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The beauty of investing in condos

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Imagine a life where your money earns for you.

Girl holding white curtain looking outside her condo balcony
Reap the benefits of long term investments and let your hard-earned money earn for you.

While saving money for the future is already an admirable and safe move, why not add some more satisfaction by letting your money grow? The beauty of investing does just that – do all the work while you reap the fruits of taking calculated risks.

Imagine a life where you have control.

More than being able to secure an additional source of finances, the appropriate investment will also let you work your wonders and plot your strategies over them. These investments will allow you to take the next step in the middle of a growing economy, or wait and see in case of fluctuating prices.

Imagine a life where you are secured.

The beauty of investing has the potential and capability for capital growth that will yield positive results especially when decision making is guided by market trends. More than just an increase in worth due to inflation, these properties will show continuous appreciation in absolute value.

Why leave all these to the imagination, when you can turn them into reality? Yesterday would have been the best time, but the better choice to invest is now. .

Imagine having the perfect investment at the perfect time.

Despite Filipinos’ anemic spending in the early quarter of the year, recent reports have shown that the level of private consumption will become more robust. This will further Filipinos’ purchasing power, or the people’s financial capability to buy products from the market. Aside from spending on the necessities, this can be the high time to divert this increased purchasing power in perfect investments that will yield returns in the long run.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) also seeks to give more protection to people who transact with Financing Companies (FC) and Lending Companies (LC) to start or further their investments. In addition to the issued Memorandum Circular No. 18 series of 2019 which prohibits unfair collection practices of FCs and LCs, the SEC urged the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas to consider implementing a ceiling on the interest rates and other related fees imposed by these companies. SEC also eyes this to prevent illegal online lenders who enable predatory lending and obtain borrowers’ information and use them to demand immediate settlement.

Adding to the list of reasons on why it is high time to engage in investing is the country’s current low inflation rate, or the rate at which the general prices in the economy increases. The 0.8% inflation recorded in October was the lowest the country has recorded in the last three years. This presents the perfect opportunity to capitalize on the economy, spend wisely, and allot more money for investments and consequently allow them to grow.

condo building facade with lights and dark blue night sky and green trees
Investors can’t go wrong with real estate. Real estate is one of the most reliable sources of income for those looking for a rewarding opportunity in their career.

Imagine investing in the perfect industry.

One of the sectors of the economy that has proven both its stability and profitability in terms of investment is real estate. In fact, Colliers International’s property market report for 2019 revealed that land value continues to be on the upswing. All types of housing units rose by 0.44% just in the first three months of 2019. Specifically, condo for sale developments stood out with a constant increase of 4.16% from the 3rd quarter of 2018. While this growth has been seen time and time again, real estate industry has also been fueled by the government’s project allotment for infrastructure. Consequently, condo for sale properties near these developments are bound to experience additional benefits in the form of improved accessibility and increased market value.

These benefits can be easily manifested in investments under real estate, especially since property acquisition and management is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require as much extensive knowledge and training in contrast to trading and investing in the stock market.

In addition to ease of management, the growth and beauty of investing in real estate can be versatile and tangible as long as explored with calculated risks and backed with the necessary research. Value appreciation is guaranteed when investing in a property at a good time and possibly selling it on a better period. If an owner does not wish to lose possession of the property, however, they can easily consider leasing. Strategically located real estate investments have a robust leasing market to serve. Specifically, university hubs can tap students and enrollees and central business districts can tap foreign investors and businessmen.

Downpayment in installments is a common feature for real estate developments that are pre-selling. This is when an investor can already purchase a condo for sale property that is yet to be built. Having this marketing scheme makes it attractive for young professionals, starting families, and seasoned investors to put their hard-earned money in residential condominiums as big-ticket investments. While the beauty of investing in pre-selling mid-rise condo for sale developments means a waiting period of 3-years, it will likely yield higher returns in comparison to ready for occupancy properties which are sold at a price that has already appreciated.

All these perks and more when you invest in real estate when you invest in COHO.

boy and girl watching tv in condo living room
Create beautiful lifestyles anytime, anywhere.

Live all the things you’ve imagined with COHO.

COHO, short for Condo Homes, is Vista Land’s newest brand of stylish, beautiful, and high- quality condominiums located in highly urbanized locations in Metro Manila. As a mid-rise condominium development, the construction of these projects is expected to be finished in a shorter time. Hence, investors wouldn’t have to wait for a long time to experience the payback of their perfect investment. This makes it easier for them to have a taste of the beautiful lifestyles they can freely create.

In addition to shorter anticipation, the environment where COHO is built-in adds to its long list of advantages over its competitors. Combining the sub-urban vibe and the accessibility of living in an exclusive vertical village, COHO’s condo-resort developments serve as a refreshing haven of tranquility in the city. As part of Vista Land’s ‘Communicities‘ that integrate urban residential developments with beautiful shopping malls, ground-breaking retail concepts, commercial office spaces, university towns, medical facilities, and leisure hubs, the value of COHO’s condo for sale properties has nowhere to go but up.

condo living room and dining room and 1 bedroom with decorated indoor plants and lighting
COHO thoughtfully provides bigger and more spacious unit configurations for the young professionals looking for their own comfort and premium space.

To top all these, COHO ensures both the quality and unique beauty of city living. Putting a premium on the need for more space, COHO units begin at 30 sqm one-bedroom units and are square-shaped in terms of layout, a far cry from the long, narrow spaces of typical condominiums. This pioneer-style best suits young professionals and starting families who look forward to creating their own beautiful lifestyle at COHO.

The perfect time to invest is now. The perfect investment is COHO. 

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