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Refresh your Condominium without Breaking the Bank

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It’s been a year since the global lockdown happened due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s been a year of staying mostly at home.

To be honest, being confined in your condominium for a long period makes you feel a bit bored with your surroundings. A refresh of your space is needed to reinvigorate your spirit.

Refreshing your abode doesn’t mean major renovation. Besides, with the current pandemic, having strangers in your Vista COHO Condo may not be advisable. Sometimes simply organizing your space; or adding highlights here and there can do the trick.

Here are some suggestions on how to rejuvenate your home without breaking the bank.

Indoor Plant for your Condo Unit

Add some greens

Adding some indoor plants can do a lot to spruce up your place. Studies have shown that indoor plants help increase creativity and productivity. Moreover, having greens inside your condo can create a relaxing environment, and reduce stress. Bringing out the plantito or plantita in you helps improve your general well-being. This includes taking care of your mental health.

Styling your bookshelf

Style your bookcase

A styled bookcase can make your area chic and sophisticated.

Shelfie styling, as it is fondly called, can turn your space from ordinary to outstanding. To style a shelf, be brave enough to mix it up. Add depth by stacking some books. Include your favorite artwork or your travel memorabilia or even your most cherished toys to make it more personal. Remember not to make it too crowded as it will make your shelf look messy and disorganized.

Refresh your Condominium without Breaking the Bank Highligh Wall

Highlight a wall

If you don’t have a bookcase in your home, you can achieve a refresh by creating a wall highlight. There are tons of materials available online that can help you with this project. You can choose to install wall tiles or wallpaper. You can decorate it with easy-to-remove vinyl stickers of your favorite saying.

Or you can hang some artwork or photos.

Put in some lights and lamps on your condo

Put more lights

Brightening up your space gives off a warm and cozy ambiance. You can add floor lamps or table lamps to lighten up the dark spots. If you are a bit knowledgeable about electric works, you can change your lighting fixtures to give your space the needed change. Better yet, you can install smart lights that you can control based on your mood.

Change your curtains and other fabrics

Change your fabrics

Match your curtains, pillowcases, and table cloths, as well as other fabrics, to give your home an overhaul. If you are living in a studio apartment, match your bed linens as well. Choose warm and cozy colors that will jazz up your space. A simple change in these items can enliven your room.

Refresh your Condominium without Breaking the Bank - Painting and Cleaning

Clean and Paint

The best way to reinvigorate your home is to pack up all your knick-knacks and keep your condo clutter-free. Change the color of your walls to give your space a refresh. This may take several days but the final output is worth it.

While COHO already provides you with stunning condominium units in Taguig, Bacoor, Las Pinas, and Tagaytay, change is needed to give you a much-needed recharge. These suggestions are just small adjustments with amazing results.

Stay safe everyone!

About COHO by Vista Land

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