Lessor’s Guide

Here is a condo leasing guide that will help you offer a hassle-free leasing process! All that you will need is to understand and follow this complete step-by-step and you’re all set.

COHO by Vista Land is a high-potential condo investment asset that stands out to crystallize and achieve the objectives of its investors. COHO thoughtfully provides investors with an alternative option on how to manage their passive income through condo leasing. Vista Leasing is available in COHO’s condos for sale in Metro Manila and Metro Cavite.


We convert idle assets into income-generating instruments.


We are on a mission to create opportunities for occupancy.


We will be the most sought-after leasing group in the industry, that delivers the most comprehensive leasing services and produces the highest rental yield for its managed properties.

Leasing Services 

Asset Management Services (ASM) 

Basic housekeeping, monitoring of utilities, and inspection of the unit and its furnishings ideal for fully furnished units with tenants looking for short-term or long-term rentals. This is the preferred service of unit owners who are working or living abroad.

Leasing Services Only (LSO) 

Straight leasing services ideal for bare units with tenants looking for long-term rentals.

We oversee every step of the rental process seamlessly, whether it is tenant screening, lease contract documentation and administration, move-in and move-out assistance, rent collection, or day-to-day maintenance.

Renter Support 

24×7 Support – The Vista Leasing team works round-the-clock support for questions, crises, or repairs.

Home Services 

We have home services representatives who can help you arrange all the repairs and maintenance within your condo. When something needs to be fixed, give us a call and we will be there to help you.

Leasing Representatives 

We have leasing representatives who will assist you in identifying the perfect condo unit for you. Just tell them your requirements and they will recommend the right COHO condo for sale property that suits your lifestyle needs.

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