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How to Become a Dad This Millennial Age

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Television has shown us how to become a dad simply means, an adult man leaves in the morning to go to work while her adult woman partner tends to their kids inside the home. However, as time went by the society evolved and most women also enjoy working in the corporate environment and even taking jobs which men usually do.

Being a millennial dad or father is different nowadays, as women became independent, men have also become lenient in what a usual post macho era described men to be. Today, men are also keen to doing things the usual ‘female chores or household’.

At home, women can be more productive, yet men have been surprisingly tactical in doing things inside their homes especially when being a father these days.

Starting the fatherhood for millennial men is a bit different compared to the normal setting they had experienced and seen with their dads.

If you are a ‘millennial father’ this article will help you out in getting to know and understand, what does it mean to be a good dad these days and we will start with a few tips on how to be just one.

Take Your Paternity Leave

The first few months of a child is a crucial and important phase that the kid should feel his/her dad. As a young father, you tend to be consumed with a hell of a lot of work and might be difficult to leave things for you.

This is a deal-breaker for you but remember that you are also working now to secure a future for your family and most importantly for your child. No matter what side you think and go, your child always matters most.

What should you do? Spend more time with your kid and family. Your wife will also be needing you on those early-stage after giving birth as she might also be new to the stuff.

Both of you need symbiotic support, and the baby also needs his/her dad’s warmth. Remember that how a father spends his time with his children will show what is more important for him.

Plus, you can not see anything to prevent you from having that employment leave as the government eventually gave this privilege to all working fathers out there and even your employer should agree when you should want to take it.

According to Republic Act 8187, every married male employee in private and public offices shall be entitled to a paternity leave of seven days with full payment for the first four hours of deliveries of the spouse with whom he is living with.

How do you get this leave? Simple. Notify your human resource officer about when is the expected due date of your spouse.

The human resource officer should be handing you out a paternity notification form. You simply fill out the form and submit it to the human resource officer accompanied by a copy of your marriage certificate.

Meanwhile, if seven days of leave will not be enough to keep an eye on your wife and the baby. Maternity leave can also be transferred by law as a maximum of seven days, granting you as the father to take up to a maximum of 14 days of paternity leave which will be taken out of the 105 days of your wife’s maternity leave.

Hence, you can spend more time if you insist on watching every first of your baby.

Work from Home If Possible 

Studies have shown that most individuals tend to be more amenable to starting their own business rather than being employed by private or government officials as they have the luxury to do more things during their time.

However, a few business owners especially fathers who own businesses tend to overlook their time and do not anymore have the time to even bond with their children because of the growing workload in the business.

If possible, as a young millennial father always takes time management and creates more space in working at home if you can. Children can be more grateful that you are in their eyes working.

There are several things your children can enjoy when you are at home working. Inside your home, your kids can eat with you.

When you are together at one table you can get a chance to ask your kids, how their day has been doing. It is also a chance to develop a more meaningful bond between you and your children.

Utilize your Day-Offs 

Eventually, when you have your baby, you will also see another reason why you must be more matured and there comes more fulfilment and a sense of responsibility as you finally become a dad.

When it finally happens prioritize your scheduled and allotted day-offs at work in spending time with your baby.

Talk to your baby, it is going to be a healthy part of its development.  When you show love to your baby it naturally releases the hormone called oxytocin which makes the baby feel good more importantly it helps in developing your baby’s brain.

Playtime as it may seem yet is something to help your baby’s growth and development. And when the time comes your baby grows you will be missing all the fun you wish you simply did by just allotting those number of day-offs to be with your kid.  

Growing up a kid will also mean more playtime. Hence, you need to develop your patience by dedicating more time like offs from work to play even hide-and-seek with them. As many as you can play as much as bonding, it will be for your kid to enjoy.

Treat your day-offs as a time for you and your kids while you still can because kids grow fast!

Make the Most out of a Flexible Work Schedule 

Working as a modern dad nowadays, you will also figure out that other fathers of your age are also looking at more flexible working hours to particularly spend more time on other things such as parenthood.

Some employers do not upfront advertise such working arrangements, but you might be surprised that other job sites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor show some of these employment details.

If you happen to be employed at one flexible job arrangement maximize that opportunity as such can be treated as a blessing in disguise as you can have more flexible time to be with your family, especially your kids.

One thing is for sure, you will regret the time you had always been taking for granted to meet halfway as a father if you will lose it. Hence, seek involvement as early as possible; your kids are growing even without you.

Get yourself involved as much as possible with them. When your fathers are involved with their children it shows the empathy that you want to be their dad and you show care more than working and providing, sad yet it is true.

Make Your Home Time Special

Work-life balance for millennial fathers is quite different compared to the previous decades of how society defines a good father climate.

During these times, a millennial dad is more capable of understanding the current mood and environment more than the older fathers who are respectively more traditional in educating children.

When you are at home and off from work the least you can do is to make the day more special for the whole family to enjoy and remember.

Each week you can consider more things like a simple barbecue dinner, a small picnic in the park, a lovely drive to the mountains, or a short hour to swim, etc.

As you do these things, make a simple rule to yourself that no work element will bother you and your family time together, keep your electronics and spend more time talking to your kids.

And please do remember that your work does not own you, but you owe time to your family especially kids, whom you can never stop getting older.

No matter how hard you try as a beginner of fatherhood, there will be those moments when you feel like you are failing or crossing the wrong way. However, this is normal as a father or as a parent the whole process is a combination of right and wrong.

Do not get stressed out easily because that will be your ultimate downfall as a modern father. Yet, you better start planning to make everything work as smoothly as possible for you.

How to Start the Millennial Fatherhood Smoothly

When you are still thinking to start a family of your own as a young man think first about where you should start to invest.

The most important investment you should get before building a fruitful family of your own is a property where you and your wife can start growing kids. Consider the current setup that you have as both of you might and must be working in the city.

You must have a practical investment suitable for your daily conveniences. A condominium might be a great option for you both and the future of your family.

Better look for a premium condo in the city which you can casually walk towards getting your needs anytime. Once, you fully understand the importance of getting your premium condo in the city your life as a father in the future will be a whole lot easier.

Become a Dad in this Millennial Age with Premium Perks

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The Decision to Become a Dad is an Honor

Every choice you make is crucial in shaping one’s life. But choosing to become a dad is an absolute honor as you are changing the way you think for yourself with the way you will think for them, your kids, and your family.

Grab the chance to invest in a premium condo for sale while you can. Take actions that would ripple more fruits and improvements, especially in the coming days.

Set aside more time for your future rather than what is volatile in the present. Remember to also take time to consider all your actions before taking them out of confusion.

As a millennial dad, you always do not have to be radical and spontaneous as you are carrying your whole family at your back too.

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