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Proper Ways to Be Safe and Secure from Condominium Danger Checklist

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If a person is about to move in, the top priority he would consider in choosing a house is its safety and security. All investments and plans are nothing without security. That’s why most people tend to own unit from condominiums, nowadays. Besides, condominiums had numbers of security equipment and security guards with 24/7 duty.

However, we can’t avoid such unpredictable huge incidents. Therefore, you have to study Condo Safety to prepare yourself from hazards.

Checklist Guide:

  1. Research about the place Crime Statistics

Before moving in, it’s much safer to ask neighbors and police from your area if there is a high risk of crime that can be occur from it and assuming of any issue from the environment.


Know your Visitor for Safety Measures

  • Assure yourself to know and heed the visitors you invite to your unit. Better to check his background, most likely if they are a handyman, designer or any commercial services to your unit.
  • Inform and describe to watchman the guest you are about to invite. Consequently, he would know the people that he will allow to let in from the condo.
  • Provide them your specific details about your unit (Particularly your unit number, name of the building and the number of floor it belongs, when they are about to visit you), in order for them not to get lost. The watchperson got informed too about your guest.
  • Ask them to bring their Identification Card or any proof of his identity.
  • When the guest came in, recite or show them the list of protocols in the condo, accordingly they would be aware and be extra careful.
  • Place the emergency calls on a spot where it could easily be seen as possible by your guest when there is an urgency. You could post it on a refrigerator and door.
  • Report an issue if there is any trouble that needs to address from the condo.


  1. Check the Building of the Condo

Well-lit, buzzers/alarm for emergency, wall, floor and ceilings should be well-made. Examine whether the cameras are working. For protection, it is better to observe also people around your unit if they act normal or there are something suspicious about their behavior at night.


  1. Check Your Facilities At Home

First, whenever you are at home or not, be used in locking your door and covering your windows so people would not be tempted to rob your home as they could not see the electronics and gadgets inside.

Burglars would definitely steal from places that they thought it is easy to enter and to larceny. Thus, for security, check mostly the doors and windows if it durably made up or it’s much basic for them to go inside. Inspect the doors and windows could be lock or not.

Additionally, It is much safer to purchase latches and wooden dowels for door and window locked, ergo, when the robbers tried to open your door/window, they will give up easily for it takes to time for them to enter your unit. Make sure to change your lock most of the time.

Be wise organizing your space. If the door is nearby the window, it will be uncomplicated for thieves to unlock the door through the window. Thereupon, condominium doors which is far away the window is highly recommended when reserving one.

Aside from door and windows, Good condominiums allow occupant to request innovations in the unit for safety and one of this is the changing the floor into fireproof one. It will definitely save your essential documents and papers from any disasters.


  1. Install Home Safety Apps

This modern generation, installing safety alarm and cameras from your cellphone applications for emergency purposes is very beneficial. No need to buy for literal cameras with wire because these apps would serve as an eye whenever you are not at home.


  1. Choose Condo with Well-trained Personnel and Staff

If the top priority of the manager is the concern of his client and knows how to maintain the maintenance, probably he also value your security. Yet, if your concerns doesn’t address immediately, instead, it repeated constantly, you would doubt if you chose the right unit for you.


  1. Safety System Indicate from Condo

Before buying your own condo, inspect first the resiliency of security system of the condo you are going to own if you are obsessed in securing your tenancy.


Safe Equipment

  1. CCTV

Check if the CCTV has small red light on it, which means it’s turned on. In addition. count the numbers of  CCTV they have and where does it place. It is significant that cameras were place in the area where burglars are possible to hop in as well as the balcony, parking lot, gymnastics, playground, swimming pool and hallways. Lastly, confirm from the condo staff if there is anyone who assigned to watch the cctv closely. These cameras are big help. The decreasing rates of people whose trying to rob  were effective due to CCTV. Home owners could easily detect and recognize thieves by its use.


Condo Fire/Earthquake Alarms

Similar with the CCTV, Check if there is a fire/earthquake alarm in the building and where it is place. Better to ask the personnel how to utilize this once the incident happened.


Condo Access Control Systems

There are different kinds of accessing the owner of the unit. One is the using of keypad where you have to type the password numbers of your unit, while the other one is the swipping/tapping of card on the pads to unlock your door.


Secured Operations from Condo


One reason that makes us feel safe is by the presence and protection of security guards in condo. Select a condo where security guard is really sensible, conscious and awake most of the time. The one who wandering around the unit and help guests to cope up issues.


Signing-in at Registration Area

You would only realize the vital of Logging in the registration when the incident happens to you. But prevention is better than cure, so better to sign up the log book.

Like from Christine Dacera’s incident, the tragedy death story of a flight attendant woman, we learned that if there is log book, we would know the date and time visitors arrived to the unit and it would serve as the guide for visitor’s names.


The Process of Incident Report

The manager for every condominiums should know the steps he would take for every condition.

First, ensure if the people involved were all safe and sound. Next, write down the whole scene and investigate after. Then, take an action. Secured all the belongings of clients, remind and advised his staff about their lack and ways to avoid incidents, keep in mind about the things that should be remain.

He is the one who will train his staff to remain calm, keep the presence of mind within you, plan and think ahead of time, strength, right amount of speed and knows how to use senses all the time.


Study Prevention for Calamities Incidents and other Incidents

If you are carrying the knowledge in you about the things we need to remember and to do during impromptu disasters and incidents, it will be easier for you to overcome and prevent the accident might happen. You are also responsible as an individual to be knowledgeable about the ways to protect yourself from harm. So, always get updated, read articles, books and websites more often. Attend seminars/webinars. Watch and listen for those who experience incidents from youtube because they want to spread awareness for people.


Training for Everyone’s Security

Aside from security guard, it would be better if everyone will be given a chance to identify the protocols and precautions for the condo during incidents.

Also, it would be gladly to know if personnel could teach rent owners the steps in using fire or earthquake alarm, fire extinguisher and more.

Good thing that there also a life guard for every condo and personnel works professionally for they were trained for medical knowledge.


Read A Supernatural Phenomenon To Do List

Even though we trained from our schools the steps we are going to make when there are natural disasters that might occur, still, better to practice and read more about emergency guide. Because the more you are prepared, the more it will lessen your fear and panicking. Here are some tips to know to do:


Before Disaster

  1. Collect all the hotline emergency numbers and post it in your home where it can access easily.
  2. Prepare your First-Aid/Emergency Kit and always bring it with you if possible. Much better to prepare also your essential documents including birth certificate, identification cards, etc.
  3. Implement a concrete plan for you and your family where to meet-up when disaster comes.
  4. Find another passage that you could exit with aside from your front door.
  5. Join for organization that teaches us safety trainings.


During Disaster


Drop, Cover and Hold On. Stay calm and find a desk or chair to hide out and put your hands on your head to protect it from the falling objects, make sure to make a crawl position until the shaking stops. Keep on holding the table with one hand and if you are about to go outside, walk fast while covering your head by your hands and arms. When you are outside, go far away from possible falling buildings and posts and find a safe place to stay.



Get everybody’s attention by shouting the word “Fire” or by ringing the fire alarm. Call the firemen immediately. Other thing, the best way to extinguish the fire is by using the fire extinguisher and utilize if you know how, but if not, ask somebody who is knowledgeable in using it. If it’s too vast, you could get a wet blanket and cover the fire with it and ask neighbors to help in pouring water from the fire to reduce the burning. It is a big help if someone out there is helping you. Also, be careful in opening doors. You should open it faster and placing yourself on the edge of the door because room with large fire could go out once you open it.

You could cover your nose from smoke and gasses by using mask, towel, scarf or even helmet. But if one part of your body got burned, you could roll  over the floor or get water which is nearby you to remove it. Crawl out while going out.



Storm is less dangerous among the two. But it doesn’t mean, we will be confident with this one. Stay put in your house and watch the news about condition of the weather and their advises. Whenever it is necessary to go out, always wear boots, raincoat and durable umbrella with you. Wash your hands and feet with soap and water the time you return home and stay away from electricity.


After Disaster

Some disasters have aftershocks, so keep on being aware. If you could help someone who needs help like in earthquake, it is strongly preferable. Check if you have any injuries or wounds with you, too. Same with your house electricity and gas to know if it’s still safe to use. Keep tracking the news report to get updated and listen and follow the authorities order.


Choosing Good Condominiums

Stealing from condominiums is more common than theft from home owners. That’s why we are all looking for condo not only with good quality and quantity but also, best in service. If you are looking for this, you could trust The Hermosa from Las Piñas, The Pine Suites from Tagaytay and The Meridian from Cavite. Staying here was tried and tested by many and got a good feedback from renters.


We couldn’t avoid supernatural phenomenon, though rarely, and there is no perfect condominium but if the manager trained-well his staff the steps he should make, to love his job and prioritize the lives of renters, then everything will remain fine as well as in COHO, Vista Land.