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Top Websites for Exclusive Condo Investments

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Looking to put your money’s worth on Philippine real estate? Naturally, you would want to invest in prime and exclusive condo investments that are exclusive, unique, and perceived as superior — essentially, criteria that are beyond the price tag. And with the decline in available condominiums in Metro Manila, looking for the right one to invest in, especially if you are eyeing to buy a high-end property, becomes a challenge. Also, competition for suburban luxury properties, especially those that are closer to strategic locations, are becoming more aggressive as offshore buyers are keen on investing in the robust Philippine real estate market.

So how do you go about finding the best prime and exclusive condo investments in Metro Manila? Here are seven Philippine real estate websites where one can start the search.

Presello website with black text Invest in your future and invest in presello - condo for sale
Presello offers the best prime and exclusive condo investment options in Metro Manila.


Presello is a top real estate broker group that focuses on premium properties, including pre-selling condos in Metro Manila. Visitors can search properties by type or by popular property locations, and refine their search based on budget. Listings feature ultra-high-definition images and video walkthroughs. Visitors can also bookmark listings to create a list and compare between favored properties.

Hoppler website with family photo in background and black text We'll lead you home - condo for sale
Hoppler is one of the top listing websites that presents you with the best value-negotiated deals of real estate.


Hoppler is a Philippine real estate listings and property finder that prospective buyers can reach via the website or their mobile app. Anyone can search for a luxury condo for sale in Metro Manila or anywhere in the Philippines via its main search box or the Buy dropdown menu on the homepage.

Hoppler also offers exclusive deals on pre-selling properties, and can even fast-track the investment process towards Reserving a Property or putting on a downpayment using a credit card or e-wallet. For prospective buyers who are undecided, they can take advantage of Hoppler’s in-house brokerage to prepare a portfolio to go over based on the property requirements.

Pinnacle website with buildings on background and text For sale and for rent and search now - condo for sale
Pinnacle.ph thoughtfully presents a comprehensive set of real estate listings with commercial, house and lot, buildings, office, and residential options.


The website is managed by Pinnacle Real Estate Consulting Services, Inc. (Formerly Capital Servicing Advisors Phils., Inc.), a real estate management and brokerage group that offers a full range of services to local and foreign investors. On the homepage, visitors select the property type from the drop-down, then either For Sale or For Rent, then type in the location. Prospective buyers can further filter it by Asking Price, Land Area, and Popularity.

Pinnacle.ph’s listings come with the usual property information, including photos, video, and property summary. But the best feature is the website’s pre and post-sales support. Their services include due diligence, title consolidation, payment of property taxes, desktop appraisals, property inspections and custodianship, financing arrangements and referrals, and sales documentation.

Signet Properties website with google map and purple markers - condo for sale
The listing platform of Signet Properties is a must-see as their website presents you with convincing investment options in the Philippines.

Signet Properties

Signet Properties is a leading data and tech-driven lead generation provider and also provides a platform to showcase properties for sale or rent in Metro Manila and the entire Philippines. As a real estate platform, it features the latest technologies such as 360-degree aerial views of neighborhoods, 3D model unit showings, and commute map integrations with Sakay.ph that visitors can use to glean more information about a prospective premium condo or a location where they want to invest a premium property in.

The real estate development database at Signet Properties is also extensive. Visitors can either select from the homepage Buy Condos for Sale, Navigate properties in Popular Locations, select Projects, or Developers.

List Sotheby's International website with text Find your dream property in Philippines and Walden Thonglor 13 - condo for sale
List Sotheby’s International is a website listing that only offers the top and most preferred real estate choices in the country.

List Sotheby’s International

List Sotheby’s International PH is a realty group that caters exclusively to prime properties and high-end homes in the Philippines. If you are an investor who is keen to invest in the growing real estate market in Asia, the website is not only a great resource for luxury properties in the suburbs or in Metro Manila but also a great way to tap an international network of experienced realtors who have an eye on what should be your next best investment. This means you can invest in a cross-border luxury property with confidence.

While it has detailed property listing pages, its greatest selling point is the potential property owner’s ability to reach out and engage with the marketing agent directly via Viber or WhatsApp for any additional questions about the selected property.

dotproperty condo for sale moving asia online website home page with move online text - condo for sale
DotProperty is one of the leading property websites that offers investment options and articles from the most trusted real estate advisors.


DotProperty claims to be the biggest property website for Philippine real estate. On the homepage, investors can search for the luxury condo they want to invest by typing in a location, station, condo name, or keyword on the search box. They can also select the dropdown on the search box and use the same filters as well, or the navigational dropdown menus.

DotProperty also has a Classifieds section, which contains over 400,000 listings of For Sale, For Rent, and Holiday Rental listings. They can also be browsed according to Top Locations near Metro Manila. Because of the sheer number of listings, visitors can gauge average prices, and even view the trend, for sale and for rent properties.

ZipMatch website home page with text You'll Make It Home Premium Listings - condo for sale
The premium property listings on ZipMatch is a top-of-mind preference if you’re looking for prime and exclusive condo investments and condos for sale.


ZipMatch is a real estate platform where visitors can check out luxury properties from its verified Premium Listings or Popular Condominiums right on the homepage. They can also take advantage of the search box and explore the selected property page of a listing, which contains visual, decision-making tools like virtual tours and 3D unit models.

The best thing about this website is its Property Rankings page, which is especially helpful if a prospective investor has no definite property requirements yet. Buying decisions can be made based on Investment Potential, Affordability, Neighborhood, Amenities, or Overall Score.

Before you start the search

While it can be fun to start the search blind, you want to at least define first what is a prime and exclusive condo investment for you. Prime condos are an easy choice because aside from their market value post-purchase:

  • They offer a sense of community they cannot get in a typical residential condominium development; they offer equity and tax advantages;
  • They command premium rental income; and
  • Property management is a lot affordable and easier than maintaining a standalone property like a house and lot or a mansion.

Moreover, these high-end properties always have access to activities and facilities that you normally spend on a country club resort, and proximity to urban conveniences as if you are staying at a five-star hotel. Some investors also view prime and exclusive condo investments as those who have a storied history or offer a unique vantage point of the location, like a waterfront, river or ocean view, city skyline, or mountain view.

Premium can also be viewed by the scale of the property’s amenities. For example, some investors prioritize seclusion and privacy or the unique architecture and details of the property building and facade. Premium can also mean having an automated condominium unit and property building as well. Premium can also mean aspects of the property that are unique compared to nearby real estate developments, say it’s a safe distance to the flight path of airplanes or the location of the sunrise and sunset.

And when you define these requirements, the search for prime and exclusive condo investment will become easier. Explore exclusive, high-end properties and premium condos for sale in Metro Manila at COHO by Vista Land.