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Things to do in Vista Mall Taguig

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The pandemic has really taken its toll on shopping malls across the country. Some have even closed or temporarily ceased operations in 2020 alone. But there are some that have sustained its presence in the retail commercial market. Truth be told, they have struggled for a short period, but level its stay throughout the early months of the COVID outbreak. One such mall is Vista Mall Taguig.

Vista Mall Taguig near BGC, a large commercial mall near The Courtyard COHO, a pre-selling condo near BGC
Previously known as Starmall Prisma, now rebranded as part of Vista Mall’s commercial line of malls!

Vista Mall Taguig is located along Pedro Cayetano Boulevard, close to the neighboring prime business district of Bonifacio Global City (BGC). It was established to be closer to the residents of Taguig to provide a solace place, away from the hustle and bustle of the metro. The mall contains a variety of stores, ranging from the basic necessities to the modern conveniences of a leisure experience.

It prides itself on being “community-centered,” with its purpose of providing the premium services of shopping malls that Taguig is well-known for. But, Vista Mall Taguig focuses itself on being made for the community in mind. Therefore, its customers can easily visit after a long day of work or to spend time with the family on the weekends!

Additionally, Metro Express P2P Buses allows its commuters to be picked up and dropped off in Vista Mall Taguig, as it is one of their stops on its daily route to Bacoor to Taguig.

Vista Mall Taguig is a branch from a long-line of shopping mall chains by Vista Land, a property developer owned and operated by Manny Villar. As of 2020, Vista Malls has 22 operating malls across the Philippines with 2 more malls to be constructed soon.

The mall maintains its strict health protocols for its mall goers. The management follows through with the rules set out by the city government of Taguig, which is the reason for the low recorded cases of COVID in the city.

Their staff has been properly trained with the safety measures to combat the spread of the COVID virus. As such, the mall is one of the safest places to visit in Taguig and why it has sustained its operations throughout the pandemic. This is a testament of the city’s rapid adaptability to the New Normal and Vista Mall Taguig is looking to stay in the long run.

The best shops in Vista Mall Taguig

Here are some of the best shops in Vista Mall Taguig that truly compliments that mall’s fine shopping experiences!

All Home

AllHome Taguig near The Courtyard, a preselling condo for sale near BGC , is
This is where you can satisfy your home improvement needs!

All Home is an all-in-one department store for your home improvement needs! Their products range from appliances, furnitures, and in-door decorations! The store is an architect’s dream space, as endless customization options cover entire sections of the store. They have brands all across the globe such as LG, Samsung, Sony, Uratex, Sharp and more!

It’s a global selection of products that attracts customers to come back here. Furthermore, they have different promos everyday! So, if you are the type of person to cash in on a great deal for furniture and all things technology, come and visit All Home.

All Home is located, well, all throughout Vista Mall Taguig! You wouldn’t miss it!

The store sprawls every inch of the mall, bridging the two buildings. The store gains daily foot traffic, as mall goers are allowed to pass through the store to travel to the two buildings. During their travels, they gaze upon the variety of products that are displayed prominently.

The entrance to All Home is located on both the 2nd and Ground Floor, both Phase wings. It is accessible on the inside and outside of the mall.

All Day Supermarket

All Day Supermarket provides all the necessities that you need and want, which is essential for purchasing supplies during the pandemic. 

This is one of the reasons why Vista Mall Taguig stayed afloat during the pandemic. The place was stocked to brim on essential goods, thus, the residents within the area didn’t panic on the potential shortage of goods and other necessities, during the start of the pandemic.

All Day Supermarket is a grocery store that delivers on high-class products, from products that are freshly procured from our local farmers to intentional branded goods, such as Toblerone and Lays. Given that the mall is situated near residential communities, before the mall opens, customers are already lining up outside every morning.

All Day Supermarket is located on the Ground Floor – Phase 2, near KFC and Max’s Restaurant. Outside, you can find its bright logo beside the parking lot in the two way road of Camella Taguig.

Coffee Project

Coffee Project, your co-working space in Vista Mall Taguig, near The Courtyard COHO, a preselling condo for sale near BGC
The cafe aroma invites its customers to its homey feel.

Coffee Project is a one of a kind cafe franchise. It oozes with a kind of ambiance that reminds its customers of home. Besides the atmosphere, Coffee Project serves a myriad of exceptional beverages and foods. From jam-packed rice meals, the warm smell of freshly baked pastries, and a bunch of coffees, frappes, and teas, brewed either hot or cold.

Furthermore, Coffee Project is frequently visited by students around Taguig! Because the space provides great wi-fi speeds and is accessible on a road that is near their homes and school vicinity. It is actually their safe space for late night paper sessions or a place to hang out after a day in school.

Visit the Coffee Project – located on the 2nd floor (exterior) of Phase 1 mall wing.

All Green

AllGreen, your one-stop healthy green living shop in Vista Mall Taguig near The Courtyard COHO, a preselling condo for sale near BGC
A store that is dedicated to maintaining health and wellness for its customers.

All Green is a newly opened convenience branch in Vista Mall Taguig.

What does it offer? All your on-the-go snacks, meals, and even health and wellness products, such as pharmaceutical essentials and beauty packs! As the name suggests, All Green is a haven of healthy options to their customers, which is more important today.

Healthy selections and naturally-made products fill the store emphasizes a green and sustainable living as a quick convenience.

Shop healthy at All Green by visiting their branch at the entrance of Phase 2 – Vista Mall Taguig. It is located outside, near the drop-off curband All Day Supermarket.

Bake My Day

Bake My Day, your breakfast table in Vista Mall Taguig, is located at the Ground floor, near The Courtyard COHO, a preselling condo
People who love the smell of freshly baked pastries will immediately flock to this quaint little bakery shop.

What makes Bake My Day special?

Bake My Day is your quaint bakery retail shop that has branches all over Vista Land’s commercial malls. Their selection of pastries are spread all over the shop and the view to the kitchen is seen for the customers to gaze upon the pastry chef’s greatest works.

The flavor and texture of the breads and the overall bakery ambience are constantly highlighted by their customers. The sweetness is just right to the point where customers buy another batch of delectable cakes and never get tired of the addictive taste. Plus, their products are reasonably priced and you could complete your entree with their tasty iced coffee.

Also, how could you say no to their friendly staff? They are endlessly accommodating to your needs and suggest the best product of the day to add something unique to your sweet cravings.

Stop by the Bake My Day shop at the Ground Floor – Phase 2, beside the All Day Supermarket.

Macao Imperial Tea

Macao Imperial tea
The grand opening of their branch was during the height of the milktea craze. Still, the brand has garnered consistent sales to this day. 

Who hasn’t heard of this incredible milk tea store?

Back when Macao opened its branch in Vista Mall Taguig, people flocked in the early hours of the morning, just to get their cravings satisfied during its grand opening.

Macao Imperial Tea is one of the fastest-growing global franchises and they’ve landed in the Philippines just a few years ago. Each cup that they serve to their customers is made with such love and care.” Their bestsellers are their milktea lineup, such as the cream cheese and wintermelon flavors. They also serve a variety of beverages, such as sodas, coffee, and milkshakes!

Visit the Macao Imperial Tea branch on the (exterior) Ground Floor – Phase 1 of Vista Mall Taguig.

Yellow Cab

Yellow Cab, a favorite pizza and pasta restaurant in Vista Mall Taguig is located near The Courtyard, a preselling condo for sale near BGC
Nothing beats an empty stomach with a New York version of an Italian classic.

This popular pizza joint invites all its customers to its simple, yet notable colored logo. Yellow Cab offers one of the best NY-based pizza and dishes in the Philippines.

They offer daily promos that are catered towards 3-5 groups of people and even solo packages, complemented with a 1.5 liter soda of choice. Besides the pizzas, avail their juicy fried chicken and the Charlie Chan pasta, a fusion of Asian-style noodles, topped with a spicy oriental sauce.

Drop by the branch at the (exterior) Ground Floor – Phase 1, beside Macao Imperial Tea.


Mesa, a favorite Filipino restaurant in Vista Mall Taguig is located close to The Courtyard COHO, a preselling condo near BGC
The Filipino delicacies are always tasty and amazing. What more can you do with these traditions than to share with friends and family with the smell of grilled foods on the side?

Mesa is a restaurant that delivers a unique Filipino food experience. Mesa’s founder had the goal of improving on the existing grill-restaurant franchises of the country and modernizing Filipino dishes.

Mesa continues to maintain the essence of a “barangay” through their services. Customers are frequently groups of people, as the ambience is suitable for family gatherings and “barkadas.” But, Mesa follows the strict protocols of social distancing and this type of gathering is limited today.

Nonetheless, Mesa is still seeing its fair share of indoor customers everyday, because of their exceptional value for their products that reminds them of simpler times with family and friends.

Choose from their authentic regional 128 dishes across all Philippine regions by visiting their branch in the Ground Floor, Main Lobby – Phase 2 of Vista Mall Taguig.

Conveniently near The Courtyard

All of the restaurants and shops mentioned above are all great places to visit Vista Mall Taguig! That mall has almost everything you could ask for in a commercial mall and it delivers a premium service that is guaranteed to leave their customers satisfied. Now, if a person were to live near Vista Mall, it would be so convenient for them to have instant access to this mall.

Well, that is one of the great benefits of living in The Courtyard! This upcoming property condo in Taguig is just a walking distance to the commercial hub. The Courtyard is located along Pedro Cayetano Boulevard, where Vista Mall Taguig is a 5 minute walk to the property.

The location is just across, where both the establishments are on either ends of the two way lane. Thus, Vista Mall Taguig and The Courtyard development are conveniently placed near each other, where our future residents will bask in how near they can get to their purchasing needs and wants.

Your Next Prime Residential Place

condo for sale nea BGC, tall nude building with two towers in taguig with The Courtyard
The Courtyard’s view is breathtaking. Our future residents will catch glimpses of the city and the Laguna de Bay on the both sides of the property. 

The Courtyard is a 21-storey pre-selling modern and exclusive resort-inspired high-rise condo for sale by Vista Land, which is one of the most respected property developers in the Philippines.

Besides it being closer to Vista Mall Taguig, it is also 15 minutes to BGC and established to be conveniently located to first-rate key establishments.

The property’s design is modern and luxurious and is capable of delivering a premium, urban living lifestyle in the New Normal.

Resort-Inspired Amenities and Green Spaces

The Courtyard puts its residents’ wellness first. The resort-inspired amenities provide a serene atmosphere that refreshes the mind after a long day of leisure strolling in the cosmopolitan district of Bonifacio Global City.

condo in Taguig, green and sustainable space, relaxing serene ambience, upper view, balcony with comfortable chairs and couches
The project is a posh and luxurious resort-inspired atmosphere that gives you a quick escape in the urban city.

Its luscious swimming pool invites the individual to dip their toes in its cool waters.

Do breathing exercises in their elegantly-spaced gardens and bask in nature’s greatest works.

Sweat it out in The Courtyard’s fitness gym and jogging path. As nowadays, exercising is extremely important to combat any potential diseases and be proud of a new toned self.

Our amenities promote an active lifestyle and the community within The Courtyard will certainly enjoy their after hours in choosing what activity engages them next!

Furthermore, chat with your friends, family, and your fellow neighbors in the clubhouse or function room.

Taguig City is one of the most environmentally-friendly cities in Metro Manila. It is no surprise that your condo in Taguig maintains the city’s ordinances.

Your Long-Term Investment in The Courtyard

If you decide to invest in The Courtyard, you’re in luck. As early investors will reap the benefits of garnering greater return of their investment in a few years! The property is well-poised to appreciate in value, due to the surrounding area’s continuous infrastructure developments.

The South East Metro Manila Expressway and the BGC-Ortigas Link Road are some projects that will open in the second quarter of 2021. Eventually, The Courtyard’s property value will rise again.

Thus, it is the perfect opportunity to reserve your unit today! Know about The Courtyard and other condos for sale by inquiring here.

Contact 0956-654-8258 or 0906-389-0913 or message The Courtyard’s official Facebook pages for inquiries and appointments.