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The benefits of investing in RFO condominium units in Tagaytay

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Tagaytay, next to Baguio, is a favorite hotspot outside Metro Manila for both travelers and investors alike. While it doesn’t have the usual attractions like beaches, it offers tourist spots, dining, and leisure opportunities that can take one’s mind off from the hustle and bustle in the metro that it makes sense to invest in ready-for-occupancy (RFO) units in Tagaytay.

Here are 7 benefits of investing in RFO units in Tagaytay:

1. It’s the right time to buy.

The current public health crisis certainly has made and is continuously making an impact on almost all markets and industries. But it definitely is an eye-opener to the reality that investing in real estate properties can definitely help Filipinos in ensuring their financial security and income sources, especially in difficult situations like the COVID-19 pandemic. And with the robust outlook projected in 2021, it makes sense to put where your money’s worth in a Tagaytay property that you can quickly move into or lease out for a short-term holiday vacation or long-term stay.

And while property prices have climbed as a result of the public health crisis, banks have been very accommodating when it comes to granting residential property loans, with 62.7 percent of the residential property loans in the second quarter of 2020 taken out were for condominium units. Moreover, experts believe that the property market is expected to pick up as a slight price correction looms, encouraging more serious buyers to snap up real estate properties.

2. The Tagaytay property market has competitive real estate prices.

Even with all that is happening on the economic front, real estate prices remain surprisingly low in Tagaytay. There are still countless empty lots, houses, and properties of other kinds in Tagaytay that allow developers to offer up-and-coming properties at competitive prices. If anything, you’ll want to act fast to catch the best deals, especially on properties that offer luxury, exclusivity, and modernity.

3. Suburbs have more growth potential. 

Nearby locations in metro cities like Tagaytay are seeing economic growth as more potential homeowners are looking at them. Also, Tagaytay is now offering condo properties beyond the single and multi-family homes. RFO / Move-in ready developments like Pine Suites Tagaytay of Vista Land offer condo units located in a modern, Danish-style mid-rise building complete with luxury resort amenities, lush greens, and manicured common spaces. And with Tagaytay as the second summer capital of the Philippines (after Baguio), the property is easily a perfect choice for future unit owners or property investors looking to invest in the next hot thing in multi-family properties.

swimming pool view with pine trees greenery and condo building facade
Multi-home RFO units in Tagaytay like Pines Suites COHO are easily the next vacation hotspot, especially if they are integrated with beautiful and high-quality commercial and lifestyle retail spaces that bring future homeowners closer to everything they need for a modern, exclusive city living experience in the suburbs.

Danish-themed building facade of a condo in Tagaytay

Danish-themed building facade of a condo in Tagaytay
Discreetly located away from the main road along Bonifacio Drive, close to the vibrant restaurant area in the city. Here, the duality of nature and activity (and the cool, fresh pine-scented air Tagaytay is famous for) emanate just steps from your door.

4. Properties in suburban locations like Tagaytay demand high rental yields.

If you are prepared to invest your hard-earned money, you probably want to put it in an asset that demands high rental yields. Suburban properties close to high-density locations will always be profitable in terms of rental income. The demand for exclusive properties, high occupancy rates, and continuous economic growth allows property investors to raise their rental income, especially if they bring something more than the usual. A smart real estate investor will certainly use this rental income to pay off extra towards the mortgage (and earn capital gain early in the process), and even cover expenses and maintenance during lull season.

Danish-themed clubhouse design in condo in Tagaytay with greenery
Facilities at Pine Suites Tagaytay include swimming pools, landscaped courtyard, jogging path, gym and fitness center, entertainment room, and a function hall.

5. Suburban properties in Tagaytay are minutes away from Metro Manila.

If you like to experience the property itself as a homeowner, it makes sense to enjoy your investment and still in close access to Metro Manila.

Pine Suites Tagaytay is discreetly located away from the busy main road along Bonifacio Drive but is still close to the Tagaytay’s’ restaurant strip, hospitals, schools, and malls in the city. Tagaytay City is also a 2-hour drive from Metro Manila, which is great if you need to drive to and from Manila on a regular basis. Tagaytay’s public transportation systems are also consistent.

6. Open yourself to multiple incomes.

The property market in Tagaytay is mainly catered to multiple income earners. Therefore, they have a larger budget to work with than single individuals. And if you happen to invest in one of the multi-family, RFO units in Tagaytay, you are opening your property to long-term vacation renters who are also happy to drop more on extras you may want to offer aside from your rental unit.

7. Tagaytay properties are surefire Investment-grade properties.

As a tangible item, an RFO unit in Tagaytay allows you more control than other forms of investment, more so now when volatility in the stock market is seen by wise investors as an opportunity to reassess your asset allocations and reconsider how real estate can fit into your portfolio.

And with a community quarantine still in place in key areas, it seems a good idea to invest in properties located in lush mountainous areas. These locations serve as an idyllic retreat to relieve yourself of cabin fever by holing up in a secondary home that offers generous open spaces for leisurely walks, jogging, breathing in the fresh air, and observing physical distancing. And if one such locale is just a road-cruise from the Metro, it also provides a convenient option for telecommuting (working from home).

And if you are one of those types who are banking on this buyer’s demand, investing in and flipping an RFO condo unit in Tagaytay that offers modern, exclusive conveniences like Pine Suites Tagaytay offered by COHO by Vista Land is the easiest thing to do. Since its launch, Pine Suites Tagaytay has seen capital appreciation on its units ranging from 90- 184% with an average year-on-year appreciation of 17-24%.

And if you are into leasing it out, you can easily partner with the property’s online travel agencies such as Vista Leasing, TripAdvisor, Booking.com, and Agoda. For example, renting out a studio balcony at Php2,500 a night for 10 occupancies means a monthly revenue of Php25,000. Renting out a 2-bedroom RFO unit with a balcony at PHP4,500 a night can easily earn you Php45,000 in monthly revenue.

With these benefits, Pine Suites Tagaytay assures you that your real estate investment is in good hands. And there is no time to take advantage of this than now.

Want to know more about how an RFO / Move-in unit in Pine Suites Tagaytay is a great move? Inquire to invest now!.