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How to Gain New Friends in a Premium Condo in Metro Manila: 8 Easy Steps

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Moving to a premium condo neighborhood in Metro Manila can be something new especially to unit owners who are very anxious and private. Metro Manila as a city can be very dynamic to some individuals who are used to a more laid-back environment outside the capital or in provinces.

Properties outside Metro Manila do not seemingly offer such busy traffic and energetic atmosphere especially in public or common areas.

If you happen to move into a premium condo development, you must have the guts if you are opting to live independently.

One major thing to learn is the character and environment of the development. Is the neighborhood gonna be friendly to new neighbors? If you happen to not know the answer it would be better to engage yourself and find new acquaintances or have some friends.

Here are some steps on how to gain new friends as you move into a condominium neighborhood in Metro Manila.

#1 Leave a Note on Your Door  

COHO by Vista Land - Premium Condo in Metro Manila - Opening Doors to New Neighborhood in a Condo in Metro Manila
Photo from Max Vakhtbovych in Pexels | Opening Doors to New Neighborhood in a Condo in Metro Manila

In other western countries, especially in a neighborhood where there are plenty of people you can become friends with. It is an extremely easy way to hang or stick a note on your door, noting you are a new resident just to let people know that you are welcoming new acquaintances or friends in a condo neighborhood.

Moving to a condo neighborhood in the Philippines must also be an easy step since Filipinos in nature are friendly and hospitable.

Having to reside in a community especially a condominium in Metro Manila can also show that you and your neighbors have common stature of living or lifestyle. It can be something where you and your neighbors can meet halfway.

Letting people know that you do not bite is an effective way that you can mingle easily inside a premium condo neighborhood in Metro Manila.

#2 Host a Condo Unit Warming Party

COHO by Vista Land - Housewarming Party in a Premium Condo in Metro Manila
Photo from Wendy Wei in Pexels | Housewarming Party in a Premium Condo in Metro Manila

It has always been a global tradition especially in moving to a new property or having a new car to throw a certain celebration for good asset acquisition.

If you plan to move to a premium condo in Metro Manila, throwing a condo unit warming party is an excellent way to find new friends in the condo neighborhood.

A genuinely nice welcome party inside your premium condo unit can show your hospitability and amenability to meet other people in your community. It is also a chance to physically know people around you as you might be needing their help or presence in the coming days you are looking to know what-about of your new community.

This event can also show off your guest handling skills and most importantly your way to show off how good can you cook or prepare food. Moreover, it is also one way to show off your lifestyle taste as you are also opening your whole condo unit to a different set of eyes.

Whether you like it or not, this can also open opportunities to know who would match the likes of your lifestyle selections.

Generally, it promotes interaction and chances of knowing friends faster inside a premium community in Metro Manila.

#3 Find your Neighborhood Friends on Social Media

With the advent of social media channels and platforms, it is very easy nowadays to locate people as platforms have ways to geotag a certain photo, video, or bio update (post) to any given location around the globe.

Meanwhile, if you are still eyeing to move in Metro Manila to a specific condo property, you might as well check people who are tagging themselves into a specific property or location. Thus, you will understand such individuals might be living in the area.

COHO by Vista Land- Finding Friends via Social Media Inside your Condo in Metro Manila
Photo from Ketut Subiyanto in Pexels | Finding Friends via Social Media Inside your Condo in Metro Manila

Seemingly, it’s an easy way of perceiving whether you can be acquainted with such kinds of people.

If you are looking at a premium RFO condo or ready to occupy condo units in Metro Manila, the easier it is to look for individuals in social media rather than its pre selling counterparts.

Before you do your research, you can also post something on social media about your plans in moving to a certain condo in the city. Ask people their recommendations, ask them the pros and cons of living to this property, you will find it easier now to decide which.

Moreover, you can get friends through chatting your thoughts on social media before moving to the actual condo property.

#4 Chitchat in Passing

Once finally moving in your condo unit in Metro Manila, except that a premium property or its location will be a hectic community. Other condo unit owners might comprise professionals who are remarkably busy especially during their work hours.

The opportunity of chatting might be thin to none, so if you got to check your hallway and find someone in the elevator or stairs it will be a nice gesture to say hi or hello.

Small talks are amazingly effective in opening new doors for a good friendship especially you are in one community.

If you are not the typical type to engage someone, try starting in a more subtle way such as asking about the building for reference as a new resident. Another one is to compliment them, as everyone can respond better to a compliment.

#5 Reduce Your Screen Time and Go Outside

Based on the digital social media report consumption last January 2021 from Hootsuite, a Filipino can spend an average time of 4 hours and 15 minutes per day by just using social media.

Well, it might be possibly true that you can find friends from social media yet your security on these platforms is low compared to finding friends in one’s community.

If you want to build a lasting friendship, it is still recommended by a few to go out and meet real people in the real world and you can easily start it within one’s own neighborhood or community.

You might as well put down your mobile devices and laptops or desktops. The reduction of mobile or desktop consumption can also reduce stress levels as you go out in your condo unit and mingle and find new people in the neighborhood.

#6 Find Friends in the Common Areas

If you are planning to move to a premium condo in Metro Manila, then it is a great thing as this type of property will be housing a selection of good to perfect resort-inspired amenities and other commercial conveniences to improve or maintain the lifestyle you want.

Eat-Work-Play living is quite common to any premium condo for sale in Metro Manila, it is also a good way to find strangers or neighbors with who you share common interests.

As you will spend more time in the amenities you will easily find out who are the regulars. People who frequently used or spend time in the common areas.

Whenever a moment will bring you an opportunity to converse, you should start a conversation whether a greeting or even asking a question about the amenities is a good way to start the engagement.

The mere fact that you are in a resort-inspired condo amenity in the city can work as an advantage as both of you are in a wonderfully comfortable and relaxing atmosphere and should welcome a friendly ambiance as well.

#7 Attend Community Events 

Community events or gathering inside a premium condo development in Metro Manila is a frequent luxury for its residents. An opportunity for everyone to get acquainted and to celebrate a healthy neighborhood.

Once moving into the city is tough but thanks to these kinds of gatherings, a new resident in the neighborhood will not be a stranger anymore.

A great time to be acquainted and meet other residents you share some common views and interests. You must keep in mind that people are also attending to find new friends and acquaintances also.

One way to keep an eye on these gatherings is to visit your community bullets and see some schedules for common events or to someone who is hosting a gathering in the condo property.

Some property or building management offices also have online social media platforms they are ready to engage with their unit owners or buyers. Often, they maximize these platforms online by posting other public announcements for their residents and stakeholders.

However, this may seem uncommon for a premium condo, yet some might not be very frequent in hosting activities in the property; perhaps, they have these social platforms where they announce other activities nearby the community circle.

Other premium condo properties in Metro Manila also have exclusive groups or clubs you might find interesting to join. This is also one way of widening your circle as you get to be with people with whom you share the same passion or interests.

#8 Engage within your Reach

As a new condo resident in a condo neighborhood, it might be unlikely for some old residents to easily interact with someone new to their sight.

What other people will recommend is you take the initial step to introduce yourself by starting within your reach.

Upon moving into your condo unit in Metro Manila, you can engage primarily with the closest condo unit neighbor from your respective unit.

There are simple ways to strike up a good impression. First, you can cook something and gift it to your closest condo neighbor. This act will surely bring delight to them as they will feel your openness to interact and build a positive relationship with them.

The second thing, you can do is to formally invite them inside your unit before throwing a condo unit-warming or housewarming party. Your neighbor will appreciate that you initiated the invitation before them.

Lastly, don’t wait for a week to initiate interaction with your closest condo unit neighbor or you might lose the chance to build every good impression.

Having Friends in a Premium Condo Property in Metro Manila

Having friends in a premium condo property especially in metro cities like Manila might be tough as individuals share different kinds of stories, interests, and likes. However, communities that prioritize the amount of lifestyle of their investors can draw well buyers of their kind.

Featured Image - Condo in Bacoor Cavite - The Meridian - COHO by Vista Land - Amenity Aerial Perspective
Condo in Bacoor Cavite – The Meridian – COHO by Vista Land – Amenity Aerial Perspective

In COHO by Vista Land, its projects are in the most coveted addresses in Metro Manila, where residents are welcome with friendly resort-inspired condo amenities and other lifestyle conveniences such as co-working spaces, one-stop home improvement hub, charming boulangerie, a home-theater inspired cinema facility, mini conveniences and many more.

This line of premium lifestyle perks in one condo for sale in the Philippines, allows its investor to breathe and have fun while creating good stories of friendship and acquaintances inside a beautiful development such as what COHO projects offer.

Before thinking about making friends, choosing the best premium condo available in the market might be the first step in finding the set of friends you want to brush elbows and converse with.

The Premium Exclusive Lifestyle in COHO

COHO by Vista Land premium condo projects is offered in mid-rise condo villages wherein the community offers beautiful developments in beautiful locations. These developments will promise any investor a beautiful investment with a growing property value.

Premium Condo in Las Piñas - The Hermosa - Aerial Swimming Pool Amenity of a Condo
Premium Condo in Las Piñas – The Hermosa – Aerial Swimming Pool Amenity of a Condo

As these investments are mid-rise premium condos for sale in Metro Manila, investors can have a glimpse of a very exclusive community.

This creates the idea that the set of investors and unit owners you will find and have a chance to mingle with are of which you share the cut-above-the-rest type of lifestyle practices. Therefore, you can have a refined set of new friends in a very exclusive number the community will welcome.

The brand still preserves the beautiful lifestyle experience of having a private yet amusing condo development in a bustling city like Metro Manila.

If you care to check the premium lifestyle awaiting you in COHO by Vista Land projects located in Bacoor City, Las Pinas City and Tagaytay City visit the website at www.coho.com.ph.

You can also arrange a virtual appointment via sending us an email at [email protected] or throwing a message on the website chatbot to hasten the appointment booking.