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The Rise of Highly Urbanized Areas around the Metro

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by Warren Ace Leonida

It is a tale as old as time. Often the subject of Filipino movies and television series of the past up until today is the story of a kindhearted individual, venturing against all odds to pack his/her bags and move to the nation’s capital region to work on a blue-collar job or maybe serve a rich household where he/she will fall in love with a member of the aforementioned family. It is the same reel story that captivates the Filipino household from noontime to primetime drama.

Aside from this plot that has been a cliché for many years now, it has always been shown that the area of Manila is a place where dreams are made of. It is a place of endless opportunities that will eventually help you achieve your life goals. This might as well be an undisputed fact. Besides, it is the capital of the country hence it is really fitting that it is the most sought-after address because of the developments in the area.

Major road networks, international airports, huge commercial spaces, and important government offices are usually located in a nation’s capital. It is the most prime region anyone can ever think of.



With the continuous developments within the Metro, people from different parts of the country begin to flock to the area. At first, it is a good sign of the booming industrial economy and a major win for developers who came first and put up their projects to offer to their respective markets. But the same cannot be said today. Living in the metro can now be associated with stress brought about by the inconvenience of long queues for the purchase of services or products for your daily needs, and the herculean task of going from point A to point B because of the heavy traffic both in major and local community road networks.

Life in the Metro is really not like what the movies say. Behind the spotlight are issues and problems stemming from overpopulation, over crowdedness as well as unhealthy living conditions with the exposure to different forms of pollution you will encounter on your way to work or simply going out.

Therefore, a lot of major real estate developers like Vista Land take pride in putting up projects that are within the convenience of living in the Metro but not in the center of the struggle that is urban living.


Provinces located around the Metro have been tapped by major players in real estate as a new potential avenue for development and progress, particularly the CALABARZON area. Now various residential projects are springing in this area; there are condos in Bacoor and condos in Tagaytay that provide an escape from the busy Metro lifestyle.

In this article, we will discuss some areas that are gearing up to be the next prime address for you and your family.



The province of Cavite, aside from its historical significance to the country, is one of the leading provinces in terms of commercialization and development. Bounded by the city of Bacoor to the capital region, it is a major area for house and lot for sale due to its numerous prime villages and subdivisions. This is a place where the projects of Vista Land can be greatly seen from the general market to the upscale market offerings.

COHO by Vista Land, a young player in condo developments, anchored its project here in Cavite. The Meridian, which is a development catering to those looking for a condo in Bacoor, offers an escape from the noise of the Metro but without compromising the conveniences brought about by the urban lifestyle.

Metro Cavite is a burgeoning economic area with various companies, both international and local, making it a place for their main offices and headquarters. The location is a quick drive away from the southern tip of the capital region which is the city of Muntinlupa.


Seeing as the city of Tagaytay is already an established tourist area, the influx of developers making it a part of their portfolio is not an anomaly. The city offers a cool climate embrace partnered with a perfect view of the Taal Volcano.

Tagaytay has its share of condo for sale because of the potential it has for passive income or a vacation home for families wanting to be away for the weekend. It has various tourist spots like the People’s Park in the Sky and the Picnic Grove. Visitors of the city will be in for a treat with the city’s signature dishes like Bulalo and Fried Tawilis, a freshwater sardine endemic to the Philippines.

COHO has its presence in the area by offering ready for occupancy condos in Tagaytay with the offering of Pine Suites, a development perfectly capturing the serene and out-of-the Metro experience the city of Tagaytay is very well known of.



It can be inferred that some of the most developed areas in the Metro are the Central Business Districts: the Makati CBD, Ortigas CBD, Taguig CBD as well as sky-reaching offices towards the north. Cities like Muntinlupa with their own commercial zone primarily the Alabang area also have their own fair share of success.

Left out in the sky booming economy of the capital is the city of Las Piñas. The city has long been dominated by residential developments hence the absence of such offices and massive commercial and master-planned communities. Seeing the potential of the area, Vista Land under its master-planning prowess crafted out a potential future for the city.

Aptly named Global South, Vista Land believes that the city is ripe enough to be the next big thing outside of Metro Manila. This is an opportunity seen by COHO that is why it started offering condos for sale in Las Pinas under the guise of The Hermosa, a beautiful development just a stones-throw away from the commercial establishments of Vista Mall Global South and All home.

The area is also blessed to be in the vicinity of the LRT extension as well as the Riverdrive Road Network making travel in and out of the Metro for work purposes easy as ever.

The rapid developments in the area make the city of Las Piñas a hotspot for investors and homeowners alike.


Given the chance to be on the literal outskirt of the Bonifacio Global City CBD is a chance any developer would immediately say yes to. The area is a hub for a fast-paced lifestyle with offices, residential condo units, and commercial establishments all intertwined by walkways and wide road networks.

Bonifacio Global City is a major CBD in the Philippines where most headquarters of a majority of international companies are. Saying that the area is prime can be an understatement with how well-planned and developed it is all throughout.

This is the main reason why COHO by Vista Land initially planned to be within the vicinity of the area with its project, The Courtyard. This is a pre-selling condo development that is easily a prime address with how well it is placed in the area. The project is a solution for people wanting a condo in Taguig but cannot find a place of their own in the middle of the city due to very high prices and unavailability of inventory due to the already crowded locale.

The Courtyard is a fitting location for the premium and upscale market looking at a profession in the CBD or searching for an investment just a few minutes away from the Metro.



One can say that living inside the boundaries of the Metro can be the same as living in its outskirts. Come to think of it, you are gifted with the same opportunities as those living in the center of it all. You have the same access to essential establishments and road networks, with the major difference being the better spacing and less crowded areas of the fringes.

This can be a new setting that eventually can also appear in future movies and television series, where a typical rural grown main character chooses a condo in Taguig or a condo in Bacoor rather than taking on the lifestyle of living in the Metro.

About COHO by Vista Land

Condo Homes (COHO) is Vista Land’s newest brand for beautiful and premium developments in the highly-urbanized cities of Metro Manila and Metro Cavite. COHO’s modern and exclusive condominium developments are replete with resort-inspired amenities that are perfect for modern urban dwellers, young professionals, and discerning investors who are eager to experience condo-living. With Vista Land’s integrated and masterplanned Communicities, investors get to experience a premium and upgraded lifestyle where they can enjoy the city’s conveniences right at their doorstep. To know more about COHO’s condos for sale in Taguig, Las Piñas, Bacoor, and Tagaytay, visit Coho’s official website.