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Pet Breeds for your Condo Home

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Pets have been our most loyal and greatest companions across many generations. The bond between animals and humans have given several benefits to our mental health. They have provided us numerous amounts of delight, comfort, and stress relievers to the point that they become valued as a worthy member of the family.

With the advent of upgraded and modern lifestyles emphasizing the wellness of individuals, most property developers have advocated for the inclusion of pets into their properties. This is cascaded to their vertical projects, with condominiums being a prime example for becoming pet-friendly. When you search for condo units for sale, they immediately highlight this aspect, as most residents typically have a pet companion with them.

But, condominium properties provides a set of guidelines for their residents who wish to bring their pet/s into their household. There are many different breeds of pets, but not all are compatible with condo living. It is important to note that upon choosing a condominium to stay in, you must consider the available spaces (both your indoor space and the outdoor amenities) and the type of environment that your pet companion is capable of thriving in.

In this article, we will give you a list of 14 Pet Breeds that are fit for your condo unit.

Dog Breeds

Most condominiums allow certain kinds of dogs into their vicinity. However, like mentioned earlier, some of them can tolerate the indoor space, be quiet and calm to avoid causing noises amongst your floor neighbors and require an area where they can run freely and enjoy the morning sun.

After all, dogs are man’s best friend, so they have been part of the human family for many years now. The following dogs are perfect as your furry companion in your condo unit.

Shit Tzu Dog Breed

Shih Tzu

This lovable pet breed is great for pleasing the policies set by most condominiums. Their small size is comfortable to be anywhere, as long as they can be with you. They do not require much of a huge space nor a place for running around, since their energy is perfect when you do not want to be a huge nuisance to your neighbors.

A shih tzu’s nature is calm, affectionate, and polite. They radiate with an immense amount of cuteness and they are one of the most loyal and relaxed pet breeds to have in your condo.

Pug Dog Breed


The pug is well-known for their cute face and lovable eyes, but most especially of their home dwelling attitude. Their mild temperament embodies their friendly and cuddly nature. Their small size contributes to their “lazy demeanor” and has the tendency to stay quiet for the most part. They don’t often bark, which is why they are the perfect pet breed in your condo.

The best part about them is that they require moderate exercise, and you can enjoy letting them have a brisk walk with them every day. Either in your condo, within the halls, or within the provided outdoor space.

Pomeranian Dog Breed


The Pomeranian is another compatible pet breed for your condo unit. Their size is perfectly suited for a studio unit and its playful nature is adorable. Although, they love to stay indoors with their owners and prefer the view from the windowsill.

Because of their friendly nature, the Pomeranian will get along well with your neighbors. Additionally, they can get by whenever they are alone, especially when the bond between them and their human owner is strong as ever. They won’t be a nuisance to others as long as they have been given the proper training, since they are incredibly loyal to their masters.

Maltese Dog Breed


The Maltese is a gentle and playful breed, and its small size is incomparable for its affectionate nature. This is also considered by many to be one of the perfect pet breed companions in a condo, as they are known for their low energy characteristics, making it easier to maintain in the long run.

Furthermore, the Maltese are extremely attached to their owners and they love laying down on your lap or cuddling up with your bed.

Cat Breeds

Cats are known to be the opposite of dogs. Since dogs are mostly energetic, cats are calmer and more adaptable in any given place. Thus, cats are more associated with the image of condominiums allowing this as their mascot for allowing pet breeds in their developments.

The following will list cat breeds that have easygoing temperaments and a moderate energy level that are suitable for your condo unit.

Birman Cat Breed


The Birman cat breed is popular for its exotic look and its cuddly nature. They tend to attach themselves closely with their owner, thus, it is very affectionate and playful when given the attention.

Because of their strong connection with their owners, they are adaptable to any given environment. Moreover, they are friendly by default and its cute nature is sure to attract neighbors to pet it.

Persian Cat Breed


This particular pet breed is the epitome of gentle and serene. The Persian cat loves to lie down or sit on soft surfaces, like pillows, beds, and their owner’s lap. Well-behaved and well-mannered, this pet breed exudes cuteness that loves humans and its environment.

Their easy-going nature is perfect for your condo unit as they are laid back and spend most of their time content with lazing about the place. Persians have earned the nickname, “furniture with hair,” as your stress will melt away whenever you hug them. Their low energy matches the indoors well and will not cause any problems with your neighbors.

Siamese Cat Breed


The Siamese’s look has distinguished and unique looks, particularly its crystal blue eyes and sophisticated stature. Despite its formal looks, this pet breed is just like any other fuzzy companion: lovable, cute, and loyal.

They easily bond with their pet owners and are known to be very clingy and friendly to everybody. It should also be noted that this pet breed is highly intelligent, thus, Siamese cats are active beings. Playtime is of the essence with this pet breed and love to explore the open world. As a pet breed for your condo unit, the Siamese cat is a great companion, especially as a “lap cat.”

Sphynx Cat Breed


Despite its looks, the Sphynx breed is a lovable companion. For one, you wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning fur and you can easily feel the warmth of this cute fella whenever you cuddle with it.

They are lovable creatures and their personalities are described as playful and affectionate. During cold seasons, they wouldn’t hesitate to jump to your arms. The Sphynx pet breed is perfect for human companionship and they are often used for therapy. For the most part, the Sphynx will simply relax on a piece of furniture or a place you provided for them to nap in your condo unit. Thus, they too are one of the terrific pet breeds to have.

Other Pet Breeds

Now, you may not be either a dog or cat lover, but don’t worry, the following list will provide you other pet breed companions that are compatible with most condos for sale. One thing to note about this particular list is that these animals are low maintenance than dogs and cats and frequent the indoors more.

Rabbit Pet


Rabbits are a great fuzzy companion to have in your condo unit. They are very quiet, yet sociable to have. You would have no problem upon thinking on what to feed them, as they love carrots and leafy green vegetables.

They require a litter box and small to medium-sized cage, equipped with a water bottle where they can take sips of once in a while. On the plus side, they are cute to look at and love to be petted. Just be sure to purchase your furniture that does not match the same color as your rabbit. They can easily blend in the house.

Clownfish in a tank


This pet breed is one of the domesticated fish types to have and they only require an aquarium and a steady supply of water available. However, the clownfish is specifically tied to saltwater, not freshwater. This requires more maintenance than needed since you need to clean the aquarium water filter, but other than that, owning a pet fish is cool to look at and the mess is minimal compared to other animals.

The Clownfish is iconic to the Pixar classic film, “Finding Nemo,” which was released in 2003. So there is no doubt as to why the clownfish is one of the popular fishes to own as an aquatic pet owner. In terms of this pet breed being compatible with living in a condo unit, it is no problem since the aquarium is their only primary home and source of water.

Moreover, the aquarium adds another aethetic layer to your overall home. Especially at night, as the blue glow shines and the sounds of the low hums of bubbling water creates an unexpected level of ambience to your living space and if you chose to live in a resort-inspired condominium property. And it can attract some interesting conversations with your neighbors on aquatic life.

Goldfish in a tank


Like the description written for the clownfish, the Goldfish is the same thing. However, the goldfish thrives on freshwater and one of the commonly fish pet breeds out there. Each kind of goldfish exudes a variety of vibrant colors from yellow, orange, red, white and its namesake, gold.

Goldfish are lower maintenance than the clownfish breed, unless you plan to keep two aquariums or separate them in fishbowls, which you can place on your bedside, work desk, or coffee table. Either way, the goldfish adds a variety as your aquatic companion.

Hamster Pet


Hamsters are another pet breed that describes the word cute to a pulp. For one thing, hamsters are inexpensive to manage and are considered to be another low maintenance pet.

Your investment in this particular pet needs a cage, some hay, hamster wheel, and a tiny bed material and you are all set. This adorable companion is very playful, especially after being fed and interacted with by their owner. Their “noisy” sounds are just tiny squeaks and occasionally go on their hamster wheel for some light exercise. Hamsters are another perfect pet breed companion in your condo unit, and you will be delighted to see your tiny companion roll around in their hay-filled cage, waiting for you to feed them.

Guinea Pig Pet

Guinea Pigs

Much like its distinct relative, the hamster, this lovable fella oozes cuteness and socializes a lot with its owner. They enjoy spending time in its sizable enclosure that is a cage decorated with hay, some wheel or toy that allows them to squeeze through, and the occasional food and water.

Guinea Pigs are a great companion to have in your condo unit, especially in small living spaces, and their energetic personality is sure enough to destress you after a long day at work.

Turtle Pet


The turtle is not that complicated upon taking care of them. Just like the fish pet breeds mentioned previously, they need to be kept in an aquarium container, where there is an equal division between water and a patch of land.

Those two elements are all they need to roam around and be happy. Their green shell and calm demeanor provide a sense of peace and nirvana in your condo unit and taking care of them takes up no sweat at all.

The Meridian is Your Pet-friendly Condo in The South

At this point, you are probably wondering what the perfect place is to invest and stay in with your furry companions. That is why The Meridian COHO is a perfect location for pet owners out there. Every pet animal mentioned in this list is perfectly appropriate in our property grounds.
The Meridian Pet Friendly Condo

The Meridian COHO is your go-to pet-friendly development and we have even provided our residents with tips on how to maintain their pets in our property.

The Meridian COHO is your next prime real estate investment. The property offers near-ready-for-occupancy condos in Bacoor, Cavite. Our condo units for sale range from one to two-bedroom units and studio units designed with a modern aesthetic. The property is a 5-hectare development that is decorated with resort-inspired amenities and serene green spaces, which is a great place for pet owners and pet companions.

Furthermore, the property is safe for your pets and everybody living in the community. Safety and security are assured here with a 24/7 availability of security guards assigned in our guardhouses and monitored CCTVs. Lastly, The Meridian is conveniently located to key establishments such as All Home Imus, Medical Center Imus, and NOMO – A Vista Lifestyle Center. The latter of which contains the essentials needed to take care of your pets and more.

All of these are accessible via several interconnected roads within the area like Daang Hari, Alabang-Zapote, CAVITEX, and MCX, further making convenience a treat upon travelling other places around Metro Manila.

The Meridian Condominium Complex

Designed with distinctive contemporary features and outstanding architectural attributes where the atmosphere is like a mini-village, residents at The Meridian COHO can even stay at home and still enjoy the urban comforts one usually enjoys in the city.

Be sure to follow our website and our official Facebook pages, COHO by Vista Land Official and The Meridian COHO, to know more and keep up to date about this pet-friendly condo for sale in Bacoor.


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