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The health benefits of owning a pet in a pet-friendly condo

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Small hairy dog wearing white scarf with red leaf pattern
Many property developers today have seen the importance of pets to human lives, thus making a pet-friendly condo in key locations

Imagine coming home to your loyal companion after an exhausting day from work. Nothing beats seeing their wagging tails, soft purrs, and excited barks. Dogs and cats have served different roles in the life of humans— from being a sight-seeing dog, a therapy pet, a security and detection dog, to a simple loyal home buddy. Pets have been useful to humans in many ways, mainly providing us with a lot of health benefits. Many property developers today have seen the importance of pets to human lives, thus making a pet-friendly condo in their key locations.

Pets are considered to be one of the best companions a human could have. Throughout the generations of humankind, the bond between man and pet is a rich and fascinating walkthrough. Today, this article highlights the history of our furry companions and how it transformed into a special bond that provides humans health benefits.

Health benefits of pets in our daily life

Black and white dog being petted by a young child wearing a red jacket at the park
Aside from being loyal companions, pets are also a great source for many health benefits

Having a pet in our lives gives a variety of health benefits:

1. Pets provide companionship

Being with a pet in your home eases loneliness and provides comfort. Pets are generally sensitive and perceptive creatures as they have evolved to become attuned to human emotions and behavior. Caring for a live being also helps people feel needed and responsible and helps take away problems. Most especially for people who live alone, having a pet for the company increases happiness and reduces feelings of isolation.

2. Pets are great stress relievers

In this day and age, there are many factors that contribute to stress. Findings suggest that the presence of a pet in the room can help a person feel more relaxed. Moreover, the mere action of stroking a dog or cat can help lower down blood pressure and help people feel calm, as touch and movement are great ways to quickly manage stress.

3. Pets encourage exercise

Dogs and cats are highly energetic and playful creatures who love the attention of their owners. Most would require at least 30 minutes of physical activity to be healthy. With that in mind, it encourages owners to play and exercise together on a daily basis. Taking dogs for a walk or run and playing fetch are some fun ways to get both master and owner fit. It also helps shed unwanted pounds!

4. Pets open up new doors for relationships

There is a prevalent number of dog and cat lovers all over the world, therefore making it easier to connect when meeting new people. Pet owners who frequently take their dogs out for a walk would often interact with other fellow pet owners and pet lovers.

5. Pets help improve overall health

Companion animals are seen to improve heart health by lowering blood pressure and regulating heart rate during stressful situations. In a study shown, people who have pets are seen to have lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels, which are heart disease indicators. Pets are also known to help decrease the likelihood of depression and anxiety in humans.

6. Pets help improve children’s emotional development

For families who only have one child, having a pet could be beneficial in helping develop the child’s emotional skills. In a study conducted by researchers, it is found that children who read to animals showed better social skills. They were also more generous, compassionate, cooperative, empathetic, and responsible.

Alternative pets to cats and dogs 

If you think owning a pet cat or dog is a huge responsibility for you, or if you’re part of the unfortunate group who is allergic, then you might consider the following alternative household pets:

1. Fish or Turtle 

Getting a pet fish or turtle is indeed low maintenance as they just require to be fed once or twice a day. They still provide good health benefits such as lowering the heart rate and reducing stress levels.

2. Rabbit or Hamster

Rabbits and hamsters may not be as energetic as dogs or cats, but they still make an exceptional family pet. They only require a small living space, which is perfect for condo owners. Like with other pets, rabbits and hamsters also help reduce stress and blood pressure and increase happiness.

The Meridian is a perfect location for pet owners to spend time with their furry friends

The Meridian is your go-to pet-friendly development

What makes The Meridian a cut above the rest is that it offers premium pet-friendly condo units for sale in Bacoor. The Meridian is a 5-hectare development enveloped in beautiful lush green spaces and resort-inspired amenities that is a perfect location for pet owners to spend time with their furry friends. At The Meridian, lap-sized dogs and cats are welcome.

Tips on how to maintain your pets at The Meridian

1. Secure your pet

To ensure your pet’s and other tenants’ safety, keep your dogs and cats on a leash in public. It is important to keep the leash short while taking your pets for a run or walk so as to not scare the neighbors.

2. Clean up and sanitize after your pet

Whether your pet is doing his business inside your home or outside, it’s a rule of thumb to immediately clean up after them. Bring a plastic bag with you while you and your pet are on your daily walk. The residents would not want to see and smell dog or cat poo littered in the public space.

3. Groom your pet regularly 

It would never hurt to give your pet a bath once or twice a week! The smell of a clean pet is what we want in our home. Bring them to the groomers for their regular cleaning to make sure they have no ticks and fleas.

4. Train your pets 

If able, train your dog or cat. Train your dogs to pee and poo at one spot in your condo unit to avoid the smell of urine sticking everywhere. On the other hand, provide a litter box for your cat. It is also preferable if your pets won’t bark or make noise at the slightest provocation as this could earn some complaints from the neighbors.

5. Exercise your pet 

Give at least 30 minutes worth of daily exercise for your dog. Go for a run or go up and down the stairs. For cat owners, give them a scratching post so they can have some sort of activity.

6. Make your condo unit pet-friendly

Make sure to secure the doors and windows of your condo unit so your pets won’t escape or fall out the window. We don’t want to endanger their lives. More importantly, provide your pets with a space they can sleep, eat, and play on. It is also advisable to place your valuables at a height they can’t reach.

7. Make time for them 

The best part of the day for a pet is when its owner comes back home. Make sure to not leave your loyal companion unattended for a long period of time or else they might cause a ruckus! Pets can get lonely and depressed too.

Pets indeed provide companionship and several health benefits for their human counterparts. At the end of the day, caring for a pet calls for responsible and loving owners. Nurture and provide for your pets in return for their loyalty and companionship.

The Meridian has spacious Near Ready for Occupancy 1-BR and 2-BR units and Pre-selling Studio units that are suitable for pet owners. Visit the website to know more about this pet-friendly condo for sale in Bacoor.


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