Seller’s Guide

Allow us to guide you step-by-step for you to successfully sell and transfer ownership of COHO properties to the homeowners and to start your brokers accreditation process.

Legal documents of condo for sale buyer's guide
Our step-by-step buyer’s guide will help you through the buying process for you to jumpstart your investment at COHO.

You are one step closer to earning your first million! Here is a complete step-by-step seller’s guide that will walk you through the buying process, property management assistance, and everything you’ll need to make your ice break sale happen.

Selling a condo can be a worthwhile effort you can make. As your clients love the development, you’ll love and enjoy the exclusive, modern lifestyle you gift them. You will also appreciate the convenience of selling a COHO development.

But where do you begin? If you are deciding on sell COHO’s condos for sale in Metro Manila, for example, you will only need to read our guide to get started.

COHO by Vista Land is a high-potential condo investment asset that stands out to crystallize and achieve the objectives of its investors. COHO thoughtfully provides investors with a guide on what homeowners need to know about their investment at COHO. Investors can choose from our available condos for sale in Metro Manila and Metro Cavite.

To jumpstart your selling, you may read through our complete beginner’s guide to condo buying. From the planning stage up until the execution stage, our buyer’s guide will help you identify client key objectives, checklists, to-dos, and must-know facts about investing in real estate. The buyer’s guide provides references to relevant articles and verified information that will convince you to sell COHO’s condo for sale properties. 

Once you’re set and sure to sell, our buyer’s guide shows you the standard requirements, loan process, and general reservation procedure. You do not need to worry about doing it on your own because our Digital Marketing and Sales Officers are ready to assist your inquiries and concerns 24/7. 

On the hunt for your next sale on real estate investment? Follow our complete beginner’s guide to condo buying to get started. If it gets tough, remember that your effort will be worthwhile. With condominium projects to pick from in Metro Manila, Tagaytay, Bacoor, to Las Piñas, you will find something you are looking for at COHO by Vista Land.

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