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Styling Tips to Make your Space Look Bigger

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When designing your condominium, every detail counts. A wrong piece of furniture or a wrong color choice can make your unit look cramp. On the other hand, the correct layout choices can make your space feel bigger than it is. To help you style your place, here are tips on how to make your space look bigger without breaking the bank.



Light it Up

You will be amazed at how much lighting can make a difference. A well-lit room gives the impression of a spacious, and airy unit. In planning your lighting, make use of multiple sources to eliminate all the shadows. Use a mixture of wall lights, ceiling lights, and lamps to brighten up the room. You can even create depth by lighting up your shelves or backlighting your mirrors and headboards.


Maximize your natural light by choosing curtains that can allow much window space when pulled apart. Keep the materials as light as could be and keep the curtains pulled apart as much as possible. Do not obstruct the light source by placing partitions or furniture. Allow the sunlight to flow in your condominium. 



Color It Up

Use bright and light colors for your condo. Light-colored walls reflect the light, which also allows you to maximize the natural light. Dark hues, on the other hand, absorb the light, thus making your room dim and shadowy, and may sometimes give off the feeling of gloominess and eeriness.   


Although white has always been a popular choice to make your space look bigger, you can actually use other colors if that is your fancy. Off-white, light blue and soft green can also give you the same effect. 


If possible, have an accent wall to add depth to your space. You may also paint your moldings in a lighter shade to create the illusion that your wall is a bit farther back, making your unit seem bigger.



Clear It Up

Nothing makes a unit seem smaller more than clutter. Get the inner Marie Kondo out of you and declutter your space. No matter how tempting it is to display a lot of knick-knacks from your travels, keeping your views open gives the illusion of space.


The walls should also be decluttered. Choose one big photo or painting instead of a lot of small photos to keep walls clear as well. Your collection of ref magnets also adds clutter, just choose a few and keep the rest in storage. You may choose a Nordic or a Modern Minimalist Interior Design Theme in your unit to bring out the beauty in decluttering.




Scale It Up

Choose your furniture well. Make sure it is at scale with your condo size. Avoid furniture that is so big that it blocks pathways. Stylish furniture can also be a focal point in your unit. Multi-purpose furniture is also essentials in making your space seem bigger.


COHO by Vista Land provides you with amazing condominium units in beautiful locations such as Tagaytay, Taguig, Las Pinas, Bacoor, and Manila. You can make your living spaces as stunning and as cozy as you want them to be by applying these design tips.


Happy Designing! 


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