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Condo Investment Benefits Amidst the Global Pandemic

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Our lifestyles have been significantly redefined by the global pandemic. The outdoors had turned into just mere pathways for essential travels and deliveries. This is due to the heightened health restrictions in the metropolitan area. This led people to be confined in their homes most of the time. For this reason, homes have transformed into myriad of roles beyond just a living space. Our homes have become the leisure, worship, working, and learning spaces. For this reason, we need a home that crafts a premium lifestyle amidst the global pandemic. A home such as a condo investment that will cater to the fullness of our well-being and financial growth.

Perhaps, some people believe that this is not the right time to own condo investment properties. One cause may be the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. It is because they perceive these trying times as a loss more than a gain. Nonetheless, there are certain attractive opportunities for the wise investors that condo investment properties can offer even during current crisis. With this, let this article shed light on why NOW is actually the best time to secure your condo investment.

Condo Investment is Thriving in the Market

One of the essential ways to regain the business and consumer confidence is through the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. This is a way to catalyze an effective herd immunity. David Leechiu, founder and the president of the Leechiu Property Consultants (LPC), is optimistic about COVID-19 vaccines. These vaccines will be the purveyors of regaining the confidence of the real-estate industry. Subsequently, it will lead to an unprecedented euphoria in the market. In this regard, condo investments will continue to thrive knowing that COVID-19 vaccines are now made available in the Philippines.

Although our mobility may have been limited, still condo investments remain to spark an increase in its capital appreciate value. Likewise, the national infrastructure developments are one of the reasons for the significant boost in land value in the metro. Besides, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industries continue to operate in the country. They are one of the economic drivers that add revenue to the nation.

Colliers International Philippines positively perceives real-estate industry products such as condo investments to be fruitful. Particularly, these are viable and salient financial avenues for growth and security despite the inexorable COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, Asia Development Bank (ADB) is highly expecting a 6.5% economic rebound. On the other hand, University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) together with the First Metro Investment Corporation sees an 8 to 9% economic growth in the Philippines this year.

The Best Deal in Asia: Real-Estate Investment in the Philippines

For discerning investors who are always looking forward to having financial security, the Philippine real-estate industry is one of the highest in terms of the residential yields compared to its neighboring countries. Moreover, real-estate properties such as condo investments are competitively priced because of the quality of a residential experience it offers.

Therefore, there is no reason for you not to secure a condo investment. Even though there is a continuous downfall of market prices as well as the partial closure of some commercial establishments.

If you are still not convinced whether condo investments are good for you this year, then read on and discover their winning investment returns.

7 Benefits of Securing a Condo Investment this 2021

1. Have the Luxury of Comfort and Convenience in a Condo Investment

One of the great things of having a condo investment inside Metro Manila is its prime location worth of a luxury of comfort and accessibility.

Premium Condo in Las Piñas - The Hermosa - Aerial Swimming Pool Amenity of a Condo
Premium Condo in Las Piñas – The Hermosa

For instance, The Hermosa in Las Piñas and The Meridian in Bacoor, which are the premium mid-rise condominium developments of COHO by Vista Land, boast for their prime locations as they are strategically located at the heart of the Central Business District (CBD) areas in Metro Manila and Metro Cavite. In this regard, condo investments that have the greatest vantage point in terms of location such as the aforementioned COHO projects will surely make life easier for you.

Your exclusive abode in Las Piñas has a premium accessibility to the main international gateway of the Philippines which is the Ninoy Aquino International Airport as well as to the 4th biggest shopping mall in the Philippines which is the Mall of Asia. The former is just 10 minutes away while the latter is 15 minutes away from your condo home.

Premium Condo in Cavite – The Meridian

On the other hand, your home in a thriving city of Bacoor, The Meridian, is only 3 minutes away from the city’s major thoroughfare which is the Aguinaldo Highway and 13 minutes away from the lifestyle center that offers a global experience which is Vista Mall North Molino (NOMO).

With all these key establishments within a short drive away, your life will be at its fullest knowing that you have the best in the world.

Vista Township

You will know that you gained a quintessential lifestyle when you become part of Vista Land’s master-panned communicities/townships. Vista townships offer a premium lifestyle within reach in which all your needs are met with ease because of the affiliated commercial brands present within the community. Interestingly, COHO by Vista Land is crafted within a thriving township. Thus, it offers you more than just comfort and convenience. It gives you more time to spend the rest of the day in the way that you want it because you do not need to walk out of the community just to get your needs fulfilled.

Aren’t you enthralled knowing that your condo investment is more than just comfort and convenience? It gives you a premium life worth living.

AllDay Supermarket

Currently, the metropolitan area is once again under an austere community quarantine because of the rising active cases of COVID-19. This might lead you to worry about replenishing your daily necessities for the next 2 weeks, especially now that curfews are strictly implemented by the local government officials.

In typical instances, people who are residing outside of a township would result to panic buying and enduring the long queues just to tick off their grocery list. Fortunately, there is an AllDay Supermarket where you can conveniently go to restock your food and other essential supplies.

Besides, it keeps you safe from being exposed in public for too long because your home is just less than 5 minutes away from the supermarket.


Got an emergency leakage from a broken sink pipe? How about a punctured light?

AllHome will definitely take care of your utility fixes and repairs because it all got the tools for you. Similarly, AllHome is accessible within the township.

Coffee Project and Bake My Day

How about starting your daily mornings revitalized?

When your condo investment is within a Vista township, you will get the privilege of treating yourself with some good pastries and invigorating coffee from Bake My Day and Coffee Project as you get captivated with the panoramic view of nature right at your balcony.

2. Receive an Utmost Care for your Well-Being

The second greatest benefit that you can experience in a condo investment is your security. Compared to renting an apartment, condominium developments are usually endowed with heightened security visibility.

 Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

For example, your COHO condo investment is surrounded with 24/7 security rounds, electric perimeter fences, CCTV monitoring, guarded entrances and exits, fire alarm and sprinkler system that will surely help you sleep soundly at night.

On the other hand, condo investments usually have resort-inspired lifestyle amenities where you can rejuvenate from the hustle-and bustle of city life.

Your Condo Investment Offers Homecation Experience

If some of your worries for having a condo investment are the shared small spaces in a single building which might pave the way for the rapid spread of the virus as well as the distress it causes you for the mandatory confinement for months due to the community quarantine restrictions in the country, then you should know that you got a life beyond the corners of your units.

Compared to living in a condo, a typical house or apartment residency does not give you the freedom to take some fresh air for a long time outside unless it is essential or even jog around to get that vitamin D from the sun because the local government officials are very strict when it comes to going out of public in this time of pandemic. Besides, you cannot have the chance to refresh your mind amidst the manicured and verdant landscape because a typical house or apartment neighborhood is surrounded with pavements, buildings, street lamps, and walls instead of trees and flowers.

Pine Suites Tagaytay

COHO by Vista Land gives you an exemplary condo investment lavished with pine trees and fresh oxygen atop a plateau in Tagaytay that gives you a cool climate to enjoy. This is what you can experience if you choose Pine Suites to be your condo investment.


For these reasons, condo investments truly give you a home that rebuilds your mental health because of the refreshing ambiance of nature it has in the community. Apart from that, it gives you an excellent offering of having them as your vacation home.

Currently, people are not allowed to travel for leisure. For this reason, it may take some time for us to see the sand and the beach for Summer. This is why, having a condo investment will give you the chance of experiencing Summer without going outside of your home.

Swimming Pool

Premium Condo in Tagaytay - Pine Suites - A Vacation Home Condo - Swimming Pool Amenity
 Premium Condo in Tagaytay – Pine Suites – A Vacation Home Condo – Swimming Pool Amenity

Condo investments would not be worthwhile without having a swimming pool as one of its amenities. In this regard, you can always enjoy a splash as you dive your way to the crystal-clear waters of the pool. Moreover, you can just allow yourself to be captivated by the serene atmosphere of the community as you do the floating maneuver on the pool.

If dipping in waters is not your mood for the day, then you can just relax on the sunbed and get that beautiful skin tanned under the bright and warm sun. This is also a great time to meditate as you inhale the tranquility in the community.

Jogging Path

Are you a fitness enthusiast?

 Image by Alexandra from Pixabay

Well, it might be difficult for you to continue reaching those fitness goals, especially now that the national government has imposed a stricter quarantine measure. Consequently, fitness gym areas will be temporarily closed.

As an alternative, you can utilize the jogging trail amenity of a condo for the meantime as you break some sweat this Summer.

3. Have the Privilege for Price Adjustments

Premium Condo in the Philippines - COHO by Vista Land - Grow your money in a condo
 Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

It is undeniable that a lot of people are now struggling financially as a grave impact by the pandemic. Subsequently, most property developers are making flexible price adjustments in order to entice the market from availing a real-estate property such as a condo investment.

Hence, grab this chance while the condo investment prices are adjusted. Most properties are even offering a lowered downpayment schemes despite the premium amenities and prime location they have.

If you want to secure a condo investment at COHO by Vista land while prices are still flexible, then you may want to contact a marketing officer here.

4. Enjoy the Easy Upkeep of Tiny Living

Premium Condo in the Philippines - COHO by Vista Land - Model Unit
 COHO by Vista Land – Model Unit

There are lots of benefits when you are residing in a small space. First, it keeps you from the hassle of maintaining a big house, especially when you are too pre-occupied from the demands of work or school. Indeed, tiny living is easy to upkeep and maintain.

Likewise, your other home concerns such as repairs, disinfection, utility fixes, renovation, garbage disposal, and landscaping are all covered by your monthly contribution to homeownership.

Additionally, you will get to experience the perk of upgrading your space into smart home automation. In COHO by Vista Land, your home can give your life some ease. Your room security, temperature, entertainment, or even lighting can be easily maneuvered by your fingertips.

5. Experience a Proactive Property Management

Condo in the Philippines - COHO by Vista Land - Property Management Meeting
 Photo by Christina on Unsplash

Since every condo investment has a property management that will maintain the orderliness of the community, expect that you have made the right choice.

With property management at hand, you are assured that your community is emergency ready and all health protocols are observed. Furthermore, you will always be informed of the latest community updates through the official announcements that will be posted in the common areas or even in your homeowners app.

6.  Value-for-Money Condo Investment

As wise investor, young professional, and starting family, you need to really make judicious decisions in order to reap the fruit of your hard-earned money for the years to come. Hence, you need to think long-term.

Premium Condo in the Philippines - COHO by Vista Land - Condo Investment Makes Your Money Grow
 Image by Nattanan Kanchanaprat from Pixabay

In order to do this, you need to learn how to make your money work for you, so you will maintain your financial stability no matter what happens. The best way will be securing a condo investment. Indeed, it may take years for you to actually see the significant capital value appreciation; however, you should know that property investments will continue to thrive knowing that homes are a basic human need. A need that will never cease even when you leave this world.

Your Condo Investment as a Passive Income Generator

One of the great benefits for having your own investment is you could always transform your humble abode into a rent-worthy space where you can earn a stable monthly income.

This pandemic has taught us that no matter how huge our bank savings are or no matter how rich we are in terms of stock investments, there is a great possibility that our finances will replete over time. Therefore, an effective way to avoid financial dilemma is investing in properties.

Take this opportunity that everyone is working from home. Lease out your unit and welcome tenants to your humble abode. This will keep your cash flowing.

7.  Saved from the Post-Pandemic Price Rebound

Eventually, market prices will spike once the pandemic is totally over. For this reason, NOW is the perfect time to invest. NOW is definitely the NEW LATER.

Believe that condo investment properties are an incomparable and efficient solution for securing and stabilizing your finances.

Don’t settle for less. Go for premium. Go for COHO.