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New Year, Better Opportunities, Best Investments

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2021: The Year to Restart, Recover, and Rebound. This year seems to be more hopeful than the last. Opportunities are bountiful and it is yours for the taking.

Start the New Year with New Investments

2020 has been an extraordinarily challenging journey, but it’s finally done. We’re finally here, 2021, the year where everything seems to be more hopeful than the last. Right now, your mind is racing with the age-old traditions of “New Year, New Me,” with resolutions that propel your mind to do more things, and maybe some things that you promised to do last year. Maybe, you are thinking of changing your plans to better suit the New Normal. After all, the New Year generates new opportunities, how about consider making new investments?

If you are planning to invest in 2021, keep an eye on the sectors that are projected to rise during the post-COVID normalcy. Economists have forecasted that the Philippines will rebound in the first half of 2021.

In the last two months of 2020, news broke out that the coronavirus vaccine trials were better than expected. This is good news for 2021, especially for companies and sectors who have taken a beating during the pandemic.

The real estate sector will have a huge resurgence in a post-vaccine economy. It is no surprise that real estate has sustained its status during the pandemic. The industry has been resilient and prevailed in previous crises, such as the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis and the 2008 Global Financial Crisis.

While some industry observers expected the real estate industry to plummet and be in a worse state, residential property developers, in particular, actually adapted well to the New Normal. This enabled the industry to weather the storm and achieve a decent performance in 2020.

Real Estate Investment: The Importance and Key Benefits

condo in Taguig, new year, new investments, new opportunities, resort-inspired amenities
Investing in a condo is a smart and rewarding financial decision.

Now, you are thinking that investing in real estate is a broad statement. However, to be specific in your next investment for the new year, consider condominiums. Condominiums are the future of residential living. Why?

Key Benefits

First, condos require less upkeep as the property developer provides concierge services, maintenance, and security. These perks come along with your investment. Additionally, they look more modern and give you access to exclusive and premium resort-inspired amenities.

If you would break down the finances, the other fixed costs in maintenance and upkeep covers the monthly condominium dues. Compared to buying a house-and-lot property, you’ll be saving money on items that used to be separate monthly expenses.

Over time, the condominium property will appreciate in market value. You will earn back your investment in the coming years. This is especially true when you purchase a pre-selling unit. Early adopters will earn greater gains, even before the property is constructed.

Before you invest in a condo, you should think before you go through with your financial decision. You must ask yourself these questions:

“Am I financially ready?”
“Is it feasible enough to meet the criteria required for the investment?”

“How will I use it?”
“Am I an end-user or a condominium landlord eyeing rental income?”

Know your purpose of buying a condo. Your satisfaction with your real estate purchase will depend on the investment objectives that you set.

The Importance

The real estate market remains very attractive. It pays to think fast and have a well-informed decision. The earlier one decides, the higher the prospective returns that one may possibly gain.

Prices are gradually increasing and pre-selling units are more attractive during this time. Therefore, it is your opportunity to reap the advantage of investing early.  Search for specific terms, such as pre-selling condos, condo for sale and a location of your choice! Be sure to choose a location that is ripe for continuous infrastructure developments and attractive for locals and foreigners.

Condo living is all about convenience and enjoying beautiful lifestyles that reflect fine upscale living. By choosing the right location and the right development, you will get the balance that you seek. Consider that as your New Year resolution, one of your new investments for a secured future.

The Courtyard: Your Dream Development

condo for sale tall nude building with two towers in taguig
The Courtyard’s three buildings: Diana, Katherine, and Charlotte, named after the United Kingdom’s queens.

The Courtyard is a premium and exclusive property that could be your next prime investment in 2021. It is a 21-storey high-rise condo in Taguig, located on Pedro Cayetano Boulevard and is just 15 minutes to the business and lifestyle district of Bonifacio Global City.

The property aims to be the modern, urban living in the New Normal. We offer studio units condo for sale. Our units’ design are quaint and sophisticated, perfect for the progressive city of Taguig.

Bonifacio Global City is a first-class district, packed with numerous activities and a diverse set of cultures in the National Capital Region.

Lifestyle and Resort-inspired Amenities

The Courtyard will satisfy the urban dweller. Our resort-inspired amenities provide a serene ambience that rejuvenates your mind and spirit amid the hustle and bustle of the city. From the swimming pool, complemented by a clubhouse, elegantly-spaced gardens, and a fitness gym, you will achieve an active lifestyle with us.

swimming pool, condo in Taguig, resort-inspired amenities, green space, clubhouse
Everyday is a relaxing staycation in The Courtyard. This will be yours in the New Year, as you consider this as one of your new investments.

Moreover, Taguig City is one of the most environmentally-friendly cities in Metro Manila. It is no surprise that your condo in Taguig will follow suit. The Courtyard has several green spaces that are available to our residents. You can re-energize or have a chat with your friends and fellow neighbors.

The Courtyard’s Distinct Features

Your security is our priority. Our condo development provides top-level security features, ensuring your utmost safety in our property. Additionally, our property is calamity-proof. Because we have elevated the property, several meters from the main road.

Our residents will not worry about flooding and any potential environmental hazards. Because the seat of the city government is located nearby, along with its police and fire protection units that are ready for immediate emergency responses.

The studio unit is home automated ready. What does that mean? The Courtyard supplies your unit with fiber optic connections, ensuring a microsecond response time to activating all your home amenities through your smartphone.

condo in Taguig, green and sustainable space, relaxing serene ambience, upper view, balcony with comfortable chairs and couches
The project is a posh and luxurious resort-inspired atmosphere that gives you a quick escape in the urban city.

Your convenience is key in The Courtyard. Your essential needs and wants are just a few meters away from the property. Our ground floor is a commercial space that contains the Coffee Project, Bake My Day, and other food centers to quickly quench your cravings.

Furthermore, Vista Mall Taguig is near the property, where you have access to All Day Supermarket and All Home to supply your home with the essential goods and customization to your condo.

Investment and Future with The Courtyard

Your investment is guaranteed here, because it is rewarding to invest in our property. We appreciate in capital value, due to the surrounding area’s infrastructure developments.

In the latter half of 2021, the South East Metro Manila Expressway and the BGC-Ortigas Link Road will open. Sooner or later, our property is well-poised to increase its capital value yet again.

Therefore, it is now your opportunity to invest early into The Courtyard. We currently offer pre-selling units for all our studio units.

Our first building, Diana, will be completed in the fourth quarter of 2024.

Reserve your unit today! Take the New Year as your new opportunity to make new investments.

Contact 0920-981-3626 or 0906-389-0913 or message our official Facebook and Instagram pages, The Courtyard COHO.