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The advantages of having a global city in your backyard

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girl smiling and enjoying the view from her condo balcony in Tagaytay

Condo-living in Taguig is an exciting prospect to consider, especially if you are planning to move from where you currently live. While it can be stressful to think about living in a new environment that you are simply not used to, the advantages of buying a BGC condo for sale will have future homeowners finding themselves they made the right decision.

Here are 10 advantages of having a global city in your backyard:

1. There are real estate projects to choose from that will cater to your modern and exclusive condo living.

In the last few years, urban density has inspired real estate developers to look at non-core locations near cities or create their own integrated communities.

According to Colliers Philippines, the redevelopment of these non-core locations has been aggressive because of the foreseen need to cater to the constantly evolving demands of the market, with some willing to even cohabitate with other people. In a 2019 Q3 study, 34,935 potential condo owners and renters who are willing to stay in Taguig, which is more than the available 7,290 available beds in co-living spaces. Fort Bonifacio accommodates 223,140 daytime workers, and an additional 33,700 who are also working at the edges near Makati. Aside from access and fulfilling the need to provide living spaces, developers also pay attention to real estate developments that will support the lifestyle amid the fastest growing city.

condo building facade in nude and brown color with greenery and landscape
The Courtyard Taguig by COHO is a real estate development by Vista Land. Located along the busy Pedro Cayetano Boulevard, the property itself is just a few minutes away from Bonifacio Global City via C5. The development embraces both the natural habitat of its strategic location and the modern conveniences future homeowners demand in such a bustling city.

2. You get to meet new people, some even who share your lifestyle.

New city, new faces. While this is expected when you move into a new location, the experience is quite different in a global city like Taguig. Major cities like Taguig draw all kinds of people and even crowds. You have the working crowd during the work week who are working at the number of renowned and international companies who have made Bonifacio Global City their headquarters. You have the fashionable crowd who are shopping at Market! Market! or Bonifacio High Street or One Bonifacio High Street or Central Square that carry the hottest brands. You have families and friends who make it a point to visit Bonifacio Global City in the weekends to enjoy the abundant parks and green spaces, dine together, and just take in the excitement of the city.

Let’s not also forget your neighbors, who are mostly people working in the city to starter families and expats needed to be in the middle of everything, including modern conveniences like supermarkets, international schools, and transportation systems.

3. Enjoy the city’s many activities.

There’s a reason why the city never sleeps. And this is true with Taguig – there is always something to do in a major city to keep people of all different interests from getting bored.  Taguig has a bustling nightlife, different types of food to try, shows of all types, museums, landmarks, and even festivals, sports games, and so much more.  If you are a visual or performance artist or a musician, there are plenty of opportunities in big cities to become a part of the scene.

With growing concern about the environment, real estate developers also pay attention to green spaces for people to take refuge in. More and more trees are being planted in parks in cities and greenery is being enhanced. City dwellers are now becoming aware of the huge impact on the environment, and take advantage of them by going out on jogs, leisure walks, and even picnics just steps away from their own homes. This improves the experience of condo-living in Taguig.

Condo for sale building facade in brown color The Courtyard COHO by Vista Land
The Courtyard Taguig encourages future homeowners to assimilate with nature via its modern, open-air structures like the gazebo and well-manicured pathways. 

4. Get access to great transportation systems.

The public transportation system, specifically in Taguig, is well lauded for its predictability and multitude of options, which is great for future homeowners who do not desire dealing with the traffic and parking situation. The Courtyard Taguig, for example, is just a few minutes away from the AllHome Transportation Hub, where they can get a bus ride via the MetroExpress P2P Bus system or the available UV Express van systems that service routes to all major drops in Metro Manila.

And when in Bonifacio Global City, people are encourage to safely walk from the transport hubs to their workplaces or schools while taking in the city sights and urban conveniences in the process.

5. Share modern and exclusive experiences with new friends.

Cities like Bonifacio Global City house people of different backgrounds and races, which is very comforting if you are new to the city, or longing to be called one. Contrary to public opinion, big cities are more welcoming, and if you go to the same places and do the same activities, it’s quite east to meet new people who share similar interests and who have settled in the city for the same reasons as you have.

people and friends enjoying coffee in their co-working space in the COHO condominium village
The Courtyard Taguig gives future homeowners access to a blossoming garden in Coffee Project. Besides its best-tasting coffee, beverages, and food to tide you over on your next meal of the day, this is the perfect place to spend our laidback afternoons, reunite with friends, and discuss with business partners. And yes, we could take our relaxation and productivity to a higher level with its complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi access.

6. Find more job opportunities.

With the skyscrapers in the city, it’s pretty hard NOT to find a job. Bonifacio Global City is a popular location for huge brands, BPOs, corporations, banks and even tech startups to set up shop, ergo more job opportunities to almost anyone that chances are, you’ll land one that you actually love, and you’ll even consider the next advantage a great one.

7. Get a job that offer a higher salary.

The number of international companies and brands in Bonifacio Global City means that they have to demand the best people to join their operations. And in order for them to do so, they offer compensation and benefit packages that are higher than the local market average. Moreover, some companies go the extra mile of offering relocation or homefinancing options or rent stipends for their favored employees who decide to experience condo-living in Taguig.

8. Get lots of dining options.

It can be incredibly frustrating to even plan for your next meal. While we often rely on our mothers for that, even mothers will have the occasional struggle especially if they are also working and are helping out with their kids’ classes.

There’s never any shortage of authentic restaurants in Taguig. From fast food chains to international restaurants, you can find a cuisine you like any time of the day. If you like a smorgasbord of things, there are weekend food markets in the city that you can visit and buy food, drinks, to specialties you thought you would only get abroad.

boy and girl drinking coffee in a bakeshop while sitting and talking on a table
Feel like eating out? The Courtyard Taguig is minutes away from Vista Mall Taguig and All Home Taguig, which is home to local and international dining favorites. Weekend markets are also hosted almost all the time and offers a variety of cuisine, cold cuts favorites and pasalubong you’d want to take home.

9. Get closer to international airports.

If your job entails travelling a lot for work, you’ll definitely have an easier time to commute to the airport when condo-living in Taguig compared to the small towns. You can either book a rideshare to work or ask from the family to drive to the airport via C5 in under 17 minutes. Moreover, living next to Ninoy Aquino International Airport gives you access to nonstop flights, so you can expect to arrive at your final destination must faster.

10. Buying a real estate property in the city is in itself, a better real estate decision.

Investing in a home near a township or a central business district at your backyard gives you a lot more than just a modern and exclusive condo-living in Taguig. With all the economic opportunities given by its strategic location near the metro’s central business districts, complemented by its resort-inspired amenities and an elegant building facade, The Courtyard COHO is an urban vertical village that offers a complete and balanced living experience without having to deal with the usual congestion of a city.

Aside from the economical benefits of the on-site shopping mall, owning a property in The Courtyard Taguig means taking advantage of the opportunity to recoup your investment by putting your property like a condo for rent in BGC and earn rental income opportunities from 38% of the city’s renting population who may consider upgrading their home. For those who are in the long haul, owning a property at The Courtyard COHO will not only help you blend with the premium life in Taguig City, it will also help you to recoup and even earn higher capital gains compared to other cities in Metro Manila.

Want to know more about how it’s great to have a global city in your backyard? Check out the modern and exclusive condo-living The Courtyard COHO Taguig offers here.