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The Most Common Small Kitchen Accidents Inside a Condo

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Going home after a draining day is probably one of the most fulfilling things just so you can relax on what you feel is the safest place in the world as a condo unit owner. However, you may never realize that your small kitchen can be a dangerous place especially for small-spaced homes or condo units.

Studio units located in central business districts such as in Metro Manila happens to be averagely offered within sizes from 18 sq.m. to 30 sq.m. which are usually targeted for investors or students looking forward to locating or transferring to the city.

With this, kitchen areas in small condo units are offered in economical sizes as well. Perhaps, mobility might just be a bit tight compared to condo units for sale with larger sizes.

No matter how hard condo unit owners or tenants can evade or put some precautions, the kitchen area will always be one of the most common areas inside our home where accidents are prone.

10 Small Kitchen Accidents Inside a Condo

Here are a few accidents that take place in small kitchens or even their larger counterparts can also share the same circumstances.

1. Burning Yourself

Condo in Metro Manila - COHO by Vista Land - Boiling Oil and Water
Photo from Klaus Nielsen in Pexels | Boiling Liquid Accident in Small Condo Kitchen

In a place where the fire is used, one major misfortune you might happen to experience in your kitchen is burning yourself.

As a new independent house owner, you will surely be responsible for cooking on your own. There will be countless times that you will be the one doing things, especially in your kitchen.

Instances of touching a hot pan or pot might be inevitable. Tasting a hot sauce or soup might be overwhelming to your tongue sometimes. Hot food sitting simply above the table can still burn if it’s not tolerable yet for the mouth.

Hence, it is better to keep a maximum precaution in handling hot stuff in the kitchen to avoid burning yourself. Use kitchen mittens when doing such things inside the kitchen and check the temperature of newly cooked food before tasting it, when it is smoking otherwise do not yet try to taste it.

2. Knick on Washing

Premium Condo in Metro Manila - COHO by Vista Land - Knick on Washing
Photo from Cottonbro in Pexels | Cutting yourself when Washing Dishes in the Condo

Right after a sumptuous meal from the table, the dishes are next to washing. Before you even knew that all is well after a good meal, you get cut from washing a sharp knife used from slicing a roast.

When soap suds are clouding over the sink it’s better to take extra precaution by separating the sharp or fragile ones from other kitchenware.

3. Boiling Oil and Water

A heated pan with oil and water is as dangerous as fire. The temperature and pressure inside these cooking wares are much of an ingredient for a burn.

Condo in Metro Manila - COHO by Vista Land - Burning yourself.
Photo from Klaus Nielsen in Pexels | Burning Yourself in the Condo Kitchen

Especially on frying wet meats or oily meats, expect that a hot oil would surely react on it with heated splatters of oil which can eventually blister or burn your skin when cooking.

Boiling water or stew can also do the same level of pain especially when you are not taking some precautions of wearing any sleeves or mittens when cooking your meal.

It is best to cook with non-stick pans if oil is not necessary or use a water dispenser when in need of hot water. Moreover, these are far safer than harming yourself.

4. Slipping from Wet Floor

Premium Condo in Metro Manila - COHO by Vista Land - Slipping on Wet Floor
Photo from Pixabay in Pexels | Mopping Wet Floor in the Kitchen

Undeniably, the kitchen can be both messy and slippery at the same time. You are storing oil-based and liquid-based goods in one area. Any spills can lead to accidentally slipping on the floor and might injure your whole body or far worse hit your head.

If you are living with kids in your condo units it would be better to keep them off running or going towards the kitchen area especially on times before and after having a meal.

These are the moments when you are more likely doing preparations to cook, taking out water and oil. These add the moment after the meal where you are washing the dishes with soap and water, which are both slippery and liquid-based and you might accidentally splash a bit on the floor and lead to a slip of your kid.

Initially, you can avoid these by making sure that rags are present on your small kitchen areas where it is needed the most like below your lavatories or underneath your refrigerators.

5. Cutting Yourself

Condo in Metro Manila - COHO by Vista Land - Cutting yourself - a small kitchen accident
Photo from Mali Maeder in Pexels | Cutting Yourself in Preparing Food in a Small Kitchen Condo

If the kitchen is considered the most dangerous spot inside our households, then, knives would be the most dangerous objects you will find in it.

You can make sure to properly hold any knife of size when you are opting to use it on slicing soft to hard compounds. Clutch the handle and make sure that you are also using your slicing boards.

Clear your fingers to be sure that you will not happen to cut it off too! If anything, the undesired event turns out to be sure that your medical kit is close to the kitchen for easy reach at any emergencies.

6. Skin Contact with Chili or Pepper

Premium Condo in Metro Manila - COHO by Vista Land - Chili Pepper
Photo from Mark Stebnicki in Pexels | Skin Contact with Chili in a Small Kitchen Condo

If you are a fond kitchen dweller a chef in the making, then we cannot let you out of your haven. You might have uncovered all the trials especially on using the spices available at your disposal.

However, you must be sure to use extra caution, especially when using chili or pepper which both have strong flavors. Chili or chili powders can be extremely hot and irritating on the skin and upon eye contact.

Meanwhile, pepper can be a bit irritating when sucked into your nose or itchy in the eyes.

Both are averagely used especially in Asian countries, however, even a spice favorite can have its nuisances. That is why when you are using these in your food preparation might be useful to use kitchen gloves when handling these spices.

7. Broken Glassware Cut

Condo in Metro Manila - COHO by Vista Land - Broken Glass Cut
Photo from Pixabay in Pexels | Broken Glass Wine in a Small Kitchen Condo

Breaking some glassware might hurt your pocket but a cut from it will hurt you more! Glass-based kitchen stuff can often cost more than its other counterparts, but these objects are more fragile too and might start an accident in the kitchen also.

Buying certain glassware can be a responsibility and you just need a good storage spot considering if you have small kitchen spaces inside your condo unit.

It would be easier and safer to use gloves in picking up broken fragments or shards when it happens. As well as using a dustpan to clean up the shards on the floor.

Better be careful than sorry as you should also have a good storage area for those knives for better safekeeping. An appropriate safekeeping area should also be where children can’t be able to access without mature guidance or supervision.

8. Property Fire

Premium Condo in Metro Manila - COHO by Vista Land - Property Fire
Photo from Pixabay in Pexels | Property Fire from a Small Kitchen Condo

In a place where fire, water, and electricity meet, the kitchen area might be the most vulnerable source of house fire inside a home.

One good thing to do before planning to do the interior of your homes or condo unit is to plan the movability and safety of doing things, especially in your kitchen.

Condo for sale in Metro Manila might be relatively small yet appropriate for working professionals. However, as we all know it is better to be secured than sorry after all.

This is one of the major considerations condo developers are eyeing with the prohibition of using gas tanks inside condo units. The only thing to equip your kitchen needs is the use of the electrical stove and other electrically powered cooking devices.

It should also be mandatory to any developments especially condo units available in Metro Manila to house per each condo unit their respective fire extinguishers and to see to it that these are also updated from time to time as it’s not of use when it is expired.

As a condo resident, you must also be acquainted with all the possible entries and exits in a building. Fire exit signs should also be visible and maintained on any floors of the building in case a property fire takes place.

9. Electrocution

Condo in Metro Manila - COHO by Vista Land - Electrocution
Photo from Daria Shevtsova in Pexels | Instances of Electrocution in a Condo

If all are powered with electricity in your kitchen area, the bigger the chances of electrocution can happen to you or your loved ones.

Weatherproofing or covering electrical sockets that are not of use in the kitchen is one way to have your safety prioritized. You can also take time to check the wirings of certain devices you use in the kitchen every month.

In the instance, that you happen to use these kitchen devices never try to leave what you are cooking unattended. You will never know what a mishap can be when you leave it behind. Your food might burn, and you would not want to miss out on good food out of carelessness.

10. Food Poisoning

Premium Condo in Metro Manila - COHO by Vista Land - Food Poisoning
Photo from Sora Shimazaki in Pexels | Food Poisoning inside a Small Kitchen Condo

No matter how much we clean our small kitchen area some moments might also be a bit critical especially in handling the cleanliness of what we use in cooking and to our process in cooking food.

We should secure and check properly the cleanliness of our utensils as some households can experience food poisoning. If we try to figure it out it can start in our kitchen areas as well.

If you are very well observant of your cleanliness, you might as well do some labels on your condiments to other things or supplies stored in the kitchen especially those which are not primarily edible.

It is also important to do such, so any individual who is not familiar with the kitchen can easily be aware of which item will they be using on their food.

When throwing a small gathering, you can also take note to ask any of your guests for allergic reactions to food. It is also quite common that food poison can be attributed to just minor allergic reactions.

Other Machine-Related Accidents

Some of the few cited accidents in small kitchen areas are machine-related. Buying newly out kitchen appliances such as microwaves, toasters, air fryers, etc. might also be a source of danger inside our homes.

One thing to be sure of is to carefully choose a good and trusted brand as well as reading the set of given manual or instructions in using these appliances.

Grinding, cutting, chopping, mashing, or appliances that can cut should be off reach for children’s use. Appliances that burn or heat should be kept on areas where using it does not easily contact with any wet objects or places to prevent accidents.

Condo in Metro Manila - COHO by Vista Land - Machine Related Small Kitchen Accidents
Photo from Photomix Company in Pexels | Machine Related Accidents inside a Condo

Cooking Safely in your Condo Kitchen

During these days, where our options have been altered it is nice to see that we can be able to endure the household activities especially when we plan to cook for ourselves or our loved ones at home.

Premium Condo in Metro Manila - COHO by Vista Land - Cook Safely in the Small Kitchen
Photo from Kamaji Ogino in Pexels | Best Small Kitchen Condo in Metro Manila

The most fruitful experience we can remember is the way we eat no matter how simple or hard life can be or will be. Hence, it is with much important to be safe inside our properties even in small kitchen areas.

Hence, it is also important to house your medical supplies and first aids at home, especially during these trying times.

Choosing the Best Small Kitchen Modification for your Condo

Condo in Metro Manila - COHO by Vista Land - Kitchen Model Unit
Condo in Metro Manila – COHO by Vista Land – Kitchen Model Unit

In COHO by Vista Land, every type of investor can be secured to have the mobility to any condo sizes it offers through its master-planned pre selling condo or RFO condo units for sale in Metro Manila.

Any unit sizes to be delivered are fully finished with a granite kitchen countertop, gooseneck faucet and lavatory, overhead cabinets, and under cabinets in the kitchen area. You will be surprised that even a small space can be working for you.

COHO by Vista Land is in the most coveted addresses in Metro Manila specifically in Bacoor City, Las Pinas City, and Tagaytay City. The three projects are composed of mid-rise developments inside its condo villages to offer premium condo living in the city.

Visit COHO Lifestyle Offices and Showroom in those areas to get the ideal kitchen you deserve for a premium condo lifestyle in the city today. You might as well inquire for a virtual appointment to talk to our marketing officers at any time by sending a message thru the chatbox or sending an email at [email protected].