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Studio Living: Five reasons to consider when living in condo spaces

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The year 2020 has triggered a shift in consumer behavior along with viral trends that most people indulge in with the current situation the world is experiencing. The fact that staying at home or indoors longer than expected has already imprinted a new kind of lifestyle people will now have to adapt to. In line with this, people are making do of the pandemic situation by entertaining themselves with different home trends. This is most convenient for those who have invested in a condo for sale studio unit and who are now enjoying the perks of studio living.

According to Jay Schafer of Graton, owner of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, staying in limited-space rooms “makes life feel more essential.” Hence, it boosts the quality of life with respect to an individual’s goals and satisfaction. Additionally, this article will help you identify the benefits of studio living and perhaps encourage you to make the shift.

girl on the floor with a laptop in the living room
Enjoying the perks of studio living is a privilege for young professionals and modern urban dwellers who are always on the go.

Studio living is beneficial to your mental health.

Mind your mind! Living in studio units has in fact, several advantages to your mental health. It is understandable that studio living entails organization and careful planning. This, then, can be followed by minimized visual complex– a great consideration in promoting productivity and calmness.

It can help you save financially.

Studio living is practical. Arrange furniture and decors for better organization when it comes to studio space. The advantage is that the smaller the furniture is, the less its price will be. Thus, you can save much as compared to beautifying a large home.

Maintenance apart, the consumption of electricity is much higher as to settling in a tight location. Moreover, more spacious areas require more energy for it to be sustained. You can save your money and our Mother Earth as well!

Green plant in pot on brown table with sofa in daytime
One of the advantages of studio living is getting to declutter without wasting so much time trying to organize and clean the unit.

It is easier to clean.

Maintaining your space is not an inconvenience as well. For example, imagine allotting your entire day to clean and declutter in your enormous home; aside from the time, you are also exerting more effort and energy with it. The good thing about studio living is that it is manageable and hassle-free.

It is uncomplicated to customize studio units.

Aside from the fact that it is more affordable, furnishing and curating condominium units are easier to do. It is simple to stage your home into a more inviting and cozy space. You can have a minimalist design with stunning accents that don’t make a room appear overcrowded. You can even make it more personal by repainting and decorating on your own!

It is a misconception that shifting from large homes to smaller spaces is a downgrade. Living in studio units at the expense of happiness, satisfaction, and goal achievement definitely does not define an undervalue.

Condo for sale buildings with blue sky and clouds and plants - The Hermosa COHO
If you’re looking to indulge in the different home trends, get started by investing in a condo for sale studio unit where you get to be the designer and stylist of your home.

Modern and exclusive condo living

For most, large homeowners still do not have the capacity to fully maintain recreational facilities due to their costs.  This is why condo dwellers have the advantage of experiencing these leisure activities. Subsequently, investors enjoy condo for sale units that offer premium amenities with a resort-inspired ambiance like what The Hermosa COHO offers. This posh development is COHO’s condo for sale in Las Piñas City that brings modern condo-living with its unit offerings. The Hermosa features studio units at 24 sqm and 1 bedroom units at 30 sqm. This is a privilege that guarantees a comfortable residential and lifestyle experience in Las Piñas City.

If you’re looking to get started, choose The Hermosa COHO to jumpstart your investment. To know more about this exclusive investment asset, inquire here.


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