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How to live a minimalist lifestyle in a studio condo unit

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How millennials set the trends in a Digital Age 

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Millennials and Generation Z’s tastes are dictated by the vast information stored in the Internet. For instance, they can access rich histories of a specific topic that interests them and immediately share that information on social media with their friends and strangers alike. 

Everybody has their defined tastes nowadays, especially how one can comfortably live a minimalist lifestyle in their homes. Over the course of the 2010s, Millennials and Generation Z have dictated the lifestyle trends. One of their trends is embracing the old, specifically applying retro styles and vintage items into their clothing, homes, lifestyle and music. This trend has sent the foundation of combining the great things of the past and the present’s way of living. Creating this “new wave” of millennial lifestyles as their artistic expression, or simply put, it looked stylish.

One of the millennial lifestyles is minimalist living. A lot of influencers, such as Matt D’Avella and Joshua Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus have been advocating and experimenting with the minimalist lifestyle throughout the decade. From then on, more and more influencers followed suit and even produced self-help books that expand on what you can do as a minimalist.

The trend influenced the living style of many people around the world. Because of this, it allowed most property developers to garner a new design perspective on their condo units. This article will explain a brief history of minimalism’s popularity and how you can design your unit to adapt to this lifestyle trend.

What is Minimalism?

The Origin of Minimalism began as an artistic revolution

Minimalism never began as a lifestyle, but it started as an artistic choice. Frank Stella, Agnes Martin, and Robert Morris were some of the artists that started the movement in the late 1950s. Their sole purpose of creating this conceptual art form was to challenge the existing norms of sculptures and art in general. They argued that this simplistic style gives more focus on the structure and artistic merit that comes after an individual gazes at the piece. Essentially, focusing on the harmonized view of beauty that comes with simplicity and honesty.

Robert Morris, minimalism, minimalists, cube, mirror, abstract art, matt d'avella, white room, white background, grey floor, granite and glass
One of Robert Morris’ works that was constructed in 1965.

The Relationship of Minimalism and Mental Health

Psychologists even studied the phenomenon, formulating a theory if minimalism can create a positive well-being. Some have even called it an urban practice of Buddhist monks, as both the principles of minimalism verge on following the ways of a monk.

Most studies end up with the same key themes after interviewing multiple minimalists: mental space, awareness, positive emotions, autonomy and competence. These themes are connected to the practices of simplicity, certain behavioral insights to materialism and low-consumption sustainability. Minimalism doesn’t mean that one should deprive themselves of good things that they love and enjoy. It just boils down to the essentials and focus of important things.

The eventual causality between minimalism and mental health is an anti-consumerist attitude that creates fulfillment and freedom upon living with fewer possessions. Feeling that they have more control over their environment and their daily routines. Despite studies on this particular matter still disputing the exact relationship, it has always concluded with the themes of positive emotions and simple living.

Why did the minimalist lifestyle caught on?

Over the years, many have adopted the principle of minimalism as a way to live simply. In some ways, people opt for minimalist living as a way to declutter the “noise.” Because minimalists argue that the whole world around us is noisy. Living in a society that is obsessed with the constant accumulation of material possessions and consumerism. A majority of people feel overwhelmed by the “clutter” produced by modern capitalism and seek out to find meaning in their life.

Thus, the minimalist lifestyle is founded on the basis of essentials. Throwing out what you don’t need and focusing on what you truly need and enjoy. Living on pure intention, as it savors your time and energy. Minimalist living allows you to bring out your most authentic self.

Since the origin of minimalism started as a new movement of an artistic style, people have started to notice the visual appeal of the art form. The idea of simplicity and focus connected itself to the modern architectural style that most people associate with the term today. Its design emanates whitewashed colors and a single element of focus, which is usually a piece of furniture.

To summarize, minimalist living has stemmed from three foundations: (1) artistic style, (2) architectural design, and (3) a lifestyle practice. These foundations lend itself to the modern adoption of minimalism and why so many millennials are drawn to its purpose.

How a Minimalist LIfestyle benefits your living condition

Less is more. Living in the minimalist lifestyle follows a simple principle: reducing. By reducing, it can lead to a more organized household and stress-free thinking.

The creation of organized spaces in your home loses the claustrophobic feeling and being overwhelmed from debt and obsession. Minimalists have said that if people focused less on material possessions, they would tend to live more comfortably. Because surrounding yourself with your purchasing desires, you won’t be able to have peace of mind. Simplifying one’s self by having a few things to worry about, the more peace you have.

Furthermore, another benefit of minimalist living is saving costs. Since the lifestyle focuses on what is essential to you, one could easily budget the monthly expenses. This will especially benefit the utility bills if you are living in a smaller and compact living space.

Minimalist living allows an individual to focus on their mental health and efficienizing their timeline for important things. At the end of the day, people look for more happiness in their life. Gravitating to things that matter most and living a simple life.

low-key poster wall, large painting, LED TV, stairs, minimalist art, abstract art, artistic expressions, color palette, indoor plants,
If you want to add some personality to your unit, you can put up paintings and other wall art.

Minimalist Condo Living Designs

The perfect place to start your minimalist living is through a studio unit. The compact nature of a studio unit gives importance to the essential parts of your home. Since minimalism promotes the decluttering of unimportant items, small spaces forces you to have smart solutions to your overall comfort and customization of your unit.

There are a lot of condos for sale on the market. All you have to do is search specific terms such as condo for sale or pre-selling condos, through property listings online and find which place is attractive for you. One great example of a prime location for your next premium property investment is a condo in Taguig, due to the element of convenience and a prime balance of work-live-and-play at your fingertips. As such, there is one property that offers a pre-selling condo for sale.

The Courtyard offers modern and premium studio units, which are designed to be compact and comfortable for a minimalist design. Our 23.97 sqm condo is perfect to try out variations of these minimalist designs for each section of the unit:

AllHome chairs, books on table, white curtains, white fur carpet, lampshade, view of condo in Taguig, BGC, Metro Manila, white roll-up curtains, beach chairs, living room chairs, comfortable well-being, minimalist setup
This design heavily focuses on symmetry.

This first design embraces symmetry. It invokes a clean layout that produces an orderly state in your home. Since most studio units are drawn with a rectangular shape in mind, sorting out the correct angles and perfect placements of your furniture would not be an issue.

Kitchen set up in studio unit, cooking stove, white minimalist wooden accent countertop, AllHome Cabinets
An efficient layout to your kitchen.

Besides the symmetrical look of your unit, you can also extend the design philosophy to your kitchen, opting for more efficient space and flow. This design utilizes every space possible in one section of your studio condo. The upper part of the kitchen consists of an array of cabinets that are divided per utensil (cooking and tableware). While the lower part of the kitchen is dedicated to your cooking stations, where everything is just an arms reach.

Thus, the flow of your cooking style, wherein your state of nirvana is activated from sorting and preparing your ingredients, to cooking, and washing the utensils. Plus, you can easily prepare your dinner table, as the place where you will eat is right in front of your kitchen.

kitchen in The Courtyard COHO, Virtual Condo Tour, dinning table, microwave, refrigerator, view of condo living room, Studio Unit in Taguig, BGC,
Minimalists prefer this design layout of combining the kitchen and dining table in one singular spot of their living space. They say it is the perfect symmetry of consuming food and activates the state of cooking nirvana.

Minimalism doesn’t mean that you must live in a strictly one-color wall. Although, some minimalist designs prefer pure white walls to continue the tradition of a clean lifestyle. You can still embrace minimalist condo living by adding paintings or pictures to your wall. One thing to note is to curate the subtle nuances of patterns to match the overall ambiance in your home. Get creative with simple color palettes for extra visual flairs for your wall postings.

Lastly, the bedroom is the most sacred place for everybody. Simplifying your bedding is the easiest one to design, as it borders on personal preference. However, what is important for this design is to have a singular color palette, two head pillows, one long lumbar pillow, and a blanket.

In small spaces, keeping your minimalist bedding has two options. One is by having a small or medium bed. Or two, by using a sofa-bed hybrid, because it saves space and is much easier to clean and arrange for the duration of your home. Either option is fine, as long as you follow the requirements and decorate the sleep den with a lampshade, small plant, and a slim bedside table.

white-polka dotted couch in condo living room, wooden shiny floor, minimalist white curtain, end table
The way one should sleep is also important, especially in comfort.

Minimalist living at The Courtyard

If you are thinking of trying minimalist living, how about you consider reserving your unit today at The Courtyard. Upon the reservation of your unit, we can assist you in designing your minimalist design with our in-house architects, so that you can visualize your future home with us.

Furthermore, the benefits garnered from your minimalist lifestyle complements the serene ambiance of our resort-inspired amenities. Our green spaces in the pavilion impart a blissful feeling, ensuring the sustainable efforts created by the city government of Taguig.

By the time the fourth quarter of 2024 arrives, as our first building, Diana, is scheduled to be completed, you can finally dive into your minimalist home. Get straight to your simple lifestyle that is near the world-class city of Bonifacio Global City.

Additionally, this condo for sale property is well-poised to appreciate in value, given the surrounding area’s continued infrastructure developments. Some developments will be completed in 2021, particularly the South East Metro Manila Expressway and the BGC-Ortigas Link Road. As an added benefit of investing in a pre-selling condo in Taguig early, your investment will gain higher prospective returns.

Reserve your unit today! Contact 0920-981-3626 or 0906-389-0913 or message our official Facebook and Instagram pages, The Courtyard COHO, for more details.