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Assets that are worth investing in your 30s

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People say that your priorities in life change as you age. The financial activities of modern urban dwellers and young professionals are likely to revolve around purchases that lead to crossing out as many items in their bucket list as much as possible. But more than just setting age as a deadline of the things you wish to accomplish, treat it as another beginning—the stage where you focus on investing in your 30s.

Personal goals and career growth now change the way you think and approach your future. You start to take comfort in different but entertaining interests such as home designing, gardening, and family building. However, when you realize that you are not yet financially stable to accomplish your newly prioritized goals, you scramble to find the right assets that will help you create a substantial cash flow.

We list here the top considerable assets when investing in your 30s:

person holding money in hand and notebook and pen on a black table
Insurances are one of the most basic investments everyone needs in their checklist. This is one of the best ways to make sure that you have a secure future.

1. Life Insurance

People have a tendency to act skeptical when they hear about insurance. People are afraid of investments that are likely to become scams. However, in today’s generation, insurance is one of the most important investments for your future and security. People will always remind you that it is very advisable to start investing in your younger years. Additionally, life insurance has evolved to become a more dynamic and budget-friendly investment. It covers plans for retirement, education, health, accident, and now stock investing. To get started, make sure to reach out to the expert proper advisors in order to make the most out of your investment.

black tablet with green graph and white paper and black pen on brown table
Investing in the stock market is perfect for those who are looking for a long-term investment as an additional source of income.

2. Stocks

Although stock investments require you to have a certain level of understanding, this is still one of the most reliable long-term assets you can depend on. There are many sources of learning where one can find the basics of the stock market as stock brokerage firms in the Philippines now offer free basic knowledge seminar on stocks and mutual funds. This is a great alternative to just simply placing your money in the bank. With stocks, your money grows and becomes of great value in more than 5 years’ time.

6 people surrounding brown table and talking to each other and shaking hands
Learning to do business will open more investment opportunities where you can grow your money.

3. Small Businesses

It is agreeable that starting up a small business today is just a walk in a park compared to the previous years. Business ideas were limited back in the day as it requires a huge amount of capital. But because of technology and social media, one can start his or her business just by being creative and resourceful. In your 30s, you should have at least started your own business concept that you can simultaneously work on without compromising your current job.

condo for sale building facade with lights at night and greenery
Real estate is one of the most reliable investments as investors are presented with multiple opportunities through business and rental investment.

4. Real Estate

Shelter is one of the basic needs of every Filipino—which is why you can never go wrong with real estate. It promises you a high return of investment as it is always expected to have a continuous increase in capital value appreciation. Properties like condos for sale is a growing interest among 30-year-olds as it is a stable investment that provides you with a passive income. You’ll see that having your own property has its advantages as it presents multiple business opportunities through rental investment. Looking for real estate investments is also made easy and accessible. Searching up condos for sale, condos for rent, condos in Metro Manila, are all accommodated by property listing websites that present you only the best of premium condo investments.

4 girls holding drinks while laughing and sitting on a brown bench outdoors
One of the most fundamental and fulfilling investments for any person would be investing in relationships and fostering a bond with his or her family, friends, and colleagues.

5. Relationships

Yes, you read it right— investments are not just about financial assets. Building relationships with your family, friends, and colleagues will be your source of continuous support and career growth. Investing in your personal life is also very beneficial for those who are in their 30s. This stage in life is crucial as it is the time when the most important decisions are made. At the end of the day, it is very fulfilling when you get to spend and share your hard-earned investment with your loved ones.

Investing does not stop with simply choosing where to place your money. In fact, it is a commitment that you devote yourself to all throughout. Though most investments are made seamless and hassle-free, checking on what more opportunities you can find should always keep you busy. Whether you choose to go for stocks, condos for sale, or insurances, you should make sure to always continue the search for the most premium and preferred investments that will be beneficial for your future.

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