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Tips on how to design your condo

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It may seem like an impossible task to design your condo without much living space to add another room or a new appliance you saw online. Whatever the reason, you have probably searched for small living room ideas or apartment decor ideas to help you come down to a decision.

But it is doable with a combination of some of these designing essentials and apartment decor ideas that can be perfect for your own condo space:

work station in a condo unit living room with bookshelves and table set
Clear and clean living spaces make your room look bigger and brighter.

1. Design your condo to make it more flexible and versatile.

This is especially true for studio unit property owners: you need to design your living space such that you can easily transform or cater to what you need. In most cases, certain positioning of furniture or fixtures will do the trick. For example, a well-placed bookcase filled with books and knickknacks can act as a divider or wall to separate your bed from your living and dining space. A foldable table can also work both as a dining table and a work table so it can be easily tucked away under the bed or in a slim corner.

2. Keep your decor, furniture, and other furnishings cohesive.

Whether you choose to design your condo Scandinavian, Bohemian, minimalist style, or a combination of different apartment decor ideas, make sure that they all fit in your small space. You can start by limiting the color palette, and then remove items that could clash with the overall color scheme of the condo. If you don’t know how to start, just choose one accent and two to three complementary colors.

Then, you should make sure that your decor, furniture, and other furnishings follow a limited texture scheme. This way, you can keep your living space not feel cluttered and make it look like every piece is curated.

Moreover, avoid getting too large furniture. It will eat up space and make your living space smaller than it should. On the other hand, avoid getting tiny furniture too. For example, get an ample-size loveseat instead of a three-seater. If you have to choose large-sized furniture or decor, for example, choose only a few enough to make an overall statement.

bedframe with pillow beside lamp on table and ornaments
A well-lit room sets the mood and ambiance of your condo unit space.

3. Use multiple sources of lighting.

Proper lighting can not only make a room spacious but can also set the mood as well. Especially if your condo is located in a location where it doesn’t get adequate sunlight, bright, overhead lights can illuminate even the corners of the small space. At night, a floor lamp or wall sconces create shadows, which can make a condo space cozier.

Lights reflected on mirrors can also emphasize the illusion of ample space. You can either put a large mirror across a window or a bare wall so it wouldn’t draw the rest of the walls in.

4. Invest in closed storage.

Bare condo for sale units rarely come with storage, so you must buy some that can be closed. Open storage tends to draw people’s eyes to them, and even though items are stowed, they will still look cluttered.

If you are already buying new furniture, choose ones that have built-in storage. There are ottomans, footstools, to sofas that have built-in storage, where you can stow extra beddings for guests or books. You can also think of installing closed storages in the unlikeliest of places such as the walls towards the ceiling.

condo unit bedroom with bed and brown floorspace
Use multifunctional furniture and show more floorspace to make the room look wider.

5. Keep the floor clear of your things.

Even a well-decorated room cannot cover the clutter you keep on the floor. And because it is a small space, you need to design your condo to have a natural, unobstructed flow. As such, consider floating shelves and brackets to keep personals like your television unit or books without using an extra table. If you intend to install floor lighting, consider a clip-on or one that can be attached to the wall.

6. Consider making structural improvements

If possible, try making these simple structural changes to your condo space to make your place feel bigger and behave larger:

  • Consider space-spacing alternatives for your doors inside your condo. For example, your bathroom can benefit from a sliding door. If your condo follows an open space plan, you can do away with a door and opt for soft, blackout curtains.
  • Install a mid-level area. Nowadays, there are loft beds designed for small condo units with a high ceiling. If you choose to go this route, you can earn extra room for you to either turn it into an entertainment room or a home office.
  • Take down fixtures that do not serve any purpose in the space. A rule of thumb to keep your small space in order is to keep it tidy as much as possible. Hire a carpenter or property management to dismantle extra shelving, light fixture, or any structure that you do not need or do not have any purpose.
  • If your existing closet does not work for you, take it down and install a better configuration. Some condo units come with a built-in closet. Oftentimes, it is built in general specifications that do not fit the true homeowner.

girl wearing pink sweater leaning on a couch while relaxing
The most important aspect of interior designing is getting to express and reflect your personality to your space.

7. Style with comfort in mind.

With the recent pandemic, more and more people are now taking shelter in their homes. Offices have now allowed people to work from home too. So it is extremely important when you design your condo that you design it in a way that it does not feel cramped or uncomfortable.

Now how do you achieve this in a small space? The easiest and the hardest part is to whittle down to things that you can live by. This means looking at your current stuff with an editor’s eye and noting which ones you should either keep or donate to charity.

You can also position your furniture a little bit away from the wall to add space and depth.

And what is comfort but getting high-quality, durable furnishings? Good furniture last longer and age gracefully. Moreover, it is also not practical to get furnishings that break down after several months of usage. If you have to get rich textiles like leather, make sure you use the appropriate cleaning tools. If you do not have the time or do not know how to begin, schedule a professional cleaning service to do the job for you every few months.

Before you design your condo

When you design your condo, you will find out that the designing process is a challenge that you will soon come to love and enjoy. And once you achieve what you wanted in your condo, you will be inspired to show it off to friends and family.

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