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New Hobbies to Discover and Try at Home

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If you have already tried revamping your home as well as immersing yourself in an interactive movie adventure, then you might notice that there are no other things to do anymore. Well, not quite! In fact, there are still new hobbies to discover and try at home that you have not explored before.

The Significance of Discovering New Hobbies

Who says that having new hobbies are just for kids? In this time of pandemic, everyone’s mental health should be taken care of. It will be easier to thrive if you will be able to discover more about yourself and on what you can do.

There are healthful effects of discovering new hobbies in these trying times.

1. Discovering new hobbies will give you a chance to do more than what you can do. It will help you to know yourself more in the process. Apart from that, it will regain your sense of self since you will be occupied in your leisure time.

2. Your creativity will surely be honed in no time. With the amount of leisure time that you have at home, there is no doubt that you can be a master of art straight away.

3. When you have new hobbies, it will stimulate your brain cells. Thus, it will keep you active during the day. In addition, you will have more reasons to wake up since you have a bunch of new hobbies to try at home.

4. Since you will be busy trying new hobbies, it will definitely keep you away from indulging on vices and negative thinking. Likewise, you will be able to create a new routine in life.

5. Once you have achieved new hobbies while at home, you can freely share them in your social media platforms. Be proud of your skills. Moreover, you can turn these new hobbies into small businesses. In this way, you will be able to enjoy while making money.

16 New Hobbies You Can Explore in Your Leisure Time

1. Exploring Your Inner Musician

Have you tried tingling the strings of an instrument before? Or, have you tried singing your heart out at home?

Well, take advantage of honing your music hobbies while on lockdown. You might never know that you are actually a good singer or musician that is yet to be discovered.

Since there are no face-to-face or physical music classes, you can always surf the net for virtual music classes. Besides, there is no reason for you to dilly dally in discovering new hobbies because you got all the time in the world to do these.

However, if you prefer learning an instrument or honing your music capabilities alone, then there are paid music applications that you can buy in Google Store or Apple Store. Nonetheless, learning music with a teacher will be better than learning from an app. It is because a music teacher will be able to track your progress and development along the way. Furthermore, a teacher will be able to curate specific music lessons that will particularly address your individual style of learning.

2. Slaying Every letter with Typography

Are you one of those people who had an average penmanship at most?

Well, upgrade your handwriting by learning fancy lettering or calligraphy. Get a brush pen and a piece of paper. If you are a beginner on lettering, then you may want to watch typography tutorial videos.

On the other hand, you can look for inspirations on Pinterest before you begin. On the internet, there are a plethora of typography samples in which you can find inspiration from.

Above all, the key to having the perfect brush stroke is practice.

3. Discovering the Wonders of Resin Art

When the pandemic started, the form of resin art became popular across social media. Consequetly, a lot of people are turning this new hobby into an art business by making pendants, keychains, earrings and the like using resin. It is like a fossilized object in a marble glass.

What is resin art?

Resin art is a piece of artwork that is formed from substance compounds that are molded with a hardener or formed with a UV light. In fact, there are four types of resin that an artist can use. They are epoxy, polyurethane, silicone and polyester “fiberglass” resin. However, we recommend beginners to use epoxy instead.

You can watch some resin art tutorials on Youtube and Tiktok.

4. Learning a New Language

If there will be a new hobby that you can have, then that is learning a new language. It is because it can lead you to great places.

Learning a new language will be difficult, especially if you are an adult, but perseverance is key.

There a myriad of ways how you can learn a new language. You can go to Youtube for some language tutorials, you can download a language app and purchase its full features to learn new languages, or you can just enroll to a virtual language class. Subsequently, you can do the latter if you prefer working with a teacher.

5. Appreciating Modern-Day Heroes

What better way to have as a new hobby, but by way of appreciating the people who risk their lives just to protect humanity from the virus?

With your painting or calligraphy skills, you can make gratitude cards as you show appreciation to all the frontliners. Not only it will keep you pre-occupied with this new hobby, but you will also do it with a special purpose. That is, making other feel appreciated and happy.

6. Experimenting New Recipes

Do you think that you are already a master chef in your small condo kitchen? Why not explore new herbs and spices that will upgrade the usual recipes that you have ever been doing since then?

On the other hand, if you are new into cooking, why not take advantage of the time to learn and ignite that inner chef in you?

After all, experimenting new recipes as a new hobby will definitely make your loved ones and friends fall in love with you.

7. Burning Calories with Indoor Workout

Now that fitness gyms are close due to the pandemic. It is now time to have a specific area in your condo home wherein you can burn calories or achieve your fitness goals.

Before, our workload has been our excuse not to pursue such fitness workout. Now, there is no excuse for not doing an indoor workout. This will not only tone your body, but it will also make your body healthy.

8. Experiencing Amigurumi

Are you fond of making crochets?

Well, there is a higher form of crocheting that you can explore on; that is, the amigurumi.

What is Amigurumi?

Unlike in ordinary crochets, amigurumi is crocheting 3D figures, usually animal stuff toys. The usual tools that you use for crocheting are much similar with amigurumi; however, you just need an additional stuffing in order to fully come out the 3D effect of your amigurumi.

There are lots of tutorial videos on the net for those of you who would like to pursue amigurumi. Well, it will be better if you will learn the basics of crocheting first.

9. Achieving Tiktok Challenges

One of the biggest social media platforms today is tiktok.

Perhaps, you have seen tiktok videos of your friends. Usually, you can see them dancing, acting out, or even singing. Well, this entertainment platform has really put everyone into a great mood of fun.

Nonetheless, what makes tiktok relevant are the challenges available for you to try out. You might notice eventually that achieving tiktok challenges will not just be a new hobby, but it will also be addictive.

10. Growing your Money with Property Investments

Since everything is online now, investing is now at the realm of your convenience. There are property listing websites available on the net where you can take advantage of posting your property investments.

Investing on real-estate properties such as in COHO by Vista Land will give you a chance to rent out your unit for a short-term (AirBnB type) or in long-term (contractual) lease. In this way, you will be able to have another source of income. Investments, therefore, will make the money work for you, and not the other way around.

11. Being a Whiz with Mind-Boggling Games

You can find new hobbies in games, especially when it will give you an opportunity to become a whiz!

Why not start solving puzzles? Or, you can find some mystery games wherein you can solve crimes and be your own detective.

12. Reading is Still In

If you are not fond of reading, then take this opportunity to make it as a new hobby. You will see yourself fascinated with stories and adventures written by renowned nobel-prize writers.

In addition, reading will actually take the most of your time because you will eventually notice that you cannot stop flipping the pages until you get to know the ending.

13. Counseling People

With the pandemic still ongoing, you might learn that you have loved ones and friends who are silently fighting to overcome the challenges of today. In this case, why not start opening up your ears to people and counseling them?

This will also a great moment to know them even closer. Counseling people can also be a therapeutic new hobby for you because you will find yourself giving advice that you never knew you ever knew before! Apart from that, you may even learn from people during the process.

14. Collecting Memories

There are a few good new hobbies when it comes to collecting. You can be a coin collector, a toy collector, or even an art collector. However, there are only a few people who are a memory collector.

In order to collect some good memories, you might need to prepare some scrapbook and designs. Afterward, collect photos from your smart devices and print them all.

As you go through each picture, you might find yourself traveling down the memory lane.

15. Bringing Out your Podcast Talent

If you are familiar with podcasts, you may notice that it is like a TED talk in which you can learn a lot of things. People who do podcasts usually create contents that will give a sound advice to their listeners.

This might be your avenue to share your thoughts to the world. Start having your own podcast channel and get other people be inspired by you!

16. Painting Landscapes

Condo in Bacoor Cavite - The Meridian - COHO by Vista Land - Amenity Aerial Perspective
Condo in Bacoor Cavite – The Meridian – COHO by Vista Land – Amenity Aerial Perspective

Since you are living in a resort-inspired condo, you can notice that you are amidst a verdant landscape with lush trees and manicured grasses. There are also flowers blooming around and you can breathe a fresh air.

Why not take a sit on the grass and be mesmerized on your surroundings? Apart from that, you can grab a canvas and have your painting tools with you. Paint the beautiful landscape in front of you. Do not miss a detail of the landscape!

Afterward, have it in a photo frame and hang it on your wall. This will remind you that there is life as long as there is nature. Never lose hope in this pandemic!

Cultivating your New Hobbies

Cultivating your new hobbies is like taking care of a plant. You need to make it mature as time goes by. However, that will not be possible if you will not exert some effort to make it grow. Similar with the new hobbies, you need to take some time to fully immerse yourself into discovering about them.

It will be better if you will do these new hobbies with a friend, so you will be inspired to pursue until the end. In this way, you can share stories to one another your unique experiences while having new hobbies.

Above all, being able to cultivate your hobbies will bring out the best in you! What are you waiting for? Discover new hobbies today and realize that you have more potential than you ever know.