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The Advantages of Modern and Exclusive Condo-Living in Metro Manila

“Shall I buy a house or a condo?” This is the question often asked by property investors and home seekers when it comes to buying a property in Metro Manila. The second most-asked question is this: “Is buying a condo in Manila a good investment?” These questions are no more important today, especially for buyers who are ready to take advantage of the buyer’s market. There are condo advantages in Metro Manila indeed, especially for those who are enjoying the benefits of condo living. We list the various reasons why you should take advantage too.

1. From an investment perspective, buying a condo is definitely worth something to have in your portfolio.

Despite the economic and public health situation, experts believe that the economy will grow by 8-9% come year 2021. ADB also said GDP will recover to about 6.5% next year. That’s a great advantage considering that properties located in commercial areas like condo units in Metro Manila are appreciating by as much as 10% of their market value price per year. Aside from getting to participate in the appreciation of the condo property, condo owners can even rent it out for as much as 10% per annum.

While house and lot properties offer long-term financial security, condo properties on the other hand are great when you need to recoup your equity for short-term needs. Among the condo advantages in Metro Manila is that property owners who require to free up their investments this year will also find selling their condos much easier or even use it as a collateral for business.

2. They are more affordable to acquire, own and manage.

It is safe to say that when it comes to market prices, buying a condo for sale in Metro Manila is considerably more affordable than a house and lot in Manila. Residential homes within cities are 2-3 times more expensive than a residential condo located in a central business district. Major developers like COHO by Vista Land build projects in strategic locations and townships, which makes sense for home seekers who are looking to stay near their offices, schools within the city center.

The Courtyard COHO condo in Taguig building perspective

The Courtyard COHO blends with the premium life in Taguig City and elevates it a notch higher as a real estate asset that is well-poised to appreciate in value. The lifestyle you can create with it, fit for an exclusive community, and designed with a modern and elegant touch of condo living, allows you to grasp what it feels like to build the city in your own backyard.

And as far as maintenance goes, urban dwellers prefer investing in property management that takes care of the things that most people take for granted when living in the city, and more: security, cleanliness and upkeep of common spaces to receive guests or explore simple pleasures during downtime. Developers nowadays respond to the need of providing 24/7 security with the latest technologies like CCTV and keypass, and even onsite property personnel to address residential concerns from receiving guests, parcel and mail, to unit plumbing and cleaning services, on top of building maintenance. This is indeed among the major condo advantages in Metro Manila.

3. They are located in convenient points of interest.

One of the biggest selling points of condos is their location. Practical individuals and starter families prefer investing in a residential condo that is just a stone’s throw away from their place of work or school. This is great for essential workers to high-level executives who need to be inside business districts without worrying over the commute travel time or options.

Some developments even offer exclusive access to an onsite mall, supermarket, lifestyle shops, and even green spaces that definitely allow residents to thrive at home.

The Hermosa COHO Las Piñas City building perspective

The Hermosa COHO in Las Piñas City proves to be the best option for young professionals, starting families, and discerning investors who want to get a piece of the southern metro. Its enhanced accessibility provided by surrounding road networks is sure to offer an exciting and distinct residential experience and upgraded lifestyle in the middle of a booming landscape.


COHO Lifestyle your super pantry in the COHO condominium village

Walk-in access to urban conveniences like malls and supermarkets are attractive to residents who are ensured that they have everything at a moment’s notice at home.

4. Condo owners invest more than just a place to call home.

“Is there a swimming pool in the condo?”

“Are there function rooms that I can rent to celebrate the most important members of our family’s lives?”

“Are there parks or playgrounds where my children can play or rough house around without me worrying about their safety?”

”Is there a place where I can simply breathe, read a book or meditate my worries away?”

”Is there a gym where I can head to any time of the day for my everyday workouts and other membership privileges without the expensive fees?”

Imagine if the answer to this is all YES. You can enjoy all of them by choosing to live in a condo that offers them all. This is the true condo advantage in Metro Manila.

Modern and exclusive condo living as a social currency

In the last decade, property developers have seen a dramatic shift in how property buyers invest in a condo. Experts believe that because of the Filipinos’ exposure to the world, there is a demand in offering real estate projects that amplify the usual benefits of condo living.

While it is certainly convenient for residents to be nearby places of convenience and interest, there is also the aspiration to live in a community that is worthy of social media posts. There is also the aspiration of acquiring the benefits of the life you have always dreamed of now and not later.

COHO Lifestyle your co-working space in the COHO condominium village

COHO by Vista Land offers urban conveniences that comprise its lifestyle amenities that include the famous Coffee Project branches. More than just a coffee shop showcasing the best of coffee, Coffee Project is a perfect place to convene with family or friends (and even co-workers for meetings) amidst an Instagram-worthy interior.

COHO Lifestyle condominium experience

COHO by Vista Land condo developments come with access to All Home, your one-stop home improvement hub. All Home offers a wide range of home building, furnishing, and design items and furnishings to upgrade your condo to the dream home you want it to be.

5. Modern and exclusive condo-living also assures living in an ideal, like-minded community.

Until you have fully lived in a residential condo, you will quickly realize why condo living is great. While condo dwellers are mostly on-the-go residents, you are guaranteed the quaint, respectful living space you need while living in a bustling metropolis. Moreover, property management staff are on-site to ensure that residents follow house rules. They also help host events and experiences for people to truly enjoy the community that they are living in.

Is a modern and exclusive condo-living for you? Learn more.

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