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How to Spend the Summer Season the New Normal Way

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Learn how to truly enjoy the summer season, especially at this extraordinary time.

COVID-19 has changed the way we spend our time nowadays, including our precious summer vacations. Since travel restrictions may limit our capability to fly or drive to our favorite destinations, spending time at home has been the new norm. The thought of being stuck at home makes us lose our excitement for the upcoming summer season, especially if you have stayed in place ever since the beginning of the pandemic (with the exception of going out for errands).

While it may be difficult and cumbersome to do “meaningful” travel now, you can definitely have a meaningful summer season at home the “new normal” way.

1. Schedule a Time To Just Decompress.


Decompressing is important, especially for your mental health.

Our daily routines that define our everyday lives may activate stress that can accumulate over time. For example, the regular work updates on Zoom, even if it is just once a day at 15 minutes, might be stressful to you on a day that you have too much on your plate, and then that stress is piled on top of the next day’s stress, and then the day after.

While short breaks may help you relieve some of the daily stress, planning a time during your summer vacation to decompress will do wonders for you, even if you cannot get away from the things that stress you out. Block a time or even a weekend where you do absolutely nothing except eating, sleeping, and lying down. You can also schedule a massage with a home therapist or do it yourself with self-massaging techniques.

Meditation is also a great way to decompress, as it will help empty your thoughts and worries as you execute breathing techniques. If you do not know how to do this, you can check out this how-to tutorial.

Or you can even try any of Mayo Clinic’s relaxation techniques. Relaxation techniques are also a great way to get in tune with your body and understand your body’s response to stress and how to relax them.

2. Give Yourself a Timeout from the News (or Social Media).


As we continuously depend much of our lives on our phones, too much of it can also take a physical toll on our bodies.

The pandemic has shifted how we mostly live and work nowadays. We check news websites and different social media platforms to keep tabs on what is happening. We use mobile apps to listen to music, watch some entertainment, play online games with other people, and to some, search and create content to express one’s thoughts and feelings. We also use apps to connect with coworkers and clients.

However, staying connected can sometimes fuel anxiety and depression. Pandemic or no pandemic, staying connected also means being connected to the negativity that can create feelings of despair, depression, fear, and hopelessness.

Give yourself a break by literally turning your smartphone and other gadgets off or put it on silent mode. If you cannot resist holding your phone, hand it over to a family member who can keep it for you.

3. Write and Focus on What You CAN Do.


Writing it down will help you focus on the positives rather than the negatives.

The summer season can be very long, especially if you had to cancel some out-of-town plans. To take yourself away from the cancellation rut, think about what you can do at home.

Some families think about spending it on inflatable pools or outside playsets to recreate that summer vacation at home. Some also block a day or schedule to host a picnic at home or a nearby open park (provided that restrictions allow it). Campgrounds, hiking areas, farm stays, and beach houses are going to be popular vacation hotspots because they provide isolation as opposed to tourist attractions. Some of these vacation hotspots can also provide amenities such as a swimming pool and open-air spaces where the family can enjoy one another’s company while practicing social distancing.

Condo owners, for example, need not look far away when thinking about spending their vacation in the summer season. They simply rethink and consider what outdoor activities they can do at home that will be safe and open over the summer, thanks to the amenities their condominium developments offer. Moreover, they can try munching their favorite dishes in food hubs.


At The Courtyard by COHO, residents can simply head down from their home and secure a picnic spot at the onsite swimming pool and have a grand time outdoors as if you are on a tropical resort.

So as not to bore yourself with the same, repetitive activities, think and schedule what you can do differently throughout the summer and write it down. When you dwell on “what a bummer” this summer could be, it will be difficult for you (and the rest of the family) to transcend into a state where you can really truly enjoy the summer season despite the limitations. There is still more that can be done, even if it is in the house and you have been on lockdown for most of the summer.

4. Pay Attention to Your Health


The Courtyard by COHO has an onsite fitness gym where you can schedule a session for yourself at off-peak hours. The residential development also has pocket gardens and landscaped, open-air areas where you can set up shop, connect, and exercise while practicing social distancing.

Taking care of your health, especially now that we are in the midst of a pandemic, is more important than ever. The pandemic has put much of our social activities on pause, and some of these activities contribute to the betterment of our physical wellbeing. While commuting is no longer happening for people who have shifted to working from home, they no longer benefit from the exercise benefits commuting offers. For people who also signed up or who have achieved a routine from their gym memberships and thrive well under the guidance of a fitness trainer or instructor, the limited operations can become jarring and detrimental to their fitness journeys.

While gyms and fitness centers are a great way to stay active, most of them have started offering to continue their services via Zoom sessions. Ask your local gym if they do offer one-on-one or group sessions online.

And because it is the summer season, try to hit some personal best on your workouts, or try a different type of workout.

5. Learn a New Life Skill.


Don’t know how to cook but want to try that recipe you saw on TikTok or Instagram? Discover your culinary potential at home.

What if you are not bogged down with extra school or work stuff this summer season? Would it not be great if you try to learn something useful, like cooking? There is a plethora of websites, videos, visual content, and even online courses where you can learn about cooking and cooking techniques, and most of the time, they are free. Also, would it not be awesome to share something you have made from scratch with your family? If you are living alone, cooking in bulk will be a great way to save money from ordering out.


Residents at The Courtyard by COHO get access to the complete and ultra-fresh kitchen station at AllDay Supermarket. In just a few steps away, they get to source fresh produce, a wide selection of goods and a well-curated specialized food concept market called the Gastroville, and Paluto! (shop for seafood and have it cooked right away to enjoy ultra-fresh, good-quality food in an instant).

6. Catch up With Family and Friends.


Communication apps have helped many of us get through the longing, now that travel is limited. They are also helpful to children who miss their cousins or grandparents back home.

Especially if you have been living away from home, then you may not have seen your family and friends in a long time. Use this summertime to catch back up with them by hosting a virtual party or kamustahan over some drinks and snacks.

If you are really longing for a physical connection, you can still schedule an afternoon with your friends or family members at a coffee shop as long as you practice social distancing and travel restrictions. Hanging out is the best way to strengthen those old connections and catch back up with each other, especially in these extraordinary times.

Coffee Project is a coffee shop franchise that serves the best tasting local and international coffee and beverages, along with a wide variety of scrumptious food like pasta, rice meals, cakes, and sandwiches. Coffee Project has coffee shops at every Vista Land development, including The Courtyard by COHO, to offer a chill, relaxed destination for hangouts, meetings, and get-togethers.

7. Read up on Your Favorite Books.


Research says reading a physical book brings a lot of health benefits.

Why read than catching up with the latest blockbuster movie on your TV or smartphone? Physically reading a book encourages you to take a momentary pause to understand what you are reading about. For some, reading is a way to relax – enjoying a good book over a cup of coffee or tea. It also encourages you to recreate using your imagination, as opposed to watching TV or video.

Also, there are tons of research that back up its health benefits. Reading from an actual book is actually better than reading via an e-reader or listening to an audiobook. Aside from promoting comprehension and imagination, reading a book reduces stress, alleviates depression, and even helps you sleep better, which are all the effects of pandemic stress.

8. Turn Your Home Into a Real-Life Oasis.


Bring the tropical, summer vibes to your home with some choice decoration and plants.

If you have to cancel your summer vacation, why not bring the summer vacation to your home? Refreshing your home decor is a great way to celebrate the summer season.

Turn your home into a tropical abode by introducing some macramé and handmade accessories in natural colors like a handwoven wall decor or a cool tatami mat as your carpet. You can also introduce big plants indoors like rubber plants and ferns, or you can start small with tiny ones like some cute cacti. If you are not into plants, you can introduce a little green with some cool tropical artwork on your blank walls.

Another key aspect of a tropical resort is how bright and airy the place is. In your living room, brighten up your home by adding lamps or lighting fixtures. Also, you can switch your curtains, sofa covers, and throw pillows to lighter-colored fabrics. Then add a throw blanket or floor pillows to complete your living room’s casual, boho-chic vibe.

Do not forget to also introduce summer scents in your home. Tropical and citrusy scents can set the mood for summer in your home.


Residents who live in or near Vista Land developments can easily upgrade their home by shopping at AllHome, an all-in-one home-improvement and design lab that offers anything from home building, furnishing, and designing products, coupled with excellent consumer services.

At the end of the day, what matters is that you can still have a way to spend a meaningful summer, whether you live alone or not. There are so many ways you can spend the summer despite the circumstances, and it only takes a little bit of imagination, ingenuity, and optimism without needing to go far from home. Moreover, take pleasure in planning a meaningful summer, so you can best savor it more as you go through each activity.

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