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Interactive Movies: Stories with Your Own Choice of Adventure

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It has been over a year of being confined in our homes. We have seen the good things that came out from this pandemic such as the heroism of our frontliners, the dedication of our dear mothers as well as the solidarity of the community pantries. Nonetheless, being stuck at home can be tedious more so it could lead us to become ‘outside sick.’ Therefore, you should try some new things that will keep your mental health at bay. After all, the pandemic should not stop you from having fun in your premium condo home. With this, why not start binge-watching interactive movies this 2021?

The Birth of Digital Streaming

Indeed, the pandemic has changed the way we live. We might have been more conscious with our financial assets. Subsequently, it drove us to secure investments because this pandemic proved that having savings is not enough. These were a few of the current changes that we are dealing with every day in the new normal. However, you should know that even our leisure activities have changed drastically, especially when the national government has implemented the community quarantine measures. It led us to stay indoors longer than expected.

In fact, the pandemic paved the way to further the reach of digital streaming and the other mobile applications. Before, people are too occupied with the daily grind, so people’s attention to sit and binge-watch Is a rare opportunity. Yet, everything changed.

Digital Streaming gave birth to multiple platforms such as Youtube, Netflix, Iflix, Viu, and the like.


Condo in Metro Manila - COHO by Vista Land - Youtube
Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

With the continuous rise of vloggers and influencers, Youtube has become the top social media platform in 2021. This is because of the continuous rise of viewership and subscribers. It has led many people to continue patronizing the platform.


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On the other hand, Netflix has become the largest movie and series platform in the world. Given the unlimited traditional movies as well as interactive movies to set your eyes on, Netflix has done a great job in staying indoors less arduous.

Traditional vs. Interactive Movie

Both digital streaming platforms have been innovating to keep entertainment at a boost. We can actually see traditional and interactive movies in both of them. However, how does interactive movies differ from the traditional ones?

On Traditional Movies

Premium Condo in Metro Manila - COHO by Vista Land - Watching Movie
Photo by Jens Kreuter on Unsplash

Traditional movies exist long before televisions had colored displays. It is the typical movie set for 2 hours in which we watch how the human characters unfold the plot of a story or narrative. Movies, later on, tried imaginative characters or cartoon characters to play a role in a story; Thus, the birth of cartoon movies.

It cannot be denied that movies have become part of every culture. Besides entertainment, movies have become the storytellers of most true-to-life narratives. In addition, it discovered a plethora of genres such as thriller, horror, action, romance, comedy, and the like. Adding to the flavor for entertainment, traditional movies explored mixing genres in one narrative; consequently, there are movies created from diversity. In here, we encountered romcom, thriller mystery, sci-fi romantic movies to name a few.

On Interactive Movies

Despite the huge transformation of traditional movies since then, the prowess of innovation is still there. The once was two-dimensional films have become three-dimensional in which you are opt to wear 3D glasses to grasp its effect. Thereafter, the 3D glasses will produce a realistic view of the film as if the characters or elements inside the film are going out of the screen.

As years pass by, movies are now in four-dimensional or even 7-dimensional! 7D movies have provided a different kind of experience to movie watchers because all their senses are activated with the special effects, especially when you watch 7D movies in a cinema. For example, when you watch the movie Jumanji in a 7D cinema, you will notice that your chair is moving or rattling whenever the character runs or jumps in the film. Whenever the character dives into the sea, you will notice a sprinkle on your face. In addition, when the scene involves flying or the weather is windy, you will eventually feel a gust of wind. Hence, 7D movies are a kind of immersive experience when watching movies.

Condo in Metro Manila - COHO by Vista Land - Interactive Movies give you the power to make choices.
Condo in Metro Manila – COHO by Vista Land – Interactive Movies give you the power to make choices.

However, the pandemic limited our leisure activities. When was the last time you went out with your loved ones on a movie date? With leisure still being restricted, it is harder to experience a kind of immersive film sooner.

Thankfully, Netflix and other streaming platforms are offering another kind of interactive movie experience wherein the audience gets to take part of the action by making choices. The choices will, then, dictate the outcome or ending of the story.

We have been so enthused with video and RPG games. It is rather new to experience being part of the story in a movie. It is as if you were the ones giving directions to the plot of the film in which unlike before, you are just a passive viewer as you wait for the plot to unfold.

How do Interactive Movies work?

It’s your move, what should you do next? This may be the mantra of all interactive movies, series, and titles.

You had a glimpse on how interactive movies work; that is, by making choices. Hence, you are the one shaping the story and whirring your adventure from one choice to the other. What’s so addicting about watching an interactive movie is you can always go back and choose a different option. In this case, you will be able to see the other outcome.

How cool is it being immersed in an interactive movie? It seems like everything is in operation through a multiverse dimension. Perhaps, you might feel like an omniscient being who can control and see everything.

In order to experience the fun of interactive movies, you may need to have a smart TV and devices. Moreover, you may need to download the latest Netflix app to experience the interactive movies.

If you have game consoles, computers, laptops, tablets, and the like, then you are ready to go!

Top Interactive Movies You Must Watch this 2021

Below is the list of the interactive movies and series that you and your kids can enjoy. Most of the interactive movie titles here are what you can see on Netflix at most. What are you waiting for? Achieve those novel interactive movies and series bucket list now before the Summer season ends!

Interactive Movies for Adults

1. Five Minutes (2014)

Premium Condo in Metro Manila - COHO by Vista Land - Five Minutes
Premium Condo in Metro Manila – COHO by Vista Land – Five Minutes

This is not available on Netflix, but you can watch and play it from the other interactive movie platforms online.

“The first symptom is memory loss” and “It always happens within 5 minutes” are the most remarkable words in this interactive movie that you will get at the beginning.

If you are up for a zombie apocalypse adventure, then join John in his journey towards survival by accomplishing certain tasks. In fact, his life will depend on you! For this reason, you need to make the right choice.

This is the kind of film that will never leave you on your seat just for a minute!

2. Chatterbox: Escape the Asylum (2017)

Condo in Metro Manila - COHO by Vista Land - Chatterbox
Condo in Metro Manila – COHO by Vista Land – Chatterbox

Similar with Five Minutes, this is not available on Netflix. However, the same immersive and thrilling feeling are there when you play this interactive movie.

In here, you will be joining the protagonist Jed on his escape from the asylum. Well, it all depends on the choices that you will make.

3. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (2018)

In 2018, Netflix released its very first interactive movie for adults that has 5 endings in total in which the viewer could discover based on the choices he will make. Well, it only takes 10 seconds to decide for his fate.

Premium Condo in Metro Manila - COHO by Vista Land - Black Mirror - Bandersnatch
Premium Condo in Metro Manila – COHO by Vista Land – Black Mirror – Bandersnatch

If you are a fan of sci-fi or what not, then this interactive movie is best for you! The story revolves around Stefan Butler who is a young programmer. He is in pursuit of creating a video game that was adapted from a fantasy gamebook. Since this is the first release of an interactive movie, then you may need to expect its complicated scenes at best.

Nonetheless, you will be given a chance to redo a last critical choice in order for you to achieve a different outcome or result from the narrative. In addition, the key idea in here is that you should carefully and quickly make the right decision so you could get the best ending as possible. However, if the odds are not in your favor, then you can always restart the film to outdo your prior choices.

How fast can you reach the ending? If you are a quick thinker, then you will just have the movie for 40 mins. But for the average, Bandersnatch will take 90 minutes.

4. You vs. Wild (2019)

Condo in Metro Manila - COHO by Vista Land - You vs Wild
Condo in Metro Manila – COHO by Vista Land – You vs Wild

In this heart-stopping 2019 interactive series, you need to make the hardest of choices (life threating to be exact) in order to help the protagonist Bear Grylls to survive the wilderness. Furthermore, there are 8 series with different missions available for you to accomplish.

Compared with other interactive movies and series, the main character, whose name is Bear, is directly facing the camera as he blatantly asks the viewer to make the choice such as climbing the tree or hiding under the truck.

How dauntless will you be to finish this interactive series? Oh, just please, do not kill Bear in the film! Moreover, do not dilly dally in deciding for the fate of Bear! You only have a few seconds to choose or you will end up having the default decision! Nevertheless, you can always go back to the previous choices you made if you want to know the different outcome/s.

If you become a fan of this interactive series, it has its interactive movie version titled Animals on the Loose: A You vs. Wild Movie.

5. A Heist with Markiplier (2019)

Premium Condo in Metro Manila - COHO by Vista Land - Heist with Markiplier
Premium Condo in Metro Manila – COHO by Vista Land – Heist with Markiplier

In this interactive movie, you become Mark Fischbach’s (Markiplier as his pseudonym) assistant on a mission to steal an ancient box inside a museum. However, there are two keys needed in order to unlock the vault that holds the ancient box.  Subsequently, you and Markiplier will be on a rush as you are engaged on a quest to make the most successful heist in history. Well, that will only matter if you could maneuver your escape decisions at the very end.

6. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. the Reverend (2020)

If you are having a rough time lately, you might enjoy this interactive TV sitcom which is good for 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Condo in Metro Manila - COHO by Vista Land - Kimmy vs The Reverend
Condo in Metro Manila – COHO by Vista Land – Kimmy vs The Reverend

Released in 2020, Netflix introduces yet another interactive title that will surely make you laugh and gag throughout. The choices that you will make will either be riding an Uber or walking to the next destination. Do not skip scenes for you might miss the fun! What’s fascinating about this interactive title is that every scene or outcome has its own wits when it comes to jokes. Hence, it is a real time comedy experience!

In here, you are set to help Kimmy achieve her two missions which are unravel the secrets of her former hostage taker, and get married to Prince Fredrick.

If you get stuck or have chosen the wrong option, there will be characters who will give you the hint to redo your past choices. For example, one of the characters, Titu,s may say to you that “You’ve made some bad choices that affect everyone.”

Interactive Movies for Kids:

Who says that adults will be the only one who could enjoy such interactive movies? Gladly, Netflix has released interactive movies that kids can enjoy.

1. Boss Baby: Get That Movie

In this interactive movie simulation, you will be the one to guide Boss Baby on his decisions to fight the villains. It will also determine your career in the Baby Corp. The question is, will you succeed?

2. Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale

Oh, no! A fairytale book trapped Puss inside it. It’s now your call to free him out of this unexpected misery. Hence, you need to make great choices as he conquer every adventure in this interactive movie.

3. Minecraft: Story Mode

Have you been responsible to someone’s future before? Well, this interactive movie will surely give you the challenge. Do you have what it takes to save the Minecraft Universe? In here, every judicious decision matters!

4. Spirit Riding Free: Ride Along Adventure

If you are in for a horse-saving adventure, then this interactive movie is for you! Help Lucky and her friends as they maneuver the challenges in order to save Mystery from the horse thieves.

5. The Last Kids on Earth: Happy Apocalypse to You

The world has been conquered by monsters! Guide Jack and his friends on an adventure to survival.

Home Cinema in a Modern and Exclusive Resort-Inspired Condo in Metro Manila

Elevate your interactive movie experience with your very own home cinema in your resort-inspired condo in Metro Manila.

Premium Condo in Metro Manila - COHO by Vista Land - Showroom Interior-min
Premium Condo in Metro Manila – COHO by Vista Land – Showroom Interior

What are you waiting for? Plug in that smart TV and enjoy the novelty and exhilarating experience of interactive movies on Netflix!