Lessor’s Guide


We convert idle assets into income-generating instruments.


We are on a mission to create opportunities for occupancy.


We will be the most sought-after leasing group in the industry, that delivers the most comprehensive leasing services and produces highest rental yield for its managed properties. Lessor’s Email [email protected]

Vista Leasing Services

ASSET MANAGEMENT SERVICE – Leasing services with basic housekeeping ideal for fully furnished units with tenants looking for short term rentals not more than a year LEASING SERVICES ONLY – Straight leasing services ideal for bare units with tenants on long-term rentals SERVICED SUITES – Choice units enrolled in a pool operated as serviced apartments with hotel services ideal for daily to weekly use CONDORMITEL – Condos located close to universities/with units operated as dormitory hotels

AMS & LSO Services

  • Sourcing of prospective tenants either thru third party brokers and sales activities conducted by the Leasing Services Team
  • Lease Contract Administration
  • Rental Payment Collection
  • Advertising of Unit/s for Rent
  • Negotiations for renewals, extensions and termination and serve all notices as required under the lease
  • Random inspection/ checking of the unit on a quarterly basis
  • Assistance in Tenant Move-in / Move-Out


  • Contact Leasing Officer in Charge
  • Choose from the different leasing services offered
  • Sign up and fill out enrolment form indicating preferred type of service
  • Submit required enrolment documents ex: SPA, Valid ID, ATMI, etc.
  • Secure clearance from GPMI
  • Pay required membership fee
  • Unit inspection and checklist requirements

Note: Establish depository account for remittance of rental payments


  • Contact Leasing Officers
  • Conduct Ocular of Units Available
  • Pay Earnest Reservation Fee and Advance Fees
  • Sign up and fill out Tenant Information Sheet
  • Submit required documents ex: Valid ID, Passport/ ACR
  • Signing of Rental Agreement
  • Move-in/ Move-out guided by Leasing Officer


VISTA WEEKEND HOMES offers home away from home for a period on which an individual or a family abide for a stay cation experience and enjoy leisure activities within the driving distance, sleeping in their beds at night like their own. It caters to holidaymakers, weekend explorers and adventurers. Individually owned residential units with fully furnished dress up available for short-term and long term lease and is operated as overnight apartment. Unit Enrollment Requirements:

  1. The unit must be fully furnished. A list of required items will be provided and the said items must be present in the unit.
  2. The lessor must submit all the required documents in enrolling the unit.
    • Owner’s Valid ID
    • Notarized SPA and Valid ID, if any
    • List of items with price, description and brand (for semi/fully-furnished units)
    • Photocopy of Acceptance of Property (for unit and parking, if any)
    • Photocopy of latest receipt for HOA Dues payment
    • Original Signed Enrollment Forms
      • Authority to Lease
      • Depository Account Details
      • Leasing Service Form
      • Lessor Information Sheet

Tenants Enrollment Requirements:

  • Check in form
  • Contract of lease
  • Tenant info sheet
  • Valid ID

Downloadable Form