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Modern-Day Heroes: Humanity Behind Mask

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The greatest battle of the world may have changed the orbit of life, yet it did not shatter the morale, principles, and values of humankind. It may have challenged our mental health to some extent, but it did not hinder us to help in ways that we know are best for our neighbors. Furthermore, we have seen that not all heroes who conquer the world have capes nor superpowers. We have seen how today’s modern-day heroes rebuilt the lost faith and hope in the eyes of the ones left vulnerable. They are actually a vivid expression of love and sacrifice; hence, even though you might be far away from your premium condo home, you are actually not alone. Indeed, our modern-day heroes are a living testament of humanity basked in kindness.

What does it mean to become a hero?

Condo in the Philippines - COHO by Vista Land - What does it mean to become a hero
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When we get down to the memory lane, our childhood may envisage a hero as the savior of the day. Likewise, we may have imagined someone fighting against a super villain. However, we begin to realize that life is not all about glitters and rainbows. In fact, we may have recognized that heroes who literally flies are all just the creative output of imagination. As we grow up, we have come to experience personally how genuine heroes save the day. We may have seen our parents as our real-life heroes because of the unparalleled love and dedication they had put to mold us into becoming a better person. Moreover, we may even have seen a good Samaritan as a hero for extending some help to those in need.

Yet, we realize that these people are just mere faces of being a hero. It is because you do not need to become a parent nor to be recognized as a good Samaritan to become one. Subsequently, the pandemic has unveiled that anyone of us can become a hero. Our contribution whether it is big or small still matters because kindness is not weighing at all. This was proven by our modern-day heroes.

The One in the Frontlines is a Modern-Day Hero

Time has taught us to perceive things differently as it went by. Consequently, this is evident in the very definition of a hero today.

Premium Condo Philippines - COHO By Vista Land - Modern-day Heroes are Frontliners
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Since the beginning of the global pandemic, we have defined that those positioned on the frontlines are the modern-day heroes. However, what does it mean by that? Having the basic knowledge about military will help. For example, you are aware that those soldiers who are lining up on the frontlines are closest to the area of conflict in a battle. Thus, they are the most at risk with danger even death.

Similarly, the modern-day heroes are called frontliners because they are fully exposed to the threat of contracting the virus. The regarded modern-day heroes today are the medical, aviation, bank, and police professionals. Moreover, the supermarket staff, garbage collector, public transport and delivery drivers are also modern-day heroes among others.

Our Modern-Day Heroes against the Invincible Villain

The aforementioned modern-day heroes may have been confronted by the invincibility and invisibility of the virus; however, it will not deter them at all. In this regard, they will continue their job to conquer the pandemic with solidarity. Furthermore, they are there to ensure that life continues amidst the storm.

Condo in the Philippines - COHO by Vista Land - Modern-day heroes continue the fight against COVID-19
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No matter what job they are handling right now, still we cannot deny the fact that they are fundamentally significant. For example, a supermarket staff is equally important to that of a licensed doctor. They may be different in terms of their workplace, but their goal in sustaining life is the same. The former ensures that your life essentials are well-stocked while the latter ensures that you will get the best care when you are sick.

Hence, we should give our fervent gratitude to all our modern-day heroes who are risking their lives on the frontlines. Likewise, we should extend our support whether some of their role is not as big as those wearing a white coat or an officer uniform.

The Modern-Day Heroes during Pandemic

Modern-Day Heroes in an Office

1. The Medical/Health Professionals

The COVID-19 pandemic made us realize that the one who drives the economy forward is not the only modern-day hero.

Among the aforementioned frontliners, the one who is really on the greatest risk is a health professional. It is because they are physically in contact to the people who have contracted the virus or they are within the vicinity of the affected.

Premium Condo Philippines - COHO By Vista Land - The Medical Frontliners in a Hazmat Suit
Photo by Mufid Majnun on Unsplash

Imagine the hardship that they go through each day. Particularly, their long-running shifts, tireless tending to patients’ needs, and uneven meal schedules. If you are to picture yourself as a COVID warrior in a hospital, then you need to endure being in a hazmat suit or even in multiple protective gears for long hours of the day. Worse, you may need to schedule your pee time, too. What’s more deadening as a medical frontliner is they are not able to go home and see their loved ones. It would be risky not only for their family, but for the whole community since they were exposed to the virus for a long time.

In addition, there are news that some of our medical modern-day heroes are receiving utmost discrimination. Some people made them feel as if they were the virus itself because people won’t go near them whenever they get out of the hospital. How heartbreaking is it to see that the ones who risk their lives is being shamed for doing good?

Nonetheless, our medical modern-day heroes are strong enough to face such tribulations. In fact, they still keep on moving forward because what matters is the life that they can save today.

The Hand of God

For the patients who are currently battling the virus, it might be difficult for them to course through the journey without warmth. This is in relation to hospital protocols that no visitors will be allowed inside the COVID ward. For this reason, a nurse in Brazil has devised a way to comfort her struggling COVID-19 patients.

Premium Condo Philippines - COHO By Vista Land - Hand of God
Source: Hand of God from Dr. Neurofourier on Twitter

Semei Araújo Cunha is the viral nurse who emulated human touch by combining two latex gloves with warm water inside. In this way, a patient can feel the warmth that he might be seeking for a long time. Cunha called this as the Hand of God.

This innovative gesture of Cunha was replicated by a Filipino nurse whose name is Alexander Merabel. He said that the Hand of God can help alleviate the stress of his patient. Moreover, it will provide an inspiration for his patient to keep on fighting to live.

How dedicated our medical frontliners are!

2. Aviation Professionals

One of the industries that was greatly affected with the pandemic is the aviation. A lot of aviation personnel have been retrenched due to travel restrictions. Consequently, no travel entails loss of revenue.

Condo in the Philippines - COHO by Vista Land - Aviation
Photo by Iwan Shimko on Unsplash

However, those who have remained in the industry for the sole purpose of transporting goods or people coming home to the Philippines are modern-day heroes, too.  They are risking their lives as well. It is because one will not easily know if you are already in contact with an infected. Moreover, it is not impossible to actually be the one of the first ones to contract new strains of the virus. It is because aviation personnel are the ones patrolling and managing the borders where goods and people enter and exit.

3. Bank Professionals

They may be the most silent warriors in this indefatigable pandemic battle, but they are our heroes. Actually, they have earned the honorary sobriquet of being a “BankHero,” which is an interplay of 2 English words joined together to form the Filipino word for bankers – bankero.

Premium Condo Philippines - COHO By Vista Land - Bankhero
Photo by Hunters Race on Unsplash

Beknown to everyone, money will not circulate in the economy once banks are closed. Your financial transactions will not be processed without them. Hence, they are essential as well.

Just like the medical and aviation frontliners, they are also placed at the greatest risk because they encounter different clients every day. Consequently, they will be exposed to a potential infected.

In an ordinary day, a person in mobility will not stay in only one place because they are moving. This is the huge risk that a banker can get.

What’s more?

There is news that one of the media for the virus to spread is through money. Money is a personal thing that all of us keep in the safety of our wallets. Nevertheless, we need to get hold of our money to buy our needs and wants. Then, this money will circulate around. The same money might land to the hands of a banker who will do his job in safekeeping your money. Once a banker got hold of your money, he is already putting himself at risk.

4. Supermarket Staff

We might have overlooked the staff in the supermarket who assist us in our grocery shopping. They are a modern-day hero, too!

Condo in the Philippines - COHO by Vista Land - Supermarket
Photo by Lucas Santos on Unsplash

Do you remember the first few months when the whole metropolitan region was placed under a lockdown? The supermarket staff remained in operation since then. Without them, no one will replenish our necessities.

They may have the simplest job, but their contribution is priceless.

Modern-Day Heroes on the Road and Street

5. Police Authorities

In the Philippines, the police or the military are the most evident frontliner you can see on the streets. These dignified personnel are modern-day heroes, too, because they keep the safety and order of the community amidst the threat of the virus.

Premium Condo Philippines - COHO By Vista Land - Police
Photo by Fred Moon on Unsplash

If you will step in their shoes, then you will know how frustrating it can be knowing that they can protect the community while being absent in their own families.

For this reason, they deserve our biggest salute!

6. Garbage Collectors

Condo in the Philippines - COHO by Vista Land - Garbage Collector
Photo by zibik on Unsplash

Imagine if they have stopped collecting our garbage just for a week? It will be a social and health issue already. It is because the foul smell will encompass the whole community. Likewise, it can cause a plethora of health problems.

Hence, we should also thank our garbage collectors for being a modern-day hero. They are able to keep our household clean.

Despite the challenge of not being able to comfortably breathe behind masks, they still do their job under a scorching sun just to collect our trash.

7. Public Transport Drivers

Modern-day heroes can also be seen behind wheels.

Condo in the Philippines - COHO by Vista Land - Jeepney Driver
Source: Jeepney Driver from the Official Website of Politiko PH

When the quarantine restrictions have been put into ease, the public transport services are already available. Drivers of public transportation are frontliners on the road because they provide us means to move from one place to another.

In addition, they are exposed to different types of passengers who came from various places. Besides, these drivers receive physical money as part of the transport fee. Thereafter, it puts them at risk of contracting the virus.

8. Delivery Riders

While we are staying at the comfort of our homes, there is someone out there who makes life convenient for us. They are the food or package delivery riders.

Premium Condo Philippines - COHO By Vista Land - Grab Drivers
Photo by Afif Kusuma on Unsplash

In just one tap on our mobile phones, our necessities are already filled in. For our delivery riders, however, they need to cross the possible downpour of rain or heat of the sun. Every day, they risk their lives on the road just to cater to our needs. Not only they are exposed in public, but they also need to earn a day’s income to feed for their families.

On the other hand, this has been the alternative job for most displaced or retrenched professionals due to the pandemic. This might be their last resort to survive the next day. Hence, we should always be kind and treat our delivery riders with utmost respect. Furthermore, we can show our appreciation to them by giving them tips and rating them high. In this way, you are building their dignity in your simple way.

Become a Hero in your Exclusive Community Today

Condo in the Philippines - COHO by Vista Land - Kindness is a superpower
Photo by Andrew Thornebrooke on Unsplash

Indeed, the pandemic has changed how we live and how we interact with other people. Nevertheless, it bore modern-day heroes who keep humanity alive. We owe our greatest thanks to them for risking their lives on the frontlines. Therefore, we must not leave their invaluable efforts unappreciated as well as those who had fallen.

Our modern-day heroes are a testimony that even though you cannot save the whole world, saving one person’s life is enough. With this, you can become a modern-day hero in your community, today. You can start by spreading random act of kindness to your neighbors.