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You’ve probably seen it being romanticized in the movies: the main character leaving the comforts of home to reside in some foreign place for reasons like starting a new chapter or pursuing one’s dreams. Others do it for the sake of escaping personal misfortunes and finding oneself. They embark on exciting adventures, make new friends, bump into a cute stranger who happens to be their soulmate and eventually get their own slice of happiness. Right after the closing credits, you’re already itching to pack your bags, desperately wanting to make a change in your monotonous life and have a transformative epiphany just like the heroine on the big screen.


But unlike the ones portrayed in rom-coms and television, moving to a new city by yourself is not all glitz and glamour. It involves proper planning, adapting to a new culture and of course, financial stability. Departing from all the familiarity of your old home and delving into the unknown territory can be nerve-wracking at first, but with the right mindset and preparation, you’ll also realize that it may be the best decision you can make for yourself.


When homesickness, living expenses and packing logistics enter your mind, the idea of settling in a new home can become stressful and intimidating. But don’t let this dishearten you. If you have a good foresight and the guts to explore, it can be a rewarding experience of self-discovery. It’s also a great way to grasp a wider perspective in life and better opportunities. Perhaps you’re ready to go to college or you decided to have a career change outside your hometown — just the thought of living independently according to your own rules and pace is quite thrilling! After all, you can reinvent yourself and have a fresh start somewhere new. What can be more liberating than that?


Starting over and relocating by yourself has various perks and challenges, so we listed down some useful tips to help you move to a new city as smooth and hassle-free as possible:



Before the big move, you should first get a glimpse of what to expect in the neighborhood. It’s basic to know about the weather, modes of transportation, cost of living, language, nearby restaurants or cafes, job opportunities and business climate in the area. Once you figure out where you want to relocate, it’s advisable to visit it first or spend a few days in that city just to have a feel of what it’s like to actually live there. Ask around through your trusted friends and read additional information and reviews online.

There are several factors to consider – Is your new workplace or university easily accessible from your chosen turf? How’s the traffic situation in the metropolis? What are the usual travel times when using public transport? Are the streets walkable or bikeable? Is it a safe place to live? Are there cool brunch places and sports bars where you can hang out and meet new people? How do you get from Point A to Point B? Research is vital in your planning process so don’t skip it. It will also be helpful in finding an apartment or premium condo that caters to your needs, saving you a lot of time and energy.



Make sure you can afford the cost of living in your new city before deciding to move out and be on your own. Build up your savings early so you’ll have an extra stash of money to cover your daily expenses and emergency fund when you settle in your new home. It will also be practical to have already secured a job before getting there rather than coming empty-handed. If possible, settle your debts and other unpaid bills before relocating to lessen your financial burdens. Create a realistic budget for your expenses like rent, student fees, groceries and transportation then stick with it. Having extra savings is important because you can use it when exploring the city and getting into social activities. The last thing you want to stress about in a place where you hardly know anyone is running out of cash due to unforeseen spending.



In scouting for an apartment for rent or a premium condo, you have to consider a lot of things such as security, value for money, location, parking space and amenities. Scrutinize all your options and choose a place that makes you feel safe and reflects your lifestyle. Convenience and accessibility to your office or school, public transport and other major establishments must also be taken into consideration.

Perhaps you prefer to look for a roommate to trim down the cost of your apartment rent and utilities – just make sure your new roomie is trustworthy and jives with your personality and lifestyle. Or opt to stay in a co-living space where you can relish your solitude in a private room while having the social benefits of communal areas like kitchen and lounges where you can meet and interact with other people. For those who want to start their property investment in the Philippines, buying a condo is an ideal choice. Aside from owning the unit, you can also enjoy recreational condo perks like access to the swimming pool, fitness gym and clubhouse.



Just like when you’re traveling for a vacation, packing light is the way to go. In turning over a new leaf, it is inevitable to leave behind some of your old memories to make room for new ones. Now’s the time to get rid of the things that you don’t need or the ones that don’t serve their purpose in your life anymore so you can create a fresh environment in your next chapter.

Donate some of your clothes and appliances to charities or sell your bulky furniture and other merchandise at your garage sale or online shop for extra cash. To ease your packing, make a checklist of your essential items. Don’t procrastinate, pack weeks ahead of your moving schedule and do it by batch. Bring only the things that you use or value so as not to fill your closet with unnecessary belongings that take plenty of space. Always label your boxes and keep everything organized so you won’t forget to take along your important documents and personal possessions.



Once you’re done unpacking and organizing your things, let the real adventure begin! It’s time to get out there, breathe some fresh air and take a refreshing stroll in your new city. This will help you acclimatize with the new environment so you can feel at home in an unfamiliar place. Check out the nearest coffee shops, restaurants, grocery stores, shopping malls and pharmacies. Find your church or place of worship.

Rent a bike or a scooter to learn your way around the city like a tourist, and visit iconic landmarks and popular destinations. Be comfortable with your own company and spend the day alone in local museums, art shops and parks. Interact with the locals you meet in the bakery. You can also invite your new brunch buddy to watch basketball games or grab cocktails at the nearby pub. Explore the food and music scene in your new city, and attend cultural festivals or local events. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and try new things!



Moving to another city gives you a chance to achieve new beginnings in life. Make the most of it by practicing self-care, rediscovering your passion and doing the activities that you love. Sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery for you to have the courage and inspiration to realign your goals. Find a job that makes you happy and gives you a sense of purpose. Then strive to establish a good work-life balance to avoid stress and burnout. Start a healthy and active routine by preparing nutritious meals, sweating it out at the gym and getting enough sleep. Moreover, you should recognize getting COVID-19 vaccination as you will be moving closer to the city.


Whether it’s photography, baking, making homemade candles, scrapbooking, playing football, learning makeup tutorials, etc.—give time to work on your old hobbies and learn new ones. Taking classes and pursuing the things that you enjoy will most likely lead you to meet people who share the same interests while successfully honing your skills.



Saying goodbye to your old home doesn’t mean you’ll burn bridges with the family and friends you left behind. If you truly value their love and friendship, no distance should diminish your connection. Homesickness is one of the biggest challenges of moving out by yourself. There might be days when you would be missing everything about your old life – your mom’s cooking, your childhood besties, your favorite café, birthday celebrations and milestones, etc. Feeling this ache of nostalgia can happen even if your new community is fun and awesome.

Keep in touch with your family and friends through Zoom or FaceTime on a regular basis so you can talk about your struggles and update each other about the exciting happenings in your lives. Schedule video calls or constantly chat with them to maintain your old relationships and gain emotional support. You can even make plans of visiting one another if possible.



If you’re moving to a place where you don’t know anyone, ask your old friends to connect you with their colleagues who live in the same area. Let them set you up on friendly dates! Post your big move on social media – your Facebook friends and Instagram followers may have a few recommendations, tips and even acquaintances who’ll be glad to be your tour guide for the day. You might even be surprised that some of the people in your network are from the same town! Utilize technology by using meetup apps and websites or joining online groups with like-minded interests. You can also go the traditional way by signing up for book clubs or dance classes. Volunteer for a good cause or play your favorite sports in recreational leagues.

Be extra social! Chat with the bartender who knows almost everything about the neighborhood. Smile often and strike up a conversation with your co-workers, fellow yogis and the folks next door. Say yes to their invitation for dinner or drinks. Who knows? They might be your next BFFs in your new chapter.

Staying in a resort-inspired condo can also increase your odds of meeting new people in the community. Chances are you’ll be hanging out with the same residents in common areas like the pool and gym so it will be a lot easier to say hi the next time you run into them. If you consider moving to Metro Manila because of a new job or university, check out this premium condo in Las Piñas



The evolution of city-living in Las Piñas has continuously been a testament to its potential as the metro’s breakthrough city. One of the most in-demand urban vertical villages in this city blends the promise of progress with a uniquely beautiful lifestyle in a modern development – The Hermosa COHO. It has remarkably developed as a real estate investment well-poised to appreciate in value with propositions that perfectly fit its name as a standard of beauty.

The Hermosa proves to be the best option for young professionals, starting families, and discerning investors who want to get a piece of Las Pinas. Its enhanced accessibility provided by surrounding road networks is sure to offer an exciting and distinct residential experience and upgraded lifestyle in the middle of a booming landscape. Choosing The Hermosa is second nature to those who want to add a premium to living holistically. Investing in The Hermosa is choosing breakthrough in the Metro.


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