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The top Christmas-themed interior designs that marked 2020

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When it comes to Christmas-themed interior designing, every single inch of your condo unit counts. And if you have started to stock up on Christmas presents and started decorating your condo for the holidays, you will quickly find yourself getting overwhelmed with how limited your condo space can be.

Amidst the pandemic, home decorations in the holidays still became as beautiful and festive as they marked the Christmas celebrations. Making it to the most talked-about condo trends in 2020, we list here are the best Christmas-themed interior designs that inspired many families and made Christmas a well-celebrated event.

The Fire Is So Delightful

A fireplace is perhaps one of the quintessential symbols for Christmas: people gather by the fire to get toasty and sing holiday songs; Santa Claus enters the chimney and drops to the fireplace bringing his big, red sack full of gifts for the children. If you don’t have a fireplace, you can simply make one using electric candles and a white wooden frame. To carry out the glow emanating from your makeshift fireplace, use warm Christmas lights on your Christmas tree and other large furniture or fixture. Throw a comfy blanket over your couch for the finishing touch.

Refined Rustic

Combine minimalism elements with rustic accents like pine cones, fluffy white carpet, white-painted wood, and matchy ribbons. This does not require a lot of rearrangement of your living room, but it will definitely not affect the extra space you need for gifts.

Keeping Tradition

Instead of a huge Christmas tree, how about opting for a smaller fixture like a belen? It’s not a full-scale fixture, but it is enough for your small living space to commemorate Christmas. You can make the belen pop out by adding twinkly Christmas lights and traditional accents in red like a bouquet of poinsettias in a gold vase, quilt throw pillow covers, and a gathering of red Christmas balls. Keep the rest of your living space in neutral colors like cream or taupe.

Red-Nosed Reindeer Land

Ruby red is Christmas’s signature color, and using this color as an overall theme in your living space is a great idea. To make the color red stand out, choose certain decor pieces in red only, and keep the rest of the decor and furniture in muted colors. For the Christmas tree, keep the rest of the ornaments in muted gold so the ruby red ornaments pop out. In this example, the homeowner goes the extra mile of choosing to wrap their Christmas presents in dominant red and keeping the color white (like the ribbons) as an accent color.

Warm And Cozy

The Christmas-themed interior decor theme of this living space chose to highlight warm colors. To replicate, choose to paint one side of the living space in warm cream to turn it into an accent wall. Then choose decor in a lighter shade. In the example above, the homeowner used a wooden frame for a fake fireplace, which is painted in a lighter shade than the accent wall. If your couch is in a dark shade, you can buy fabric in the same color as the accent wall and simply cover it. A plaid throw blanket looks great against the couch because of the pattern contrast against the plain-ness of the couch. You can still keep your Christmas tree in its original green color, but opt for more muted ornaments so it wouldn’t compete with the accent wall color.

Blue And Gray

It’s not unique to express your feelings through your home decor, but you can certainly replicate it in your home and still feel festive. This is perfect for people who have masculine interior decor at home but wanted to join in the holiday spirit. Simply use Christmas lights as accent lighting like in this example. Staple it at the back of your dark couch, string it over the accent wall, or your white, transparent drapes. To break the color of your dark couch, use throw pillows in white or light gray color.

And if you don’t have any place for a Christmas tree, why not buy a pot of pine tree or any similar shrub? You can put up blue ornaments to carry out the theme, and then put it in a fancy brown paper bag to cover up the pot.

Royal Blue, White, And Silvery

Elevate your Christmas-themed interior decor a notch by making white and silver the dominant colors in your living space. White, to replicate the feathery snow, and silver to make your room sparkle. Go for different textures too. Choose accent pieces in royal blue to make the room more curated.

Stars And Stripes

If you are into the Americana style, make your living space work for you by choosing stars and stripes decor in hot red. They not only pop out against a drab room, but they also look festive even well after the holidays.

Cabin Fever

This Christmas-themed interior design will definitely transport you to a rustic cabin in the snowy mountains. You can easily pull this off by choosing to paint one wall of your living space and choice wooden furniture with just a single color of grayish-white paint, then dust your Christmas tree and other leafy Christmas decorations (like a wreath, for instance) with fake white snow. To finish it off, choose white ornaments for the Christmas tree and rattan or wicker furniture for texture. If you want to go the extra mile, make sure to wrap your Christmas presents in brown paper then tie them off in festive green ribbon.

Going To The Woods

Wood-inspired Christmas decors at home in the living room with a santa clause, trees, and wooden wall finishes in a condo for sale
Wood-inspired decors give you a touch of recreation for a more nature-inspired home environment.

What better to complement your leafy Christmas decorations than natural, dark wood? Recreate the woodlands by stacking up a couple (or more) wooden boxes and decked them with wooden decor like pine cones (or this cute Santa Claus on a sled). You can even utilize your empty jars and fill them up with cotton, then place a single pine cone, then close and wrap the mouth using abaca rope.

Plaid But Fabulous

Living room set up with grey and red accents on the couch and teapot set for a more comfortable Christmas experience
A plaid Christmas-themed interior allows you to enjoy patterns in day-to-day modern living.

If you are not into so many decorations, how about introducing a Christmas-themed pattern in your living space? Go crazy with plaid on just about any plain surface area as long as they are in the same color “family tree” and pattern type. In this example, the homeowner chose to use the same pattern but in different shades of red and black.

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