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How to best enjoy the Dinagyang Festival

Aside from being recognized as the City of Love for its sweet and kind-hearted people, Iloilo is also best known for one of the most enjoyable celebrations in the country – the Dinagyang Festival.

Originating from the word ‘Dayang’ which means revelry in Iloilo, Dinagyang started in 1967 when the replica image of Señor Santo Niño was brought from Cebu to Iloilo’s San Jose Parish. It was formerly known as Iloilo Ati-atihan until the term Dinagyang was coined by broadcaster Pacifico Sudario in 1977, the same year when the authentic Ati tribe of the Barotac Viejo mountains was invited by the local government to showcase their native dances. From then on, Dinagyang has continuously raised the bar for religious and cultural festivals in the country.

This is why it is best to experience the City of Love during this season, when the place gets even more endearing, the atmosphere gets more festive and the people become more proud of their place. Further elevate your sure-to-be-undeniable Iloilo experience with these six tips!

1. Savor the unique cuisine at the Ilonggo Food Festival
This celebration of the Dinagyang Festival is joined by unique restaurants that strive to constantly upgrade and innovate their menu. This is where you can unleash your inner foodie by trying and appreciating uniquely-Ilocano dishes. Also, the event is closely monitored by the City Health Office and secured with the necessary sanitation permits to ensure everyone’s safety.

2. Watch Miss Iloilo
Formerly known as Ms. Dinagyang, this event showcases the beauty of the women of Iloilo. The candidates’ photoshoots and interviews are closely followed by the locals since the winners will carry the beautiful task of representing Iloilo in Ms. World and Bb. Pilipinas. Don’t miss the opportunity to be there at the grand coronation to witness the culmination of the participants’ journey!

3. Participate in the Fluvial and Solemn Procession
Immerse in the celebration of the Santo Niño at Dinagyang’s fluvial and solemn procession as devotees sail along the Iloilo River with a replica of the blessed image. You can also choose to participate in the foot procession that will pass by the Provincial Capitol and round off in San Jose Parish Church.

4. Join Dagyang sa Calle Real
This religious street dancing activity is celebrated the day before the tribes’ competition. While it has changed its name from Kasadyahan to Dagyang sa Calle Real, it remains as a graceful celebration of the bountiful harvest given by the Creator to the people of Western Visayas.  These colorful activities call on the natives, tourists, and visitors to attend and enjoy the entertainment!

5. Find the best place to watch Dinagyang 360 Degrees
Now that this acclaimed tribes’ competition is set to be an arena-theater type presentation where judges and spectators can be scattered in different areas, the location on which you will be watching the Dinagyang 360 Degrees will play a huge part in the whole experience. Be sure that you will stay either in Freedom Grandstand, Iznart-Solis Street, Valeria-Ledesma Street, or the Central Market where the warrior-dancers usually pass, moving in harmony with the fast beat of the drums and live instruments in all their eye-catching glory!

6.  Make exploring Iloilo a habit
The thing about Dinagyang – and Iloilo’s beauty in general – is that you’ll never get tired of seeing it before your eyes. Attend the Dinagyang Festival every year and try Iloilo’s unique activities. Plunge into its serene and calm water, marvel at its scenic views, and take refuge in its modern infrastructures!

Creating Beautiful Lifestyles in Iloilo

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