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COHOXCondoLiving : Beautiful Lifestyles in B.A.D

To display Vista Land’s newest brand of beautiful, stylish and high-quality condominiums in the market, COHO partnered with Condo Living – One Mega’s brand on interior design and lifestyle – in a celebratory evening in B.A.D Late Night Breakfast. The event was graced by select content creators who were invited to witness the collaboration promote the beauty of having the chance to live life however you want it.

Condo Living’s Brand Manager Lee Castillo started the program with a quick opening spiel, encouraging the audience to celebrate each unique lifestyle. He ended his remarks by introducing the premiere of the AVP made by Condo Living which showcased different people’s varied ways of life all come together at COHO.

Further introducing the unique beauty of the brand was COHO’s Corporate Communications Manager JC Gonzales.

“COHO is all about beautiful lifestyles, and that’s what we are celebrating tonight. For indeed now more than ever, we’re all empowered to create our choices – choices that build who we are and the path that we will lead in our lifetime. It’s all about being free to create the lifestyles that we want,” he explained.

Indeed, each individual’s beautiful lifestyles starred that night as the guests engaged in conversations on their hobbies, interests, and unique growing-up stories. As the night went deeper, they’ve gained a different set of friends who look forward to the same vision of creating the life they want for themselves.

But more than getting people closer together, Condo Living and COHO wanted the night to be a celebration of new beginnings – the start of a premiere collaboration between these two esteemed names, and for the guests, the first step towards choosing the life they’ve long created in their head.

As proven by the 25 beautiful locations acquired in just a span of one year, COHO puts a premium on people’s lifestyles – bringing their needs closer while providing them with aesthetically pleasing and secured investments as well. More so, it celebrates independence while maintaining their connections; promotes convenience while they remain on-the-go

COHO’s Operations Head Jennifer dela Cruz ended the formal part of the program as emphasized the realization of these goals despite being relatively new in the condominium industry.

“Tonight we have showcased what COHO has to offer in the market. Being a new brand doesn’t mean we are just another condo player. We are unique, we are different. As you can see COHO allows you to create and curate your own lifestyles, not less than your own beautiful lifestyles.”

What makes COHO distinct from other condominium developers also stood bright that night. More than offering a physical avenue that can be explored by people in creating the best version of themselves, what COHO offers is having a community of growing, high-spirited, and purpose-driven individuals. Added to the conveniences found in their prime locations, this community is sure to complement and consequently upgrade everyone’s beautiful lifestyles.

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