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Best minimalist condo decor based on your zodiac sign

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A new year calls for a change of perspective, or perhaps a lifestyle. With the rise of minimalist design trends, it is exciting to embrace 2021 with a fresh start by decorating your space. The minimalist condo trend has been in place in many households. With its eco-friendly benefit to mother nature, we list the reasons why minimalist living is relevant today:

man and woman eating homemade food on the kitchen floor on Valentine's Day in their condo unit in Bacoor
Minimalist living entails a set of responsibilities of maintaining a premium lifestyle in your condo unit space.

  •  It is a wise financial decision

For starting families, you should consider the anticipated and unexpected expenditures of the extensive maintenance and work if you plan to live in a large home. Settling in a big home adds to the expenses along with the energy consumption you have to monitor religiously. This is why it may be a better alternative to live in low-upkeep spaces such as condo for sale units.

  • It is an opportunity to declutter.

We all know that decluttering is difficult especially if you have enough areas to fit your unused and old things. When joining the minimalist condo trend, you will be compelled to eliminate your dispensable furniture or things around your corner.

  • It is easier to decorate.

With enough time spent at home during the current pandemic, most individuals have enough resources and energy to experiment and make their space more comfortable and appealing to them. Thus condo unit owners are eyeing to redecorate and redesign their own areas.  Luckily for investors of ready-for-occupancy condo units, this goal is achievable. It is less expensive and easier to redecorate when your home has a more minimal space.

As we celebrate Chinese New Year this February 2021, the Year of the Ox, we have distinctly chosen and prepared which minimalist condo decor best fits your condo unit according to your Zodiac Sign.

Minimalist condo decor based on your zodiac sign

condo unit living room with a blue-themed motif for couch, carpet and lantern with vibrant orange accents in the condo unit
A minimalist condo perfect for Aries with a striking orange pillowcase

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Aries signs are passionate, fiery, and enthusiastic. As fire signs, they are drawn to stay in a condo unit space with vibrant and warm details. They have the heart of an explorer and are not afraid to try something new. An unusual, eye-catching small decoration to add spice to your minimalist condo living room. The perfect minimalist condo decor to match your personality? A striking afghan velvet pillowcase.

corner of a condo unit space with interior design and indoor plants for minimalist living in a condo for sale unit
Minimalist white-painted condo unit with indoor plants

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Taurus is influenced by Venus, the planet of beauty. Hence, comfort, security, and warmth are their priorities. Taurus babies are drawn to a cozy and comfortable environment where they can seek their inner peace. With that, indoor plants are the perfect minimalist condo decor for you. There are several famous indoor plants you may select from which have varying benefits to your well-being; but here’s a suggestion, try inserting your chosen plant in a plain colored pot that will surely fit your minimalist bedroom.

man wearing black shirt while matching the color of his interior design furniture with black curtains and chair in his condo unit space
A minimalist condo unit with two curtains in different contrasting colors

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

You have two opposing sides in you, Gemini; a twin-themed air sign has a dual nature, but this does not mean any trouble. You may fall in love with two different designs and may find a way to search for the contrast between the two. You can try to mix-and-match these two curtains in your living room: basic ash and teal blackout curtain in one glass window!

minimalist interior design with table and picture frames and a couch with pink knitted cloth of a condo unit space
A white and pink designed condo unit with personalized frames

Cancer (June 21- July 22)

Cancer signs are well-absorbed with their emotions. They are notorious for being family-oriented and expressing this through their support, love, and care. To express this, they try to create a space that speaks comfort and realness in emotions. This can be embodied with a picture frame hanged on a wall with photos of your loved ones as your minimalist condo decor.

condo unit with a brown leather couch and a red pillow with a vibrant abstract painting hung on the wall of a condo unit space
An abstract painting in condo unit as a minimalist condo decor

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

You are confident and bold. Leo signs are known to be regal in any aspect of their lives. You are also creative and ambitious which can be reflected through how you personalize your condo home. Perhaps you want to include your minimalist condo decor in your space, an abstract wall painting!

interior design of a condo unit wall design with indoor plants and multifunctional hanging shelves
A decorated condo unit with hung circular shelves

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Virgos dislike it when things are out of their control. They crave balance and organization. A harmonious, easy-flowing lifestyle is what keeps them on their feet. This practical and analytical earth sign needs storage or shelves in their area to keep things out of sight. Thus, this four-tier black shelves that can be hanged on a wall go along their minimalist, clean style. 

interior design of a condo unit living room with bright white and nude designs and a mirror with black edges hung on a brick-designed wall
A minimalist room with a hanging mirror as a decor

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Libra chases stability and balance. They make their way to have consistent, stable, and harmonious relationships. This can also appear in how they design their own condo unit space. It can be achieved by having a three adjacent basic black mirror that will reflect your sleek, minimalist room design.

condo unit interior design with shelf full of music plates with an indoor plant and abstract paintings hung on the gray wall
A neutral gray-colored condo unit

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

A Scorpio sign is mysterious and tends to hide a bundle of emotions within. They are deep and intense, so they have the tendency to seek and recognize peace in an area where less furniture, designs, and decors are situated. You can curate your own minimalist condo decor by purchasing and painting a deep, neutral gray-colored paint on your walls.

condo interior design with a map sketch hung on the white wall and blue couch and white and black pattered carpet on the floor of a condo unit
A condo unit with framed may canvass as a minimalist condo decor

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

You have a heart for adventure, dear Saggie. You are never afraid to show the real you— a restless, enthusiastic and easy-going individual. An ultimate free spirit can be achieved by going beyond your box and traveling to different places. The best minimalist condo decor that fits your adventurous spirit is a framed canvass that reminds you of the places you have been to and those that are yet to be explored.

condo interior design of a condo living room with a mounted tv on the wall and brown and nude motif for the furniture set of the living room
A modern condo unit with a white, hanged television stand

Capricorn (December 22- January 19)

Admit it or not, Capricorn signs are a bit routinary and traditional. They value comfort over style so old unused things can be easily disposed of. They are also practical so they maximize their space as much as they can. A minimalist multipurpose cabinet that can be a storage and a TV stand is the best minimalist condo decor for you!

two people doing a pillow fight on a comfortable bed with brown bed frame in the bedroom of a condo unit for sale in Las Pinas
Individuals enjoying the comfort of their condo space with a wooden-framed bed

Aquarius (January 20- February 18)

Aquarius signs are bold in the eyes of others, but still need to unwind and recharge when alone. They tend to be comfortable in outdoor spaces and a green environment. Unique and different, that what strikes them the most. This can be seen in their own premium space by having a Palmarum rattan single bed frame that fits their condo unit.

a white table with gold stands that match the blue couch as a sleek interior design of a condo unit for sale in Las Pinas
A sleek condo unit with a distinct blue sofa

Pisces (February 19- March 20)

A dreamer, that is what you are, Pisces. You always express your passion and creativity, which also pushes you to find rest at times. Thus, you prefer a cozy, relaxing sanctuary where you can recharge your energy. A bold, but calming turquoise sofa bed recliner fits your premium space.

The trend of minimalism boomed in the past year and is seen to move forward in 2021. According to a recent study, living less induces personal growth and foster emotional and spiritual growth. It further catalyzes high levels of life satisfaction and fewer triggers of negative emotions.

Your first home in a condo for sale in Las Pinas with The Hermosa COHO. A photo of a sofa in a condo unit.
Buying a condo for sale with The Hermosa COHO by Vista Land makes this a smart starting investment for young millennial professionals and starting families.

These minimalist condo decors are specifically chosen to fit your sleek and modern design dream. It further sparks your aspiration to invest in your own condo units that are strategically located in cities that can offer the serene yet premium living experience you have been searching for. If you are seeking to live in a suburban lifestyle address, you may want to search for condo units for sale in Las Piñas.

COHO by Vista Land condo for sale building facade with lights at night and greenery at night
The Hermosa in Las Piñas City near MOA and NAIA offers premium condo units for sale.

Realize your minimalist dream at The Hermosa

The Hermosa in Las Piñas City is an upscale vertical development that can surely satisfy your minimalist dream. This premium condominium development offers premium condo units for sale with a modern facade and resort-inspired amenities. It is also located near the Bay Area and Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). The forthcoming 100-hectare township by Villar Land where commercial establishments, entertainment spaces, infrastructures, and other developments soon to rise and operate is also a few minutes away from The Hermosa.

While there are several condo developments rising in the South, The Hermosa maintains its edge and prominence with brisk take-up sales for the following reasons: upcoming real estate and infrastructure developments, strategic location, and the upgraded lifestyle experience it embodies. The Hermosa is established as a development that hands you a modern, premium, and upgraded lifestyle with the convenience of being in close proximity to NAIA, MOA, and other forthcoming infrastructures.

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