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Home Sweet Condo Home

Who doesn’t long for one’s own dream home and dream life? A home with a quaint little garden teeming with flowers. A home with a little playground where you can bum around and bond with your kids. A home where you can catch the morning sunlight streaming through your bedroom window. Or watch the blazing sun as yet another day fades into the night. But what if this home is really not a house but a condo home?

With the city getting more and denser, leaving less and less space, probably the only way to go is up. Horizontal vs. vertical living? This you’ve got to see!

Welcome to CoHo by Vista Land, your dream condo home come true. “CoHo is a mid-rise, sprawling development that mixes the vibe of a subdivision in an urban community and the convenience of a condo unit,” says Jehn Dela Cruz, CoHo by Vista Land operations head. “We call it a vertical village where you can jump around and bike around. Compared to high-rises which are usually located in CBDs (Central Business Districts), CoHo is mid-rise, meaning it’s got only 15 stories and below. While CoHos are still found in highly urbanized locations (but more on this a wee bit later), they’re somewhat located on the fringes.”

Coho Who?: A Rebranding

CoHo is a term coined no less than by the pioneering spirit behind it, Manny Bamba Villar (MBV), maverick businessman and former senator. MBV thought the name sounded hip, young, and refreshing. A name that would pique people’s curiosity. Indeed, it did! Soon, the name CoHo was on the lips of many a millennial, the young, career-driven urban professional.

“That’s our target market — the millennials, aged 21 to 34 years old, or young professionals who are establishing their careers or already have their own businesses,” Jehn elaborates. “Most of them are single while some are married and just starting a family of their own.”

While the big city is still glorified as the land of opportunity, like Imperialist Manila, CoHo is spreading its developments across the length and breadth of the country. Who knows? A CoHo could be rising in your province soon!

“Right now, the perception is, it’s still Manila where the best opportunities are — the best quality of schools, the best quality of work opportunities,” Jehn notes. “In the morning, a lot of people from the surrounding provinces want to come to Metro Manila. In the evening, they go back to their provinces.”

She adds with a sigh, “Life on the edge — that’s what city living is today. Given the multiple roles that we play and the activities we juggle each day, being closer to our destination allows us to maximize our time and live life the way we want.”

Dream Price For Your Dream Home

Jehn laments, “Even existing condo developments, especially within the city limits, have risen in price beyond the budget of the average Filipino. Before, you can build townhouses at P2.3 million; today, the lowest is at P8, 9, 10M. There are not a lot of affordable options. With the skyrocketing prices, what was then the affordable house and lot has become impractical now. Think of a small studio unit at Bonifacio Global City at P7M!”\

Now comes CoHo to fill the gap between affordable and the mid-cost segment. But of course, CoHo offers value for money, as it draws investors to the beauty of its vertical villages. After all, CoHo is not just building a condo home, it is offering an investment product that will appreciate in value.

What’s more, you’ll find CoHo in highly urbanized areas, such as Taguig, Las Pinas, Caloocan, as well as in the surrounding areas of Mega Manila like Bacoor and Imus in Cavite, Tagaytay, and Lipa, Batangas, a thriving tourist, religious, commercial, recreational hub in Southern Luzon. CoHo now has 25 sites nationwide, all conveniently located near or along major road networks.

“Gone are the days when Vista Land was creating purely residential subdivisions and condos,” Jehn asserts. “This time, we’re doing well-thought-out integrated, masterplanned communities, complemented by our homegrown brands. We have our commercial, retail, office, hotel, leisure, school, hospital components. We’re really developing the landscape, which is our role as a developer.”

Life Made Beautiful

Having made a mark in the retail and commercial landscape, the Villar Group has veered away from the conventional and saw how beautiful life could be outside the box. Jehn shares, “Alongside this, Vista Land has changed its tagline from ‘Building a Future worth Living’ to ‘Life Made Beautiful’ to properly reflect its developments today. The common denominator or unifying factor is that people find our developments beautiful. While the word ‘beautiful’ sounds trite, looking at the property industry, you won’t hear any developer saying that word. The competition is always in the size. While we’re also competing in terms of size, we’d like to highlight ‘beautiful’ in our developments, like Crosswinds where you’re like in Switzerland. It’s very aspirational, this is what you dream your dream home would be. That’s how MBV wants Vista Land to be seen — as a beautiful development, life made beautiful. He told us we have to have really beautiful amenities, beautiful gardens, and beautiful spaces. A dried-up landscape just wouldn’t fit into Vista Land’s vision of ‘beautiful’.”

Surely, home never looked this heartwarmingly sweet!


Originally published by Property Inquirer on September 20, 2019: https://propertyreport.ph/home-sweet-condo-home/

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