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Top condo home design trends this 2020

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Girl shopping with shopping cart with plants and furniture in a supermarket for her condo for sale unit
COHO by Vista Land condo developments come with access to All Home, your one-stop home improvement hub. All Home offers a wide range of home building, furnishing, and design items and furnishings to upgrade your condo to the dream home you want it to be.

As we spend more time at home, it becomes increasingly apparent that interior design is no longer just an aesthetic. Choosing the right interior design and home design trends can not only help you maximize the use of your living space, especially if it is a studio unit or a small condo but also help you make the best out of your daily life at home.

But of course, it doesn’t hurt to follow the latest home design trends. Here are the top home design trends for styling your condo unit.

1. A functioning home office is a necessity.

If you are fortunate to be allowed to work from home, you do quickly realize that sitting on a sofa with the TV table or the seat from the dining table are not comfortable, functioning options. As work becomes a full-time affair, improvised setups do not provide the conducive environment your desk or cubicle at the office offers.

A dedicated home office can help shut out distractions, focus on the work at hand, and even get inspired. Whether you work eight hours a day, five days a week, or need the space twice a week (and then come in physically to work the rest of the days), a well-designed workspace will allow you to be your best, most productive self.

2. Multifunctional rooms are essential.

The need to stay at home will also require you to claim as much space as you can in your living space to turn into functional areas you actually need, like a home office (see #1). But for small living spaces like condos, freeing space can be extra difficult.

However, it does not mean it cannot be done. Versatile furniture and flexible storage are key. You just have to be smart about how you can use them to create new spaces from your current living space. For example, you can choose a bookshelf that has a desk that you can use for work. Or install a slab of wood that is wide enough to tuck inside your closet but roomy enough to use as a work desk.

girl wearing pink sweater leaning on a couch while relaxing
Nothing beats the comfort of your condo home when it fosters a serene atmosphere that is perfect for your relaxation needs.

3. Create a sense of calm.

Work, live, and play at home — that pretty much is a busy life right there. So there are moments wherein you would want to feel a sense of calm in your otherwise busy living space.

Change up by painting the walls and ceiling of the spaces where you do your rest and relaxation (like the living room and bedroom, for example) to blue. Blue is one of the colors that require your eyes to do little to no adjusting. Make sure that the type of blue you eventually choose as your paint color fits right to the color palette of your living space.

4. Transform your bathroom into a rejuvenating space.

Turn your bathroom into truly something special and personal. You can find this time to install a steam shower system to help you get by through cold days or days when you can’t be bothered to boil bathwater, or even install a sit-down tub for days you just wanted to soak into. To get you into the mood, a single aromatherapy candle can do the trick.

5. Get Zoom-worthy video backgrounds.

Sure, the preset video backgrounds would do the trick, but wouldn’t it be more pleasing to showcase your space to your peers with an actual area of your home? Also, it’s a fun way to exercise your creativity (and identity) by trying out those interior design inspirations you found on Instagram.

6. Rethink open plans.

While open plans are nice to have, this may not be okay if you share your home (and your living space) with other members of the family or roommates. If you are working or using a multi-functional space, you may want to consider adding a partition or a sliding door to at least define (and close off the space) for some privacy.

green plant in white pot in a condo living room with grey couch
Having natural light as part of your condo unit’s ambiance sets the mood for a more at-home feeling.

7. Bring the outside in.

Why not introduce biophilic design in your living space? That means light and nature. As always, do not hesitate to bring the light from outside in. You can also utilize fixtures like mirrors or a dazzling chandelier to bounce back the light to the dark corners of your home. You can also choose to finish the ceiling with a glossy paint.

Plants are also a great thing to liven up your space. You can place the herbs you have been growing in nice or quirky pots to decorate your countertop. The living room can benefit from a large, leafy plant. Your bedroom, on the other hand, can be cozier with a few choice succulents on your bedside.

8. Think multi-level.

If you do have a high ceiling, how about investing in a bunk bed so you can utilize the top half of your condo? This way, you earn new space that you can convert into anything you want (a study table, entertainment room, the many possibilities!) without needing to break down any walls. If you can’t afford one, how about DIY-ing a platform bed? Whatever your decision, the possibilities are actually endless when you think multi-level, even in a limited living space.

9. Use quality fabrics and beddings.

You’ll thank us for this later. The choice of fabrics and beddings will make you feel like you are at a five-star hotel. Go for a higher thread count and comfortable beddings made out of 100% cotton or a cotton-wool blend. Choose a down or a down alternative for filling.

10. Off-trend as on-trend.

So what do we mean by this? Sometimes, it really pays off when you design your place with items that really speak “you”. For example, you can showcase your collection of vinyl toys as the stars that they are by installing a ghost shelf on the wall or as a centerpiece of your coffee table. You can even bust out that old rocking chair from your mom’s place, add a comfy, plump pillow and throw blanket, then place it near the window. You can even introduce your favorite patterns, even if they clash.

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