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The impact of urban design and amenities on our well-being

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The year 2020 proved to be a challenge to everyone due to several global and local events simultaneously happening. It is an understatement to say that the overall well-being of most individuals is compromised by COVID-19 and its after-effects.

Prior to the pandemic, there is a social stigma in the country regarding mental health. Finally, help is here with the monumental enactment of the Mental Health Law in 2018. The law protects the rights as well as the welfare of Filipinos with mental health conditions. It is the first legislation to acknowledge measures that directly shifts the focus of care, primarily to the community, emphasizing the importance of access to services and integration of mental health in both the national school curricula and countrywide workplace regulations. Complementing this is the continuing role of social development organizations and advocacy groups in giving support for those who are struggling during these trying times.

On the other hand, real estate developers have been helping communities long before the pandemic by designing urban spaces that help improve the quality of life of its residents. How exactly can urban design and amenities help improve overall health?

brown building community site development with greenery
The Meridian COHO by Vista Land integrates resort-inspired design and amenities to its development.

Access to nature

With the work from home set-up being the current norm, being confined in our homes and being on our screens constantly definitely gives tension and fatigue. But whether you’re working from home or going out for work, having frequent exposure to trees, plants, and natural light allows the brain to disengage from its constant thoughts and recover from cognitive fatigue.

Living in a community where you can easily access nature is likely to improve one’s mental well-being. Incorporating elements like natural landscapes and lush green spaces to its properties is already a benchmark for developers.

Condo for sale with swimming pool in amenity area and coconut trees
Open spaces incorporated with landscaping let residents have a touch of nature

Space for physical activity

Regular physical exercise is often linked with having a positive impact on mental well-being as it promotes stress-resiliency, better sleep, higher self-esteem, and positive social interaction with others. Developers provide basic amenities such as swimming pools and fitness centers to encourage physical and recreational activities among its residents.

2 smiling boys exercising using gym equipment in condo gym
Gyms are one of the most used amenities in a property as it promotes physical activities and camaraderie among the homeowners

Social community

One important factor that helps improve mental well-being is having social interaction. Socializing boosts confidence helps mitigate feelings of loneliness and anxiety and offers people the support they need.

Being able to connect with people -whether online or offline- is really important especially during times of distress. Creating an atmosphere for community-building and developing relationships is integral to a property, like having ample space where residents can have positive social interaction. Function halls, outdoor parks, and lobbies are some of the common amenities built for social engagement.

Safety within the community

Giving individuals a sense of safety and security in their homes diminishes paranoia and anxiety. Not worrying about risks posed by the surrounding environment also contributes to the well-being of an individual. All developments provide some form of security measure, the most basic one being the availability of security guards and CCTVs. The level of security will just vary per project.

City interconnectedness

For most people, the proximity of their daily activities’ locations to their home plays a huge toll on their well-being. If one’s workplace is far, the time spent commuting is time away from social, recreational, and physical activities. Proper urban design should solve this common problem among city-dwellers. Commercial spaces and establishments such as malls, supermarkets, schools, and hospitals are mostly within walking or driving distance from the property.

clubhouse in condo community with greenery and people strolling
Designed with distinctive contemporary features and outstanding architectural attributes where the atmosphere is similar to a mini-village, residents at The Meridian COHO can even stay at home and still enjoy the urban comforts one usually enjoys in the city.

The Meridian

Choosing a developer that utilizes urban design for its projects is essential. The Meridian is an integrated property developer that provides everything a modern-day urban dweller needs within its reach. This posh condo for sale development, in particular, is a 5-hectare master-planned development located in Bacoor City, a few meters away from the highly commercialized Aguinaldo Highway. Its resort-inspired amenities and sprawling green spaces are secured with high-level electrical perimeter fencing. The Meridian’s closeness to establishments such as Vista Mall North Molino, All Home Imus, and Medical Center Imus encourages its residents to maximize the opportunities surrounding the area. Central Business districts are also made more accessible thanks to present and ongoing infrastructures like CAVITEX, MCX, and LRT1 Extension, a great relief for young professionals and businessmen who frequent the Metro.

The Meridian COHO is offering 1-Bedroom, 2-Bedroom, and Studio units.