. It is as clear as the Perfect Vision that these progressions allow investors to own condo homes near central business districts that are well-poised to appreciate in value at an accelerated pace. This means that in addition to the extra time and effort that can be saved with living in a strategic location, its potential is also heightened by its envisioned value in the near future.

Beautiful Developments

mid rise condo for sale building with greenery and people strolling

These locations will be complemented by equally endearing developments to form the perfect investment for young professionals, starting families, and discerning investors. As part of its Perfect Vision to be the leading brand of condominiums, COHO properties come with elegant and sophisticated building features. This beauty will be enhanced by the serene touch of suburban living that offers convenience while being comfortably away from the usual traffic, noise, and pollution from the city.

What adds charm to each development is a complete set of revitalizing amenities that add value to the investment. A COHO property is designed to house a beautiful clubhouse, swimming pool, play court, jogging path, fitness gym, and a function hall that readily support your lifestyle needs. In addition to the satisfaction of the investors, each condo unit gives a premium on the need for comfort and space as they are automation-ready. They are equipped with fiber optics that, through the owner’s preferred service provider, are available for Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) service that will allow unit owners to conveniently control lighting, air-conditioning, and electronic devices through their mobile phones. On top of the square layouts currently being offered, COHO continues to innovate as unit cuts are expected to be upgraded for upcoming developments.

Beautiful Lifestyles 

boy and girl drinking coffee in a bakeshop while sitting and talking on a table

COHO’s distinct and new-generation lifestyle will evolve exceptionally with the Perfect Vision this 2020. Unit owners are set to have their own unit portal that will allow them to keep track of the status of their investment with the ease of navigating through it effortlessly. This will also serve as their avenue to keep updated with any industry announcements they should know of.

To further synergize the harmony between the retail brands within Vista Townships, this portal will also allow investors to manage their exclusive lifestyle perks. This means that the extension of every investor’s condo unit will start from a fresh supermarket, a world-class cinema, and a beautiful coffee shop, to their mobile phones, and all the way to the discounts on their purchases.

These are the reasons behind COHO’s explosive start of the year, showing that it is bent on changing and innovating the otherwise usual trends in the industry. Its 2020 Perfect Vision is not a mere promise for the investors but a grand plan that will gradually unfold until its complete realization. It is as beautiful as it is perfect. It is clear, and it is here.